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1 翻译技巧和实战练习

2 基本翻译技巧 省略法: As he lay awake, he realized that he was in trouble.

3 基本翻译技巧 增词法: He spoke hopefully of the success of the negotiation.

4 基本翻译技巧 转译法: We are fully aware of the gravity of the situation.

5 基本翻译技巧 重复法 During his stay in Shanghai, he visited some old friends of his, and visited two universities. 他在上海逗留期间,拜访了几个老朋友,参观了两所大学。

6 基本翻译技巧 分译法 The professor entered the laboratory followed by his graduates students. 教授走进实验室,后面跟着他的研究生。

7 1、Our textbooks are very different from theirs.
我们的教材与他们的教材不一样。 2、You should put part of your salary in the bank each month. 你应该每月把部分工资存入银行。 3、The school therefore plans games and matches for its pupils. 因此,学校为学生安排游戏和比赛。 4、Life is meaningless without a purpose. 没有目标的生活是毫无意义的。 5、When will the work be finished? 工作何时完成?

8 6、Fires may do more damage than the earthquakes.
火所造成的损失可能比地震还严重。 7、Are you fond of music? 你喜欢音乐吗? 8、My roommate, Tom, is also a graduate student like me. 我的室友汤姆和我一样也是个研究生。 9、Many schools will not open for lessons until the beginning of September. 很多学校到九月初才开学。 10、What time do you go swimming every day? 你每天何时去游泳?

9 11、When she left school, she went first to Britain.
在她离开学校后,她一开始去的是英国。 12、Only on weekends is Central Park closed to cars. 只有在周末,中央公园不许汽车入内。 13、They thought that there must be something wrong with their TV set. 他们认为电视机一定出了毛病了。 14、I am busy studying for my exams. 我忙于备考。 15、He prefers coffee to tea. 与茶相比,他更喜欢咖啡。

10 16、I plan to play football with my classmates.
我打算与我的同学踢足球。 17、This box can hold more books than that one. 这个箱子比那个箱子能装更多的书。 18、The glass was broken into pieces. 玻璃杯碎了。 19、In the world, soccer or football is the most popular sport. 足球是最受欢迎的体育运动。 20、Have you seen Tom recently? 你最近看见汤姆了吗?

11 21、Bob and Peter found out that they were twin brothers.
鲍勃和皮特发现他们是双胞胎兄弟。 22、It is no good hoping to read all these books. 希望能够读完所有这些书是毫无意义的。 23、On their way they came to a shop where bread was sold. 在途中,他们来到一家销售面包的商店。 24、The doctors decided to see this strange man themselves. 医生们决定亲自去看看这个奇怪的人。 25、But I've got room for only two of you in the house. 但是我家里只能住下你们其中的两个人。

12 26、How are you doing these days?
这些日子你怎么样? 27、Traveling by train is slower than by plane, but it has its advantages. 乘火车旅行比乘飞机旅行慢,但有它的优势。 28、Who's going to answer the telephone? 谁去接电话? 29、Who is the girl in white shirt? 穿白衬衣的那位女孩是谁? 30、Each year some of his money is given to the best scientists and writers of the world. 每年他的一部分钱都会奖给世界上最优秀的科学家和作家。

13 31、I hope we can have some snow this winter.
我希望今年冬天会下点雪。 32、He is one of the greatest writers in the world. 他是世界上最伟大的作家之一。 33、You and your team can discover the answers to problems together. 你和你的团队可一起找到问题的答案。 34、Mark couldn't come to the party because he had to work. 马克因为不得不工作,不能来参加我们的聚会。 35、Their parents don't know them as well as their friends do. 他们的父母不像朋友那样了解他们。

14 36、What kind of life do most people enjoy?
大多数人喜欢什么样的生活? 37、I have no idea about it. 我一点都不知道。 38、Would you mind waiting outside? 请你在外面等,好吗? 39、If you travel by ship across the Pacific, you cross the International Date Line. 如果你坐船穿过太平洋,那你就穿过了国际日期变更线。 40、We admire him although he makes a lot of mistakes; after all he is a great man. 尽管他犯了很多错误我们还是很敬佩他,毕竟他是一个伟人。

15 41、He didn't need to attend the meeting.
他没有必要参加那个会议。 42、The teacher came earlier than expected. 老师来得比预期的早。 43、A dolphin is always well-known as a clever and friendly animal. 海豚是一种总是以聪明和友好而闻名的动物。 44、I hurried to my office. 我匆忙赶到了办公室。 45、How did you spend your holiday? 你假期是怎么过的?

16 46、I'll move to another city because of my job.
由于工作关系,我将搬到另一个城市去。 47、I'm sure we'll have a good time. 我相信我们会很开心的。 48、I had no choice. 我别无选择。 49、I met one of my old friends on my way home yesterday evening. 昨晚在回家路上我遇到了我的一位老朋友。 50、I'm looking forward to your visit to China. 我盼望你对中国的访问。

17 51、I've just come back from Britain.
我刚从英国回来。 52、The friend saw everything but did not say a single word. 这位朋友看到了一切,却一言不发。 53、People usually hate mice, but one mouse won the hearts of the people all over the world. 人们通常憎恶老鼠,但这只老鼠却赢得了全世界人们的心。 54、Both Ann and Mary are suitable for the job. 安妮和玛丽都适合干这项工作。 55、I read the local newspapers with great interest every evening. 每晚我都怀着极大的兴趣读当地报纸。

18 56、Air pollution is more serious than water pollution.
空气污染比水污染严重。 57、He often went from town to town giving lectures. 他经常辗转在城镇间做演讲。 58、I slept soundly all night. 我整夜睡得很熟。 59、He was satisfied with his new car, and drove to work in it the very next day. 他对自己的新车感到很满意,第二天就开着去上班了。 60、But Little Smart is not really that smart. 但小聪明并不是真的那么聪明。

19 61、Success in business depends on hard work.
生意上的成功取决于努力工作。 62、I picked up the bag to protect my face from the smoke and heat. 我捡起包去捂住脸,以挡住烟和热。 63、The polluted air becomes poisonous and dangerous to our health. 污染了的空气对我们的健康有毒害和危险。 64、She spends too much time on TV each day. 她每天花太多的时间看电视。 65、She could not follow me when I spoke to her. 当我跟她讲话的时候,她根本听不懂我的话。

20 66、He shows a great interest in learning English.
他对学英语显示出浓厚的兴趣。 67、Flight 220 is scheduled to arrive at 10:30 pm. 220航班定于晚10时30分抵达。 68、It's still raining today! 今天还在下雨。 69、From the East Coast to the West Coast it is about 3, 000 miles wide. 从东海岸到西海岸宽约3000英里。 70、I want to get back home by five o'clock if it is possible. 如果可能的话,我想5点到家。

21 71、Some people find it difficult to ask for help.
有些人感觉请求他人帮忙很难。 72、I think she will change her mind tomorrow. 我想她明天将会改变主意的。 73、If you decided to learn a new language, you would have to dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to the cause. 如果你决定学习一门新语言,你就必须全身心投入。 74、My classmates are cleverer than I.  我的同学们都比我聪明。 75、Inside, this large plane looks more like a high building than a plane. 从里面看,这架大飞机更像一幢高楼而不像一架飞机。

22 76、How much does a parrot like this cost?
像这样一只鹦鹉要多少钱? 77、Give me your advice. 给我你的建议。 78、“How did you write your advertisement,” asked a businessman. 一个商人问道:“你的广告是怎么写的?” 79、A characteristic of American culture is to respect the self-made man – the man who has made it through his own efforts. 美国文化的一个特点就是尊重自我奋斗者,即通过自身努力成功的人。 80、I' m very much eager to improve my oral English. 我非常渴望改善我的英语口语。

23 81、I'm having a headache now.
我正头疼。 82、I have no idea what to say. 我不知道该说些什么。 83、Fewer high school students are smoking now than a few years ago. 和几年前相比,高中生吸烟的人数有所减少。 84、Young persons under 25 makes up half of the American population. 二十五岁以下的年轻人占了美国总人口数的一半。 85、I’ve lost interest in my work. 我已经失去了对工作的兴趣。

24 86、By 1900, states had laws against selling cigarettes to young people.
到1900年,各州都有法律,反对向年轻人销售香烟。 87、I am writing this letter to complain about the service in your hotel. 我写信来投诉贵宾馆的服务。 88、Eastern culture is different from western culture . 东方文化和西方文化不同。 89、He called the doctor and made sure they would meet at 5. 他给医生打了电话,确定五点见面。 90、 Some parents even stop their children from meeting their good friends. 有些父母甚至阻止孩子和他们的好朋友见面。

25 91、Before leaving the classroom, please turn off the lights.
离开教室之前请把灯关掉。 92、I sent him a Christmas card last year . 去年我给他寄了张圣诞卡。 93、In most culture, animals are in a worse position than human being. 在很多文化里,动物比人处在更糟糕的境地。 94、We cannot tell when an earthquake is coming . 我们不知道地震什么时候会来。 95、 He is a world famous pop star. 他是闻名世界的流行歌星。

26 96、I feel satisfied with my life.
我对自己的生活还满意。 97、Jim was intelligent, but he hated hard work. 吉姆人倒是聪明,但就是憎恨努力工作。 98、The men answered very differently from the women! 男人们的回答完全与女人们的回答不同。 99、She was the only daughter and the youngest child of five. 她是五个孩子中最小的,也是唯一的一个女儿。 100、 He’s growing more like his father now. 他现在长得更像他的父亲了。。

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