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Unit 9 What does he look like? Section A 习家店中学 尚长波.

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1 Unit 9 What does he look like? Section A 习家店中学 尚长波

2 George Bush He has short, gray hair. 灰白的

3 She has white hair.

4 short haircurly hair

5 blonde hairbrown hair

6 long, blonde, curly hair long, black, straight hair

7 thinheavy medium build

8 short hair long hair straight hair curly hair black hair brown hair blonde hair tall short thin heavy of medium height of medium build good-looking have, has +is, am, are+ 描述人的长相用动词 be 还是 have/has

9 medium height He is not short, and he is not tall.

10 medium build He is not thin, and he is not heavy.

11 Who’s this man? He’s Jackie Chan. What does he look like? He’s of medium height, and he has short hair.

12 This is my friend. He’s George. He is tall and thin. He has short, brown, straight hair.

13 This is Jim’s father. He’s a police officer. He’s tall and heavy.

14 This is Gong Li. She’s of medium height. She has short, black hair. She wears glasses.

15 1.short hair ___ 2.curly hair ___ 3.long hair ___ 4.straight hair ___ 5.tall ___ 6.short ___ 7.medium height ___ 8.thin ___ 9.heavy ___ 10.medium build______ c a d h e b a/e/ g a / f f g 1a. Match the words with the people in the picture. You can use some letters more than once.

16 1b. Listen and fill in the blanks in the picture. above. Can you find Amy’s friend? tall curly hair

17 1c. One of the people in 1a is your friend. Describe your friend. Your partner will find him/her. A: What does your friend look like? B: She’s of medium height, and she has long straight hair.

18 Language Points 1. What does he look like? 他长得什么样子? 1) like 可以用作及物动词, 意思为 “ 喜欢 ” , 后面可以接名词或代词作宾语。 e.g. I like my family. 我喜欢我的家庭。 Do you like him? 你喜欢他吗?

19 2) 但在这个单元里 like 是介词, 意思为 “ 像 ” , “ 像 …… 一样 ” 。 e.g. He is like his father. 他像他的父亲。 The clouds in the sky are like cotton. 天上的云彩像棉花。 look like 看起来像 …… e.g. That man looks like a teacher. 那个人看起来像个老师。

20 要询问 “ 某人长得什么样子 ” 就应该用下面 这个句型。 “What does … look like?” 回答就应说出某人长相的特征: e.g. He is very tall. 他个子很高。 She has long hair. 她头发很长。 He is short and fat. 他又矮又胖。

21 2. He isn’t tall or short. 他不高也不矮。 英语中在受到否定概念限定的部分一般不用 and , 而用 or 。这里的 or 相当于 and not 。 如: I don’t have any brothers or sisters 我没有兄弟姐妹。 注意这里用的是 or 而不是 and.

22 1) --What _____ she _____ like? -- She has _____ _____. 2) -- _____does she look like? -- She has _____ hair. short hair What curly doeslook Ⅰ. 看图填空

23 3) -- ______ do they ____ ______? -- They are _____. 4) -- What _____ she _____ _____? -- She _____ ______ ________ _______. Whatlook like tall has long straight doeslook like hair

24 1.Mr. Simmon ______ of medium build, and he has yellow hair. A. is B. has C. looks like D. isn’t 2. Jim has _____ curly hair. A. a B. an C. the D. / 3. --What do you look like? -- I’m _____. A. smart B. kind C. outgoing D. tall Ⅲ. 选择填空 D D A

25 4. Our English teacher _____ tall and he _____ of medium build. A. has, has B. has, is C. is, has D. is, is 5. --Is he heavy? --No, he is a little bit ________. A. tall B. thin C. short D. quiet 6. --Is your friend quiet? --No, he never stops ________. A. talk B. talking C. to talk D. laughing D B B

26 Ⅳ. 翻译句子 1. 他长得什么样? _______ _______ he _______ _______? 2. 她是一个满头卷发的可爱的女孩。 She is a _______ girl _______ _______ _______. 3. 我中等个。 I ____ ____ _________ _________. What doeslook like lovely with curly hair am of medium height

27 4. 他体形居中。 He ____ _____ _________ _______. 5. 他又高又瘦。 He is _______ and _______. 6. 那个棕色头发的高个子男孩子喜欢讲笑话。 The tall boy _____ _______ ______ loves to ______ ________. is of medium build tall thin with brown hair tell jokes

28 1. Describe your parents and then draw a picture of them. 2. Find a photo of your favorite star on the internet and write a description. Homework


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