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1 )正确 2 )多词 3 )缺词 4 )错词 删除 补漏 更正 “1126” 原则 “1225” 原则 “1117” 原则.

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Presentation on theme: "1 )正确 2 )多词 3 )缺词 4 )错词 删除 补漏 更正 “1126” 原则 “1225” 原则 “1117” 原则."— Presentation transcript:


2 1 )正确 2 )多词 3 )缺词 4 )错词 删除 补漏 更正 “1126” 原则 “1225” 原则 “1117” 原则

3 短文改错 此题要求改正所给短文中的错误。对标有题号的每一行作 出判断:如无错误,在该行右边横线上画一个勾( √ );如 有错误(每行只有一个错误),则按下列情况改正: 此行多一个词:把多余的词用斜线( \ )划掉, 在该行右 边横线上写出该词, 并也用斜线划掉。 此行缺一个词:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),在该 行右边横线上写出该加的词。 此行错一个词:在错的词下划一横线,在该行右边横线 上写出改正后的词。 注意: 原行没有错的不要改。

4 短文改错 此题要求改正所给短文中的错误。文中共有 10 处语言错误, 每句中最多有两处,每处仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修 改。 删除:把多余的词用斜线( \ )划掉 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),并在其下面写 出该加的词。 修改:在错的词下划一横线,在该词下边写出改正后的 词。

5 1. Go through the whole passage to get a general idea.( 浏览全文,掌握 大意) 2. Read the passage sentence by sentence and find the mistakes. (分 句阅读,逐行找错) 3. Read the passage for the third time, check the answers and correct the difficult ones. (检查核对,攻克 难点)

6 6 从词入手,逐句找错 动词形,名词数。 还要注意形和副。 代词格,细领悟。 介词短语须关注。 习惯用法要记住。 冠词连词常光顾。

7 7 此考点考查动词时态、语态、非谓语动词 ( 现在分 词、过去分词、不定式 ) 、情态动词,包括动词形 式的变化、动词用法辨析、动词 be 的误加与漏用 等。 Now my picture and prize is hanging in the library. ____ She liked it very much and reads it to the class. ____ Of course, when my mother was asked, “Have you…” ______ are ____ ———— read was 一、动词形

8 8 短文改错的名词考点主要涉及名词的单复数 问题,即在该用复数的地方误用其单数,或在该 用单数的地方误用其复数, 或不可数用作复数。 …so that I’ll get good marks in all my subject. ____ Their word were a great encouragement to me. _____ subjects words 二、名词数

9 9 NMET 2004 : I would describe myself as shy and quietly. _______ NMET 2005 : He asked angry if we had finished the work. ______ quiet angrily 三、还要注意形和副 主要考查形容词和副词的混用。

10 10 四、代词格,细领悟 主要考查人称代词的格,物主代词和反 身代词在上下文中是否指代一致。 1.And they must not break the rules too often if we want to win the game. 2.I used to love science class…all of them… 3.I liked those classes because I felt that it helped me.

11 11 五、介词短语须关注 主要考查介词与名词、形容词的搭配、作时间 状语的名词短语前的介词以及不及物动词后介 词的残缺和及物动词后介词的多余等。 1.My cousin will be sent abroad in next month. 2.His wife passed away half a year ago because illness. 3. As soon as I return back to school, I will write to you. of

12 12 主要考查习惯搭配方面的基础知识,其错误表现形式 主要有三种:多词、少词和搭配错误。例如: NMET2000: Suddenly, I caught a sight of my English teacher. _______ NMET2003: My teacher advised me to keep my diary. ______ He said to the old man at end of the interview. _______ a a 六、习惯用法要牢记 the

13 13 对冠词的考查主要涉及冠词的误加和漏用,有时 也考查不定冠词与定冠词以及零冠词的用法区别 ( 包括 a 与 an 的区别 ) 。其中,涉及最多的是,当 一个单数可数名词表示泛指时,其前漏用不定冠 词;另外,冠词在一些习语中的用法也是一个重 要考点 。 (1)After a hour or so we began to feel very frightened. (2) Good health is person’s most valuable possession. an a 七、冠词连词常光顾

14 14 (1)It is a very important exam but I can’t afford to fail it. (2) She was smiling and nod at me. 并列连词的考查主要涉及 and, but, or, so 等几个表 示并列、转折、选择、因果等关系的词语,尤其 是 and 连接的两个内容之间的平行关系。 and nodding 逢连必停

15 15 Last Saturday, we organize a trip to the countryside. 76. ______ The countryside has taken on new look everywhere 77. ______ all around us. The hills are covering with green trees and 78. ______ colorful flowers. Rivers are clean with bridges over them, 79. ______ that makes a beautiful picture. Farmers are living in 80. ______ nice houses which are equipped of fine furniture. 81. ______ Nowadays the farmers there is caring more about 82. ______ our life quality. With their life greatly improved, 83. ______ so they have more time for leisure( 休闲 ). That may be 84. ______ why people look more energetic and young for their age. 85. ______ ∧ organized a covered younger which with are them so √ Practice

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