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Unit 2 Robots——机器人.

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1 Unit 2 Robots——机器人

2 基础盘点自测自评 1.Could you please do me a ____________(帮忙)and pick up Peter from school today? 2.Finally after years of unhappy marriage,Mary got ____________(离婚). 核心单词 favour divorced

3 3.Wherever she went,she would like to be ____________(陪伴)by her husband. 4.I feel a lot of ____________(同情)for those who suffered a lot in the landslide. accompanied sympathy

4 5.Our headmaster is the ____________(令人羡慕的人)of our school
5.Our headmaster is the ____________(令人羡慕的人)of our school. 6.Our hotel offers some ____________(高雅的)rooms equipped with from air conditioners to the Internet connection. envy elegant

5 7.The government has ____________(宣布)a state of emergency
7.The government has ____________(宣布)a state of emergency. 8.She is a ____________(天才) musician as well as an excellent photographer. announced talented

6 9.用satisfy的适当形式填空 (1)Nothing____________her;she’s always complaining
9.用satisfy的适当形式填空 (1)Nothing____________her;she’s always complaining. (2)I am not at all____________with the present situation. satisfies satisfied

7 (3)The service that the company offers all over the country is quite____________. (4)Last night they watched our performance with____________. satisfying satisfaction

8 10.She ____________a lot of money and her____________for wealth made her put all her money in the bank.When she learned that it was possible that interest rate should be reduced,she almost went crazy.(desire) desired desire

9 高频短语 1.________________ 试验;考验 2.________________ 给……打电话 3.________________ 转向;回转 4.________________ 不管;别惹;让……一个人待着;和……单独在一起 test out ring up turn around leave...alone

10 5.________________ 将……放在一边;为……节省或保留(钱或时间) 6.________________ 一共;总计 7.________________ 一定做…… 8.________________ 寻找 set aside in all be bound to search for

11 9.________________ 把……和……进行比较 10.________________ 更确切地说 11.________________ 对……低声说 12.________________ 爱上…… compare ...with... or rather whisper to...  fall in love with...

12 典型句式 1.more A than B 与其说B倒不如说A His name was Tony and he seemed _________________________________ (不像一台机器,更像人的样子). more like a human than a machine

13 2.there开头的倒装句 As she turned around,___________ (站在那儿)Gladys Claffern.
there stood

14 3.“have+宾语+宾补”结构 But even though Tony had been so clever,he would have to be rebuilt—you cannot __________________________________________________________________ (让女人与机器相爱). have women falling in love with machines

15 4.It is+被强调部分+that... 强调句型 It was when Asimov was eleven years old ____________________________________________(他的写作天才才显露出来). that his talent for writing became obvious

16 单元语法 不定式的被动语态 1.(2012·西城1月一模)__________ people’s living standards,the central government will take more measures in the coming years. A.To raise B.Raise C.Raising D.To be raised

17 解析:选A。考查非谓语动词。句意为:为了提高人民的生活水平,中央政府将在随后的几年采取更多的措施。此处是不定式短语作目的状语。

18 2.(2012·江西南昌调研)Most of us have already known the problems________at the meeting which will be held tomorrow afternoon. discuss B.being discussed C.discussed be discussed

19 解析:选D。考查非谓语动词。题干中的定语从句which will be held tomorrow afternoon表明这些问题即将在明天的会议上被讨论,因此空处应用动词不定式的被动式。动词不定式的被动式作后置定语,表示将来和被动,故选D。

20 3.My little daughter’s wish is ________to Disneyland this summer holiday. take be taken have been taken be taking

21 解析:选B。当不定式动词与其逻辑主语之间是动宾关系时,不定式要用被动语态形式。句中是指“在这个暑假被带去迪斯尼乐园”。

22 4.I have to turn to my teacher for help,because this math problem is rather difficult________. work out be worked out working out be working out

23 解析:选A。在“difficult+不定式”作表语的结构中,句子的主语又是动词不定式的逻辑宾语时,常用不定式的主动形式表达被动意义。

24 5.His first book ________next month is based on a true story
5.His first book ________next month is based on a true story. A.published be published publish D.being published

25 解析:选B。考查非谓语动词。由next month可知用动词不定式表示将来,publish与book之间存在被动关系。句意为:下个月要出版的他的第一本书是以真实的故事为基础的。

26 考点串讲讲练互动 单词精研 1desire n.渴望;欲望;渴求 vt.希望得到;想要
(教材P10)Do you think it is possible for a robot to have its own needs and desires? 你认为机器人有可能有自己的需求和愿望吗?

27 归纳拓展

28 ①However,I don’t believe you should force people to help others—the desire to help must come from the heart. 但是,我认为你不应当强迫人们去帮助他人——想要帮助别人的愿望必须来自于内心深处。

29 ②(朗文P547)One woman had expressed a strong desire to learn to read
②(朗文P547)One woman had expressed a strong desire to learn to read.一位妇女表达了学识字的强烈愿望。 ③As is known to us,everyone desires_health_and_happiness.众所周知,人人都渴望幸福、健康。

30 ④We always desire to live in peace with our neighbors
④We always desire to live in peace with our neighbors. 我们一向希望邻里之间和睦相处。 ⑤We desire_that immediate help be_given_to the local villagers who have been trapped by the flood.我们渴望给予那些被洪水围困的当地村民们立即的救援。

31 2favour n.喜爱;恩惠,帮忙;优惠 vt
2favour n.喜爱;恩惠,帮忙;优惠 vt.喜爱;偏袒(=favor) (教材P11)As a favour Tony promised to help Claire make herself smarter and her home more elegant.

32 托尼为让克莱尔高兴,答应帮助她,使她变得更漂亮,使她的家变得更高雅大方。

33 归纳拓展

34 ①(牛津P734) Could you do me a favour and watch the baby for half an hour
①(牛津P734) Could you do me a favour and watch the baby for half an hour? 您能帮我照看婴儿半个小时吗? ②(牛津P735)I’ll ask Steve to take it.He owes_me_a_favour.我要请史蒂夫接受。他欠我一个人情。

35 ③(牛津P735) I’m all in_favour_of equal pay for equal work
③(牛津P735) I’m all in_favour_of equal pay for equal work.我完全支持同工同酬。 ④(牛津P735)The exchange rate is in our favour at the moment.目前汇率对我们有利。

36 3sympathy n.同情,同情(心);赞同,支持 (教材P11)Claire thought it was ridiculous to be offered sympathy by a robot. 克莱尔觉得,机器人向她表示同情,这有点荒唐可笑。

37 归纳拓展

38 ①(牛津P2049)I have no sympathy for Jan;it’s all her own fault
①(牛津P2049)I have no sympathy for Jan;it’s all her own fault.我不同情简,那都是她自己的错。 ②(牛津P2049)I wish he’d show me a little more sympathy. 我多希望他能再体谅我一点。

39 ③Out_of_sympathy for the homeless children,he gave them shelter for the night. 出于对无家可归的孩子的同情,他给他们提供了住宿。 ④I am sure he will be in_sympathy with your proposal. 我确信他一定赞成你的建议。

40 4accompany vt.陪伴;伴奏;附有;配有 (教材P11)As he was not allowed to accompany her to the shops,he wrote out a list of items for her. 她不允许他陪她去商店,因此他为她列了一个购物清单。

41 归纳拓展

42 ①(上海高考)Our trained leaders will accompany you and tell you everything you need to know.我们受过培训的带队人员会陪伴着你,告诉你需要知道的一切。

43 ②(2011·高考天津卷完形)When I was a little girl,I would often accompany you as you modeled for fashion photographers. 小时候,你当时尚画报的模特时我常常陪伴你。

44 ③(朗文P12)John has decided to accompany me on my trip to India

45 ④Her father accompanied her to the concert and when she sang,her father accompanied her on the piano.Her song sounded wonderful accompanied by the music. 她父亲陪她去音乐会,当她唱歌时,她父亲为她钢琴伴奏。在音乐的陪伴下,她的歌声听起来优美极了。

46 ⑤I’ll stay here and keep_you company,while your parents are away

47 5satisfaction n.满意;满足;令人满意的事物

48 归纳拓展

49 ①(牛津P1769)She looked back on her career with great satisfaction
①(牛津P1769)She looked back on her career with great satisfaction.回顾自己的事业,她深感欣慰。 ②(牛津P1769)The education system must satisfy_the_needs_of all children.教育系统必须满足所有儿童的需要。

50 ③The girl satisfied her mother by cleaning up the kitchen
③The girl satisfied her mother by cleaning up the kitchen. 那女孩清洗厨房以使她母亲满意。 ④The teacher was_very_satisfied with the work the students did yesterday. 老师对学生们昨天干的工作感到十分满意。

51 ⑤The result of the examination is very satisfying. 这次考试的结果令人非常满意。

52 6declare vt.宣布;声明;表明;宣称 (教材P11)She cried out “Tony” and then heard him declare that he didn’t want to leave her the next day and that he felt more than just the desire to please her.

53 她大叫一声“托尼”,然后听到托尼一本正经地说,明天他不想离开她,而且他并不满足于仅仅使她开心。

54 归纳拓展

55 ①She declared herself extremely hurt by her lack of support
①She declared herself extremely hurt by her lack of support.她说自己非常伤心,因为没有得到支持。 ②(朗文P523)The United States declared its independence from Britain in 美国于1776年正式宣布脱离英国而独立。

56 ③(朗文P523)The time has come to declare war on cancer
③(朗文P523)The time has come to declare war on cancer. 是该向癌症宣战的时候了。 ④When they asked him for his opinion,he declared strongly against the policy. 他们向他征求意见时,他声明强烈反对这项政策。

57 指正式地“公开;发表;宣布”,侧重“预告”人们所关心或感兴趣的事情,尤指新闻之类的消息。
辨析announce/declare announce 指正式地“公开;发表;宣布”,侧重“预告”人们所关心或感兴趣的事情,尤指新闻之类的消息。 declare 指正式地、明确地向公众“宣布;宣告;声明”,侧重“当众”发表,多用于宣战、议和、宣判等。

58 巧思妙解 用declare,announce填空 (1)It was __________ that there would be a celebration on Sunday. (2)We have time and time again __________ that we will never be the first to use nuclear weapons. announced declared

59 跟踪训练 Ⅰ.完成句子 1.We all ________________________
(对……非常同情)the victims of the earthquake. have great sympathy for

60 2.Most of them were______________________(支持我的观点) while David____________(反对). 3.Will you__________________(帮我个忙)and take this to the post office for me? in favour of my opinion was against it do me a favour

61 4.As far as I know,the little boy ________________________________ (有强烈的求知欲).
has a strong desire for knowledge

62 5.The old woman desired her sons and daughters __________________________________________________________________ (不时地来看望她). to come/should come and see her from time to time

63 Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2011·高考湖北卷)When asked about their opinions about the schoolmaster,many teachers would prefer to see him step aside __________ younger men.

64 terms of need of favor of praise of

65 解析:选C。句意为:在被问到他们对校长的看法时,很多老师说他们宁愿看到他让贤于更年轻的人。考查介词短语辨析。句中的step aside表示“让位,让开”,后面接介词短语in favor of表示这些老师更赞成起用更年轻的人。其他三项的含义是:就……而言;需要;表扬,称赞。

66 2.I’m sure you will make yourself understood better if you________your words with gestures. A.advocate B.refresh C.accompany D.transform

67 解析:选C。accompany 意为“陪伴,伴奏”。句意为:假如你说话时伴之以手势,那么别人肯定就能更清楚地明白你的意思。advocate拥护,提倡.主张;refresh使恢复,使振作;transform转化,转换,改造,变换。

68 3.It is said that dogs will keep you________for as long as you want when you are feeling lonely. D.friend

69 解析:选B。keep sb.company为习语,表示“陪伴某人;与某人同步 ”。

70 4.You can’t________everybody
4.You can’t________everybody.If the majority________your decision,that’s OK. A.satisfy;was satisfied with satisfied;satisfy C.satisfy;are satisfied with D.satisfy;satisfied with

71 解析:选C。本题的关键是动词satisfy的用法,表示“使人满意”,用satisfy sb. ;若表示“某人对某事满意”,则用sb
解析:选C。本题的关键是动词satisfy的用法,表示“使人满意”,用satisfy sb.;若表示“某人对某事满意”,则用 satisfied with sth.,另外,根据前后语境知应用一般现在时。

72 5.After a whole afternoon’s heated discussion,they finally __________ to us what had been decided. A.told B.declared C.stated D.made

73 解析:选B。declare to sb.意为“向某人宣布”。句意为:经过一个下午热烈的讨论之后,最后他们向我们宣布了所决定的事情。

74 6.The fact that she never apologized ________ a lot about what kind of person she is. A.says B.talks C.appears D.declares

75 解析:选A。本题考查动词词义辨析。say意为“说明,表达,显示”。talk意为“谈论”;appear意为“出现,显得”;declare意为“宣布,声明”,都不合语境。句意为:她永远不会道歉很大程度上说明了她是一个什么样的人。

76 短语精释 1leave...alone 不管;别惹;让……一个人待着;和……单独在一起 (教材P12)She shouted “Leave me alone” and ran to her bed. 她高声嚷着:“让我独自待一会儿!”然后就跑上了床。

77 归纳拓展 leave behind 遗留;把……抛在后面;超过 leave aside 搁置一边 leave for
归纳拓展 leave behind 遗留;把……抛在后面;超过 leave aside 搁置一边 leave for... 动身到…… leave out 省略;遗漏 leave over 留下;剩下

78 ①I’ve told you to leave my things alone
①I’ve told you to leave my things alone.Why can’t you leave me alone?我已经告诉你别管我的事情。为什么你不让我一个人待着? ②Leave it alone,or you’ll break it. 别碰它,否则你会把它弄坏的。

79 ③It was careless of him to leave out an important detail

80 2set aside 将……放在一边;为……节省或保留(钱或时间) (教材P13)He felt happy when his boss stated that he could set aside some time for exercise. 当老板说他可以留出时间运动的时候,他感到很高兴。

81 归纳拓展 set about doing 着手做某事 set down (指车辆或司机)停下来让(乘客)下车;记下;放下 set off 出发,动身,起程;使……爆炸

82 set out 出发;摆放;陈述或宣布;开始做某事 set up 摆放或竖起某物;使……准备使用;开办,建立

83 ①(牛津P1823)She tries to set aside some money every month
①(牛津P1823)She tries to set aside some money every month.她每个月都尽量存点钱。 ②(牛津P1823)Let’s set_aside my personal feelings for now.目前咱们就不要顾及我的个人感情了。

84 ③(全国高考)I think we ought to set off at 7∶00,while the roads are empty

85 ④For all three years I have been working for others,I’m hoping I’ll set_up my own business someday.三年来我一直为他人工作,我希望有一天我能建立自己的事业。

86 ⑤(朗文P1864)Harriet would spy on her parents and neighbors,then set it all down in her notebook.丽雅特常常暗中监视她的父母和邻居,并把情况一一记在笔记本里。

87 跟踪训练 Ⅰ.选词填空 1.用leave alone;leave out;leave behind;leave for填空
(1)You will have to put in some extra work if you don’t want to get ____________. left behind

88 (2)________him________—he obviously doesn’t want to talk about it
(2)________him________—he obviously doesn’t want to talk about it. (3)We will_____________ the airport at a quarter past five. Leave alone leave for

89 (4)The teacher stressed again that the students should not____________ any important details while retelling the story. leave out

90 2.用set aside;set down;set out;set up;set about填空 (1)Johnson ____________decorating their new house in blues and yellows. (2)He was asked to ____________ the facts just as he remembered. set about set down

91 (3)I____________my overcoat and took out my summer clothes
(3)I____________my overcoat and took out my summer clothes. (4)After dinner,Candida____________for the supermarket to buy some chocolate. set aside set out

92 (5)A lot of tall buildings have been ____________in Beijing in the past three years.
set up

93 Ⅱ. 单项填空 1.She is never wasting money
Ⅱ.单项填空 1.She is never wasting money.She has to __________ some for her twin’s education. A.set up B.set off C.set aside D.set out

94 解析:选C。考查动词短语辨析。句意为:她从不浪费钱,她必须为双胞胎孩子的教育存些钱。set aside“为……节省钱。”符合句意。

95 2.Einstein liked Bose’s paper so much that he __________ his own work and translated it into German. A.gave off B.turned down C.took over D.set aside

96 解析:选D。本题考查动词短语在具体语境中的含义。give off发出;放出(光、热、气体等);turn down拒绝;调低(声音);take over接管,接任;set aside置……于一边;留作……用;对某事置之不理。

97 由句意“爱因斯坦如此喜欢Bose的文章以至于把自己的工作搁置一边而把那篇文章译成了德文”可知,应选D。

98 3.We’d better __________ when he is thinking,as he prefers to solve problems on his own. A.wake him up B.keep him away C.leave him alone him up

99 解析:选C。由后半句说“他喜欢独自解决问题”可知前半句是说“当他思考问题的时候不要去打扰他”。leave sb
解析:选C。由后半句说“他喜欢独自解决问题”可知前半句是说“当他思考问题的时候不要去打扰他”。leave sb.alone意为“不打扰某人;让某人独自呆着”。而A项意为“把某人叫醒”;B项常用作keep sb.away from...,意为“使某人远离……”;D项意为“给某人打电话”。

100 句型精析 1(教材P12)It_was then that Claire realized that Tony had opened the curtains of the front window. 也就在这时候,克莱尔才意识到托尼早就把前边窗户的窗帘拉开了。

101 【点津】 强调句的用法: (1)It was/is+被强调部分+that
【点津】 强调句的用法: (1)It was/is+被强调部分+that...构成强调句的陈述句形式。 (2)强调句的疑问句形式。强调句变为一般疑问句时,直接将is/was置于句首。简略的答语为:“Yes,it is/was.”或“No,it isn’t/wasn’t.”

102 (3)强调句的特殊疑问句式是:特殊疑问词+is/was+it+that. 。 (4)强调“not
(3)强调句的特殊疑问句式是:特殊疑问词+is/was+it+that...。 (4)强调“not...until”引导的时间状语时,要用“It is/was not until...that...”结构,that后面的句子要用肯定式,且须用陈述句语序。

103 ①It was because of bad weather that the football match must be put off

104 ②It_was in the beautiful park that was located by the sea that we first met our new Chinese teacher. 是在位于海边的美丽公园我们第一次遇见我们汉语老师。

105 ③—Was_it_you_that I saw at the concert last night
③—Was_it_you_that I saw at the concert last night? ——我昨天晚上在音乐会上看到的是你吗? —No,it wasn’t.——不是。

106 ④Why was it that the football match must be put off
④Why was it that the football match must be put off? 为什么足球赛必须被推迟? ⑤It was not until she took off her dark glasses that I realized she was a famous film star.直到她摘下她的墨镜,我才认出她是一位著名的电影明星。

107 2(教材P16)Asimov began having_stories_published in science fiction magazines in 在1939年艾西莫夫开始在科幻杂志上发表小说。

108 【点津】 have sth. done 中过去分词作宾语补足语,表示被动的含义,有时也可以用get sth
【点津】 have sth.done 中过去分词作宾语补足语,表示被动的含义,有时也可以用get sth.done来替换,该结构的意思是“使某事被做”。有时可翻译为“请人做某事”。 (1)have sth.让某人干某事

109 (2)have sb./sth.doing让某人一直做某事(某事处于某种状态)。用于否定句时,have 表示“容忍、容许”之意。 (3)have do/to be done有事要做,have 表示“拥有”。

110 ①I usually have my clothes washed on Sundays
①I usually have my clothes washed on Sundays.I don’t wash my clothes myself. 我通常在星期天洗衣服,但不是自己洗。 ② He had his experiment report all written out neatly. 他把实验报告写得清清楚楚。

111 ③We won’t have you cheating in the exam
③We won’t have you cheating in the exam. 我们不允许你们在考试时作弊。 ④The boss had the workers working day and night. 老板让工人们日日夜夜不停地工作。

112 ⑤We have a lot of things to_do every day. 我们每天都有很多事情要做。

113 跟踪训练 1.(2012·河南部分重点中学联考)Was it because of the heavy snowstorm in Europe __________ the flight had to be put off? A.which C.why D.that

114 解析:选D。考查强调句。这是强调句的一般疑问句,正常的语序是:“It was because of the heavy snowstorm in Europe that the flight had to be put off.”被强调部分是表示原因的状语。

115 2.(2012·河南省洛阳市检测)—The patient looks much better
2.(2012·河南省洛阳市检测)—The patient looks much better.__________ is it that has made him __________ he is today? —I think it is the medicine and patient care.

116 A.What;that B.That;that C.What;what D.That;what

117 解析:选C。如果将问句变为陈述句,则出现It is __________ that has made him __________ he is today。很明显,第一空考查强调句型中的特殊疑问句;第二空则要引导宾语从句,宾语从句中缺少表语,故用关系词what。

118 句意为:——病人看起来好多了,是什么使得他成为今天这个样子的?——我觉得是药物和耐心照料(的缘故)吧。

119 3.(2012·西安五大名校一模)I really don’t know __________ I put my wallet after I paid the bill. A.where was it was where that C.where it was that D.where was it that

120 解析:选C。句意为:我真的不知道付了账之后我把钱包放在哪里了。强调句的特殊疑问词作宾语从句时,其语序为:疑问词+it is/was+that

121 4.(2012·济宁模拟卷)I’ll have all of the readings __________ by the end of this term if my plan goes well. A.completing complete C.completed D.being completed

122 解析:选C。考查非谓语动词。根据题意可知,complete和名词readings是动宾关系,因此应用过去分词,构成“have sth
解析:选C。考查非谓语动词。根据题意可知,complete和名词readings是动宾关系,因此应用过去分词,构成“have sth.done”结构。故C项正确。

123 5.(2010·高考山东卷)I have a lot of readings________before the end of this term. A.completing complete C.completed D.being completed

124 解析:选B。句意为:本学期结束前我有许多阅读要完成。考查非谓语动词作定语。have sth
解析:选B。句意为:本学期结束前我有许多阅读要完成。考查非谓语动词作定语。have do 有某事要做,to do 的逻辑主语需和主句主语一致;当不定式的逻辑主语与主句主语不一致时,可用 have be done 结构。

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