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初三总复习冠词专项 冠词专项 冠词的用法比较广泛,有一定的灵活性。掌 握冠词使用的基本规则,也需要注意其使 用灵活的特点。 难点: 1 、弄清使用不定冠词或使用 冠词的场合和语境。 2 、 用与不用冠词的区别。

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Presentation on theme: "初三总复习冠词专项 冠词专项 冠词的用法比较广泛,有一定的灵活性。掌 握冠词使用的基本规则,也需要注意其使 用灵活的特点。 难点: 1 、弄清使用不定冠词或使用 冠词的场合和语境。 2 、 用与不用冠词的区别。"— Presentation transcript:


2 初三总复习冠词专项

3 冠词专项 冠词的用法比较广泛,有一定的灵活性。掌 握冠词使用的基本规则,也需要注意其使 用灵活的特点。 难点: 1 、弄清使用不定冠词或使用 冠词的场合和语境。 2 、 用与不用冠词的区别。

4 冠词助记口诀1 定冠词容易记 抓住本质找规律(限定) 你知我知 再次提起 独一无二 弹练乐器 序数词和最高级 部分之整体 复数姓氏方位词 没商量,只有记

5 1 )特指双方都明白的人或物: Take the medicine. 把药吃了。 2 )上文提到过的人或事: He bought a house. I've been to the house. 他买了幢房子。我去过那幢房子。

6 3 )指世上独一物二的事物: the sun , the sky , the moon , the earth 4 )单数名词连用表示一类事物 如: the dollar 美元 ; the fox 狐狸; 或与形容词或分词连用,表示一类 人: the rich 富人 ; the living 生者

7 不同国家的人的单复数 名称 总称 ( 谓语用复数) 一个人 两个人 中国人 the Chinese a Chinese two Chinese 瑞士人 the Swiss a Swiss two Swiss 澳大利亚人 the Australians an Australian two Australians

8 5 )用在序数词和形容词最高级,及形容词 only , very , same 等前面: Ep: I live on the second floor. 我住在二层。 That‘s the very thing I’ve been looking for. 那正是我要找的东西。 6 )与复数名词连用,指整个群体: They are the teachers of this school. ( 指全体教师 ) They are teachers of this school. ( 指部分教师 )

9 7 )江河、海洋、山脉、群岛等地理名词前: eg. the Pacific, the Yellow River 8 )用在某些由普通名词构成的国家名称、机关 团体、阶级、等专有名词前: the People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国 the United States 美国

10 9 )用在表示乐器的名词之前: She plays the piano. 她会弹钢 琴。 10) 用在姓氏的复数名词之前,表示 一家人: the Greens, the Browns 格林一家人 ( 或格林夫妇 )

11 11) 用在惯用语中: in the day, in the morning (afternoon , evening), the day after tomorrow, the day before yesterday, the next morning, in the sky, in the dark, in the rain, in the middle (of), in the end, in the future, at the moment, for the time being, on the phone, make the bed, with the help of, listen to the radio, by the way, etc.

12 12) 词组或成语。 a little / a few / a lot / a type of / go for a swim/go for a picnic/give sb. a hand/leave a message/ a great many / in a hurry / in a minute / in a word / for a while / after a while / have a cold / have a try /have a good time/have a rest/play a trick on

13 冠词助记口诀2 零冠词有点繁 记住口诀就不难。 三餐、运动、乘车船, 节日、月份加头衔, 泛指星期和四季,抽象物质学科前, 国家、城市、大学校, 街道、广场与公园, 不用冠词要当心, 用与不用莫等闲。

14 1. 在某些词组,成语或习语中 ________ 。 不用冠词 如: by train/bus/taxi/sea/car 试比较: He went there by __ sea. He used to live by ___ sea. the He goes to work by __ car. He goes to work in __ black car. a

15 2. 下列词组中,有无冠词意义不同。 go to school _______ go to the school _______ 上学 去学校 take place ______ take the place of ______ 发生 代替 in front of ____________ in the front of ____________ 在 …… 的前面 在 …… 的前部

16 be in hospital _______ be in the hospital _______ 在住院 在医院里 go to church ______ go to the church ______ 去做礼拜 到教堂去 be at school ____________ be at the school ____________ 在学校 在求学

17 1._______ Great Wall is _______ longest wall in the world. A. The … the B. A...a C. A...the D. The...a 2.Who’s _______ woman over there? A. / B. the C. a D. an 3.Shanghai is in _______ east of China. A. / B. anC. aD. the 4.I can see a little white sheep in the field. _______ sheep is Nancy’s. A. AB. TheC. AnD. / 5._______ old lady in brown is _______ university professor. A. An...a B. An.../C. The...anD. The...a A B D B D

18 6.Did you enter for _______ high jump or ______ 400-meter race? A. a...a B. a...theC. the...aD. the...the 7.More college graduates would like to work in _______ west part of our country _______ next year. A. the...the B. /--- /C. /...theD. the.../ 8.The scientists from _______ United States live in _______ Ninth Street. A. the...theB. /...theC. /.../ D. the.../ 9.There is _______ report in today’s newspaper. It’s about the international film Festival, Shanghai. A. anB. aC. the D. / 10.My grandpa used to have _______ walk in the garden after ________ supper. A. a...aB. /...a C. a.../D. /.../ D D D B C

19 11.There is _______ “h” in the word “honest”. A. a B. an C. the D. / 12.Which ocean is larger, _______ Pacific or _______ Atlantic? A. the...theB. a...aC. /.../ D. the.../ 13.Tom likes playing _______ piano while Tim likes playing ________ football. A. the...theB. /...theC. the.../D. /.../ 14._______ young are willing to serve ________ old. A. The...theB. /.../C. A...theD. 15.________ Whites are watching TV after supper every evening. A. /B. TheC. AD. An 16.________ Yellow River is _______ second longest river in our country. A. The.../ B. /...the C. /.../ D. The...the B A C A B D

20 17.That evening ________ Greens sat before a bright fire and had _______ nice supper. A. the...aB. /.../C. /...aD. the.../ 18. Be careful with your spelling. There is _______ “n” in the word “hundred”. A. aB. anC. theD. / 19.Most of ______ students have watched World Cup 2002 at ______ home. A. /,the B. the,/ C. the, the D. /,/ 20. Who was ______ first present of ______ United States of America? A. the, the B. the,/ C. /,the D. /,/ A B B A

21 Fill in the blanks with articles where is necessary: 1.Helen is ______ Australian girl. Her mother is from ______ Italy. 2. ______ People’s Square is in ______ center of Shanghai. 3. Dragon Boat Festival is on ______ fifth day of ______ fifth lunar month. 4. ______ Great Wall is ______ ancient, long wall with towers. It has ______ history of more than two thousand years. 5.The Mercury is ______ closest planet to ______ Sun. an / Thethe The an a the

22 6. How do you go to ______ work, by ______ bus or on ______ foot? 7. ______ man with a dog is ______ member of the SPCA. 8. ______ Lis are having ______ dinner at the table in the kitchen. 9. ______ mouse is ______ animal. It’s ______ small animal. 10. I like playing ______ tennis, but I hate playing ______ violin. / / / The a / / the A an a

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