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Family Fellowship Chinese Church In Finland 28.08.2015 伉俪家庭聚会 Family Fellowship 芬兰华人教会

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1 Family Fellowship Chinese Church In Finland 28.08.2015 伉俪家庭聚会 Family Fellowship 芬兰华人教会

2 内容 4 华人教会活动信息 生活信息 1 2 3 专题讨论 5 祷告结束

3 教会活动以及通知  芬兰华人教会周日在教堂有礼拜活动 13:00 开始主日礼拜。 11:30--12:30 供应午餐, 12:00 诗班开 始练唱,牧师证道的同时有儿童主日学的活动, 15:30 开 始祷告会, 15:30-17:00 为体育活动时间。 茶点的同时 还有接待新朋友的迦南团契活动,和面向新受洗的弟兄 姐妹们的初信栽培学习。  信义会赫尔辛基教区将于 2015 年 10 月 20 日(周二)晚 6- 8 点,在 Alppila 教会一楼大厅举行一场关于 “ 信仰与气候 变化 ” 的讨论会,特邀请我们华人教会组织 5--10 人参加 讨论。欢迎感兴趣的弟兄姊妹联系助理报名。  本会暂定每个周日上午 10 : 30—11 : 30 ,下午 3 : 30-4 : 30 为赞美操学习时间,本会呼吁弟兄姊妹们多多参与 ,藉着这一事工让我们灵命得造就。  教堂地址 : Alppila Church, Kotkankatu 2, Helsinki

4 生活信息  24.10.2015 Pii Poon LEGO-rakennustapahtuma in Vantaa Saturday at 12:00pm (not free) Address: Energia Areena in Vantaa, Finland  15.09.2012 Saturday Free apple picking at the Malminkartano fruit tree farm from 12:00 – 16:00 Address: Kartanonkaari 29, Helsinki. The City of Helsinki Public Works Department and the botanical information centre Gardenia, together with the local residents’ association and the Finnish home economics organization The Martha, will offer both information and apples to pick and take home. Apple tree experts will talk about apples and teach citizens to identify different apple species, and representatives of The Martha will offer lessons in preparing and preserving the autumn’s bounty for winter.

5 生活信息  29.08.2015 Sat Free admission to children's Ciné/ film at Espoo cultural center - outdoor screenings Espoo Ciné invites all families to enjoy cinematic experiences on Espoo day. In addition to film screenings, families can participate in different workshops and other activities. US/Espoo_Cine_International_Film_Festival(69945)  03.09.2015 Free entry to Nature Hisotry Museum at 17–19 (The first Thursday of every month)  Free admission to Sinebrychoff Art Museum on the first Wednesday of the month at 5–8 pm Event time: 28/05/2015 to 06/09/2015

6 生活信息  29.8.2015 Cleaning Day/Siivouspäivä Cleaning Day is a new day of celebration for friends of flea markets and recycling. The neatest festival of the year transforms the city into giant second-hand markets. Anyone can offer their second-hand items up for sale on the streets, yards and at home, as well as make the neighbourhood’s best finds. The idea is to make recycling easy – one man's trash is another man's treasure – while creating dynamic and responsible urban culture. Siivouspäivä has no official organiser – each participant acts as an event organizer. Everybody is responsible for cleaning up after themselves.  12.-13.9.2015 Free admission to Helsinki Design Week’s Children’s Weekend will expand into the Kattilahalli in Suvilahti. and-youth-are-at-the-centre-of-helsinki-design- week/?lang=en The design event for the whole family will focus on future design makers and users, the children. Workshops will give children the opportunity to try designing under the eye of professionals

7 生活信息  Free adminssion to Helsinki’s Haltiala farm and see Newborn lambs Open house at the Haltiala livestock farm in northern Helsinki has enticed many families with young children to visit the barn, where over 80 newborn lambs await their visitors. Address: kuninkaantammentie / Laamannintie Free admission to Glims Farmstead Museum on Wednesdays from 10-17 Address: Glimsintie 1 (near Jorvi hospital) On the Glims Farmstead Museum area a petting zoo, that is held open by the 4H-organization, is open during the summer of 2015. Goats and sheep can be seen at the petting zoo.  04.10.2015 Free adminssion to Helsinki Zoo 每年的世界动物日定在 10 月 4 日。 2015 年刚好在周日赫尔辛基动物园 免费开放。 The free entrance day is 4th of October, the international day of animals. It open from 10am to 6pm

8 视频 : 婚姻與家庭 主講人 : 林瑾佳牧師

9 祷告结束

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