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9 Unit 1 The population of China is about 1.37 billion.

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2 9 Unit 1 The population of China is about 1.37 billion.

3 Do you know how many people are there in the world now? 7 billion

4 One day, the world will be like this.

5 How about China?

6 It’s about 1.37 billion.

7 China's Population - Overview

8 1.Grasp the key words and key structure: noise, prepare, notes, report, grow, problem, birth, billion, fifth; Beijing is a huge city with a large population. That makes over 131.4 million births a year. 2. Reading aim: To be able to read and understand large numbers. 3. Affection: we should care more about the population problems of our country. Teaching aims

9 /n ɔ I z / /pr I 'peə / /nəuts / /r I 'p ɔ :t / / ɡ rəu / /hju: d ʒ / /k ɔ :z / 噪声 ; 杂音 n. noise 准备;预备 v. prepare 笔记;随 笔 n.(pl.) report 报告;汇报 n. (grew / ɡ ru:) 增长;增大 v. notes grow Words and expressions huge 造成;引起 v. 巨大的;庞大的 adj. cause

10 / ' pr ɔ bləm / / ' I ŋkri:s / /bə:θ/ /'b I ljən / /f I fθ/ hang on /flæt / 麻烦;问题 n. problem 增大;增长 n. 增大;增长 v increase birth 出生 n. 十亿 num. 第五;五分之一 num. billion 稍等 套房;公寓 n. flat fifth

11 1 Work in pairs. Look at the picture and talk about it. Use the words in the box to help you. noise people space traffic

12 2 Listen and check the correct answer: 1 What is the population of Beijing? a) About 11 million b) About 13 million c) About 20 million 2 What is the population of Chongqing? a) About 28 million b) About 33 million c) About 36 million √ √

13 Everyday English I can’t believe it! Hang on a minute! Great!

14 Then listen and read. Betty: What are you doing? Tony: I’m preparing some notes for a report called “Our growing population”. Lingling: Well, we’re in the right place to talk about that! Beijing is a huge city with a large population. That causes a lot of problems, such as too much traffic and noise. Betty: It’s not only Beijing. Population

15 increase is a big problem in many countries. Do you know how many babies are born every minute in the world? Tony: No. Can you tell me? Betty: Over 250! That makes over 131.4 million births a year. Lingling: I can’t believe it! Betty: The population of China is about 1.37 billion. That’s almost one fifth of the world’s population, that is, about 7 billion. Tony: Hang on a minute! I will write that down too!

16 Betty: But in the future, China’s population won’t grow so fast, because families are getting smaller. Lingling: How do you know all this? Betty: I wrote my report yesterday! Tony: Great, thanks! Now I can write my report!

17 Babies born every minute in the world: Babies born every year in the world: Population of China: Population of the world: Now complete the notes. over 250 over 131.4 million about 1.37 billion about 7 billion

18 4 Choose the correct answer. 1 Birth happens at the start / at the end of life. 2 Huge means large / small. 3 An increase in population means more / fewer people. 4 Hang on a minute means wait for a short time / a long time.

19 7 A report is a long piece of writing / a few words. 8 A billion is a hundred / a thousand million. 5 Making notes means writing a long passage / a few words. 6 A problem is something easy / difficult.

20 Pronunciation and speaking 5 Listen and repeat. 8,742 eight thousand, seven hundred and forty-two. 2,463,128 two million, four hundred and sixty-three thousand, one hundred and twenty-eight

21 1,370,000,000 one billion, three hundred and seventy million 2,000,030,000 two billion and thirty thousand

22 6 Check (√) the statements you agree with. 1 There are too many people in the world. 2 The increasing population is the biggest problem in the world. 3 People should not have too many babies. 4 A city should not hold more than one million people. Now work in groups and discuss your answers. √ √

23 Grammar Focus ( 一 ) 数词 Numeral

24 数词是用来表示事物的数目和顺序的 词。 数词的分类: 1. 基数词 2. 序数词 3. 分数词 今天我们先来学习一下基数词。

25 1. 复习 1—100 以内的所有数字。 2. 掌握百、千、万、十万、百万的表达 法。 1 、 1-19 的基数词 one 1 two 2 three 3 four 4 five 5 six 6 seven 7 eight 8 nine 9 ten 10

26 eleven 11 twelve 12 thirteen 13 fourteen 14 fifteen 15 sixteen 16 seventeen 17 eighteen 18 nineteen 19

27 2 、 20—90 等十位数 twenty 20 thirty 30 forty 40 fifty 50 sixty 60 seventy 70 eighty 80 ninety 90 twenty-one 21 twenty-two 22 ……………… 其它的十位数照此类推,如: thirty-one 31 forty-two 42 seventy-five 75 ninety-six 96

28 3 、百、千、万 百 hundred 100 one hundred 200 two hundred 以此类推 ···· 千 thousand 1 000 one thousand 2 000 two thousand········· 英语里没有 “ 万 ” 这一单位,万也用 thousand 表 示。如: 10 000 ten thousand 一万 20 000 twenty thousand 两万 ·····

29 4 、十万、百万 十万的说法是: 100.000 a (one) hundred thousand 200.000 two hundred thousand million 百万 a (one) million 1 000 000 two million 2 000 000 ········ 以此类推 ······ 8 000 000 eight million

30 练一练 345 1001 18,657,421 three hundred and forty-five one thousand (and) one eighteen million, six hundred and fifty-seven thousand, four hundred and twenty-one

31 1.The project lasted 5 years and cost 2 billion dollars. 2. The Chinese have been making paper for two thousand years. 3. One thousand punds is a lot of money. 表示确定数量时 用基数词 + hundred , thousand , million , billion

32 多位基数词读法 457 890 608 389 three hundred and eighty-nine four hundred and fifty-seven eight hundred and ninety six hundred and eight 1 ) 101~999 的三位数由 “ 百位数+ and+ 两位数组 成 ” 。如: 325—three hundred and twenty-five 1 ) 101~999 的三位数由 “ 百位数+ and+ 两位数组 成 ” 。 如: 325—three hundred and twenty-five 102 one hundred and two 635 six hundred and thirty-five

33 2) 三位数以上的数,从个位往前数,每三位数 加一个逗号,从后往前数的第一个逗号代表 thousand, 第二个逗号代表 million, 第三个逗号 是 billion ,注意这几个词不能用复数形式,后 也不能加 and 。例如: 2,648 two thousand, six hundred and forty-eight 16,250,064 sixteen million, two hundred and fifty thousand, sixty-four

34 确切数目与不确切数目的表达: hundred, thousand, million, billion 等前面有 基数词,表示确切数目时,用单数,后直接 接复数名词;如: three hundred books one hundred people five thousand students seven million starts

35 表示不确切数目时,这类词后加 -s 且与 of 连 用。如: hundreds of people thousands of students millions of birds billions of lions 注意:这类短语中,名词前如有定冠词、指 示代词或形容词性物主代词时,可加 of, 但 表示的是范围。如: two hundred of the workers 工人中的二百(人)

36 Grammar Focus ( 二 ) 冠词 Articles

37 ◆ 冠词的定义 ◆ 不定冠词的用法 ◆ 定冠词的用法 ◆ 不用冠词的情况 ◆ 用冠词和不用冠词的差异

38 一. 冠词的定义 冠词是一种虚词,没有词义,没有数和格 的变化,不能单独使用,只能帮助名词或起 名词作用的其他词类说明其意义。 冠词分定冠词和不定冠词两大类。定冠 词特指一特定名词,不定冠词泛指一般普通 名词。

39 二. 不定冠词的用法 不定冠词有 a 和 an 两种形式, a 用在以辅音开头 的名词前, an 用在以元音开头的名词前。它的 用法如下: 1. 表示 “ 一个 ” 的意思,与数词 one 相同。 例如: Rome was not built in a day. 罗马不是一天建成的;伟业非一日之功 The project( 项目,计划 ) will be carried out ( 执 行,贯策 ) in a year or two.

40 2. 表示一类人或事物。 例如: A dog is a faithful (忠诚的) animal. Even a woman can do it. 3. 表示 “ 每一 ” ,相当于 per ,用于某些表示时 间、重量、长度等单位前。 例如: He earns two thousand yuan a month. The train is running sixty miles( 英 里 )an hour. 4. 表示同样的人或事物,相当于 the same 。 例如: Birds of a feather (羽毛) flock ( 一群) together./They are people of a kind. 一群同样羽毛的鸟在一起 / 物以类聚,人以群分。

41 5. 物质名词或抽象名词前用 a 或 an 表示具体意 义、制成品或种类。 例如: Green tea is a wonderful tea. She is a beauty. (美人) Please give me a coffee. 6. 用于人名前,表示说话者对此人不认识,相 当于 “a certain” ,也可指于某名人有类似性质 的人或事物。 例如: A Mr. Chen came to see you this morning. He wishes to become a Newton.

42 7. 有些世界上独一无二的东西,如 sun, moon, sky, universe (宇宙),world (世间,地 球),earth (地球)等,一般前面要用定冠 词,但当他们前面有修饰语时,则要用不定 冠词。 例如: We hope we can see a full moon tonight. He sat in a chair, looking at a starry 布满星星 的 sky.

43 8. 在作单数可数名词定语的形容词最高级前, 如果不表示 “ 最 ” ,而表 “ 非常 ” ,则用不定冠 词。例如: That is a best dictionary. This is a most troublesome (费事的) case. (情形,情况 ) 9. 序数词前,一般有定冠词,但当表示 “ 又一 个 ” 时,则要用不定冠词。 例如: They have a second house. When I sat down, a fifth man rose ( 动词,rise 的过去式 “ 站起来 ” ) to speak.

44 10. 季节、月份、日期、三餐前有修饰语时, 用不定冠词。 例如: We had a wonderful lunch. We had a very cold winter last year. 11. 用在某些固定的短语中 例如: once upon a time (从前 ) in a hurry (匆匆忙忙) have a rest have a good time have a look all of a sudden (突然地) have a cold/fever (发热) /cough/headache/ pain (疼痛)

45 Language points 1. Beijing is a huge city with a large population. That causes a lot of problems, such as too much traffic and noise. 北京是一个人口众多的大城市。那会引起 众多问题,比如交通拥挤,噪音污染等。 (1) population n. 人口, 人数 1) 集体名词, 无复数形式, 在句中作主语时, 谓 语动词用单数形式.

46 目前的人口增长很快。 The population today is growing very fast. 2) population 之前若有分数或百分数修饰时, 用于指具体人数作主语时, 谓语动词则用复 数形式. 这儿大约有五分之三的人口是农民。 About three fifths of the population here are farmers.

47 3) 表示某一范围内有多少人口时, 用 has a population of + 数词. 中国有 13 亿人口。 China has a population of 1.3 billion. 4) 问某地有多少人口时, 用 What is/was the population of + 地名 ? 中国有多少人口 ? What’s the population of China?

48 (5) 表示人口的多少时, 用 large 或 small 修饰, 而 不能用 many, more 或 few 等. 中国是世界上人口最多的国家。 China has the largest population of the world.

49 (2) too much too much 太多 (+ 名词 / 放在行为动词后 起限制作用 ) too many + 可数名词, 是 ” 非常 ” 的 意思 much too =quite+ 形容词 / 副词, 是 非常 / 十分

50 2. Hang on a minute! I will write that down too! 等等,我要把这点也记下来! Hang on 表示: “ 让某人等一下 ” ;例如: Sally’s on the other phone — would you like to hang on? 萨利再接另一个电话,请您稍等一下可以吗? Hang on! I’ll be back in a minute. 稍等! 我马上回来。

51 一、用英语写出下列数字: ninety-eight thousand seven hundred and fifty-four Nine hundred and eighty-three Exercise five hundred (and) sixty-six seven hundred and nine 566__________________________________ 709__________________________________ 983__________________________________ 98 754_______________________________ ________________________________

52 3 872 Three thousand eight hundred and seventy-two 46 290Forty-six thousand two hundred and ninety 58 230 Fifty-eight thousand two hundred and thirty

53 596 84,321 9,648,215 five hundred and ninety- six eighty-four thousand three hundred and twenty-one Nine million, six hundred and forty-eight thousand, two hundred and fifteen

54 二、翻译下列句子。 1. 北京人口是多少? _______ ____the _________ ____Beijing? 2. 中国的人口大约为 13 亿。 The _________ ____China _____ _____ ___________. What is population of population of is about 1.3 billion

55 4. 增长的人口给一些国家带来众多问题。 An __________ __________ causes ______ ______in some _____. 3. 人口太多,空间不够。 There are______ ______people and there is not _______ ______. too much enough space increasing population many problems countries

56 ( ) 1. The bike cost me ________ yuan. A five hundred and forty B five hundreds forty C five hundred forty D five hundred forty A ( ) 2. ____ people in the world are sending and receiving e-mails every day. A. Million of B. Many millions of C. Several million of D. Several millions B 三、单项选择。

57 ( ) 3. _______ trees were planted on the mountain last year. A. Thousands of B. Thousand of C. Five thousand of D. Five thousands. A ( ) 4. ---Can you write the number eighty-five thousand, six hundred and twenty-six? ---Yes, it is __________. A. 856620 B. 85626 C. 58662 D. 58626 B

58 5 _______ is the population of your country? A. How many B. How much C. Which D. What 6 As time goes on, the world’s population is _________. A. more and more B. larger and larger C. smaller and smaller D. fewer and fewer B D

59 Homework  Practice with your classmates to speak and write large numbers.  Write some number cars and put them in your room. Whenever you see, read them quickly.


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