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Section Ⅰ Introduction & Reading and Vocabulary

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1 Section Ⅰ Introduction & Reading and Vocabulary

2 Step One:Warming up 1.What subjects did you learn at your Junior High? ___________________________2.What are the main differences between Junior High school and Senior High school? ___________________________

3 3.Do you think that work at Senior High school is harder than at Junior High school?
_______________________________ 4.Are Senior High teachers similar to Junior High teachers? 答案: 略

4 Step Two:Fast reading Read the text (P2-3) quickly and answer the following questions. 1.Who is Li Kang’s English teacher? _____________________________________ ___________________________________ 答案: Ms Shen.

5 2.How many boys are there in Li Kang’s class?
_______________________________________ 答案:  Sixteen. 3.Why did some students stop feeling embarrassed? 答案:  Because everyone was very friendly.

6 Step Three:Careful reading
Ⅰ.Read the text carefully and choose the best answers. 1.Li Kang mentions the following about Ms Shen EXCEPT that______. A.her class is interesting    B.she is very enthusiastic C.she is liked by students D.she wants to improve her spelling 答案:  D

7 2.Li Kang________his homework according to the text.
A.dislikes doing uninterested in doing C.wants to do bored with doing 答案:  C

8 3.Which of the following is not the reason that makes Li Kang think his new school to be good?
A.There is a computer in every classroom. B.Teachers are enthusiastic. C.They can study on the Internet. D.There is a big cinema screen in every classroom. 答案:  D

9 4.The sentence “They’re brilliant!” means________.
A.The teachers are all great. B.The new students are all clever. C.All the amazing things are wonderful. D.The computers and the screens are wonderful. 答案:  C

10 5.How do the teachers teach in the school teaching?
A.They teach in the same way as the teachers do in primary schools. B.The websites teach the students instead of teachers. C.They use computers to help them teach in class. D.They teach the students with the help of films. 答案:  C

11 Ⅱ.Read the text again and then do True (T) or False (F) exercises.
1.Li Kang lives in our capital,Beijing.(  ) 2.It is his first day at Junior High school.(  ) 3.Li Kang knows why his new school is good.(  ) 4.Ms Shen is a very enthusiastic woman to her students.(  ) 5.Li Kang likes Ms Shen’s attitude,but the others don’t.(  ) 答案:  1.F 2.F 3.T 4.T 5.F

12 Step Four:Summary My name is Li Kang.I live in the capital city of Hebei 1.____________,Shijiazhuang.It is my first day at Senior High school and I’m writing down my thoughts about it.

13 In my school,the teachers are 2
In my school,the teachers are 2._______and friendly and the classrooms are 3._______.Our English teacher is a very enthusiastic woman called Ms Shen.Her 4._______of teaching is 5.________like that of the teachers at my Junior High school.I don’t think I will be 6.________in her class.She wants to help us improve our spelling and handwriting.We do this in a fun way,with spelling games and other activities.I like her 7.______very much,and the 8.______of the other students 9._______that they like her,too.

14 There are forty­nine girls and sixteen boys in our class
There are forty­nine girls and sixteen boys in our class.And everyone in our class is hard­working.I am looking forward to 10.____________friends with them. 答案:  1.Province 2.enthusiastic 3.amazing 4.method 5.nothing 6.bored 7.attitude 8.behaviour 9.shows 10.Making

15 enthusiastic adj.热心的;热情的
be enthusiastic about sb./sth./doing sth. 对……热心,热情;热衷于……

16 (课文原句P2)The teachers are very enthusiastic and friendly and the classrooms are amazing.
老师们非常热情友好,教室让人惊讶。 ①David is very enthusiastic about the plan. 大卫对这项计划十分热心。 ②She is very mad about singing.她非常喜欢唱歌。

17 enthusiastically adv.热情地
enthusiasm n.热情,热心,狂热 with enthusiasm=enthusiastically ③He spoke to me with great enthusiasm. 他非常热情地同我说话。

18 1.完成句子 ①我们数学老师是一位姓高的热心男士。 Our maths teacher is a very________man called Mr Gao. ②我对鲍勃来访的想法并不太热心。 I was less________ ________the idea of Bob coming to visit. 答案: ①enthusiastic ②enthusiastic about

19 2.He was________about sport,and he was an excellent athlete.
A.enthusiastic    B.worried C.pleased D.nervous 解析: 句意为:他热爱运动,而且是一个出色的运动员。be enthusiastic about对……热心,热衷于,为固定搭配,符合题意。be worried about对……担心;pleased与介词with连用;be nervous about对……紧张。 答案: A

20 amazing adj.令人吃惊的;令人惊讶的
(课文原句P2)The teacher are very enthusiastic and friendly and the classrooms are amazing. 老师们非常热情友好,教室让人惊叹。

21 ①It was amazing that such a seven­year­old boy should be a computer expert.
这位七岁的男孩竟然是一个电脑专家,真是让人感到惊讶。 ②It’s amazing to find you here.在这里见到你真令人惊讶。

22 amazed adj.吃惊的;惊讶的 amaze vt.使惊讶;使惊愕 to one’s amazement使某人惊奇的是 in amazement 惊愕地 ③He was amazed to hear the amazing news. 听到这令人惊讶的消息,他颇为吃惊。

23 ④Her rapid progress in English amazed the teacher.
她在英语方面的进步使老师大为惊讶。 ⑤Much to my amazement,he should treat me like that. 让我大为吃惊的是,他竟然那样对我。

24 3.The________expression on her face suggested she was________when she was watching Liu Qian’s performance. A.amazing;amazed B.amazed;amazing C.amazed;amazed D.amazing;amazing

25 解析: amazing是让人吃惊的,而此题中她脸上的表情应是她感到吃惊后产生的表情,即被引起的吃惊的表情,而非表情是令人吃惊的,故用amazed 修饰 expression。
答案: B

26 instruction n.(常作复数)指示;说明
(课文原句P3)Ms Shen gave us instructions and then we worked by ourselves.沈老师给我们一些指导,然后我们自学。

27 ①He gave us instructions to do this work.
他指示我们如何做这项工作。 ②You should follow the instructions on the bottle. 你应按照瓶子上的说明去使用。

28 instruct vt.命令;指示 instruct do sth.指示某人做某事 ③He instructed us to start.他命令我们动身。

29 4.Always read the________on the bottle carefully and take the right amount of medicine.
A.Explanations   B.instructions C.descriptions D.introductions

30 解析: 本题考查名词词义辨析。句意为:仔细阅读瓶子上的说明,适量用药。instruction说明;explanation解释,讲解;description描述,描写;introduction介绍。
答案: B

31 attitude n.[C] 态度;看法 attitude to/towards sb.对……的态度,对做……的态度 have a(an)...attitude to/towards对……有何种态 度

32 (课文原句P3)I like her attitude very much,and the behaviour of the other students shows that they like her,too.我非常喜欢她的教学态度,其他学生的表现也表明他们很喜欢她。


34 ①What’s the company’s attitude to/towards this idea?
公司对这个意见持什么态度? ②He has a bad attitude towards his schoolwork. 他对功课的态度不端正。

35 5.完成句子 他对工作的态度深深打动了我。 I was deeply moved by his________ ________ ________ ________. 答案: attitude to/towards his work

36 6.In order to change attitudes________employing women,the government is bringing in new laws.
A.about B.of C.towards D.on 解析: attitude to/towards sb./sth.为固定搭配,“对……的态度、看法”。 答案: C

37 impress vt.使印象深刻,使……铭记……
impress sb.with sth.给某人留下深刻的印象 impress sth.on sb./sb.’s mind=impress sb.with sth. 使某人了解某事的重要性;给某人留下深刻印象 be impressed with对……印象深刻

38 (课文原句P4)Li Kang is very impressed with the teachers and the technology in his new school.
李康对他的新学校的老师和技术设备印象非常深刻。 ①She impressed me with her sweet voice. 她甜美的嗓音给我留下了深刻的印象。

39 ②I was deeply impressed with /by his words.
=His words were deeply impressed on me. 他的话深深印在我的脑海里。 ③Father impressed on me the importance of work. =Father impressed me with the importance of work. 父亲要我铭记工作的重要性。

40 impression n.印象 make/leave/have sb.a /an...impression 给某人留下……印象 ④The new teacher made a good impression on the students. 新老师给学生们留下了一个好印象。

41 7.The first time I toured the Great Wall,I was deeply impressed________the beautiful scenery.
A.with B.on D.for 解析: impress与介词with连用时,常用于 impressed with/by/at sth.结构。 答案: A

42 8.Remember that it’ll make a bad________if you’re late.
A.behaviour B.action C.description D.impression 解析: 句意为:要记住,如果你迟到了,就会(给别人)留下不好的印象。make a(n)...impression意为“留下……印象”。behaviour行为;action行动;description描述。 答案: D

43 be similar to...与……相似;类似于……
(课文原句P2)Are Senior High teachers similar to Junior High teachers?高中老师与初中老师相似吗? She is similar to her mother in many ways. 她在很多方面与她的妈妈相像。

44 9.完成句子 北京的天气与纽约的天气相似。 The weather of Beijing________ ________ ________that of New York. 答案: is similar to

45 10.Sorry to have taken your umbrella by mistake
10.Sorry to have taken your umbrella by mistake.It’s because my umbrella is______to yours. A.similar B.same C.the same as D.different 解析: be similar to为固定搭配。由于空后是介词to,而在所给选项中,只有similar可以与之搭配。 答案: A

46 be nothing like...丝毫不像……;完全不像……;根本没有,完全不
(课文原句P2-3)We’re using a new textbook and Ms Shen’s method of teaching is nothing like that of the teachers at my Junior High school.由于我们使用的新课本,沈老师的教学方法和初中老师完全不一样。 The twin sisters are nothing like each other. 这对双胞胎姐妹彼此一点儿也不像。

47 11.The pronunciation of the English words is________of the Chinese words.
A.nothing like that B.nothing like one C.something like that D.anything like that

48 解析: nothing like一点也不像,为固定搭配,其中like为介词。that可用于指代上文提到的可数名词单数或者不可数名词,此处指代the pronunciation。

49 in other words换句话说,换言之,也就是说
(课文原句P3)In other words,there are three times as many girls as boys.换句话说,女生人数是男生的三倍。

50 ①Joe doesn’t like work—in other words,he’s lazy!
乔不爱劳动——换句话说,他懒惰! ②He has been working too much,and is not well at all.In other words,he needs a holiday. 他近来工作过度,身体一点也不好。换句话说,他需要休假。

51 12.Your performance in the driving test didn’t reach the required standard,________,you failed. the end B.after all other words the same time

52 解析: 根据本句的意思判断此处前后说的是一个意思,表现没有达到要求的标准也就意味着失败。
答案: C

53 look forward to sth./doing sth.
期待着某事物,盼望做某事 (课文原句P3)I’m looking forward to doing it! 我盼望着写这篇文章呢! ①We are looking forward to your arrival. 我们期待着您的到来。 ②I’m looking forward to seeing you this summer vacation. 我盼望今年暑假见到你。

54 13.完成句子 我盼着早日收到你的来信。 I’m________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________as early as possible. 答案: looking forward to hearing from you

55 14.We’ve enjoyed having you on board and look forward________you again in the near future. see seeing seeing D.on seeing

56 解析: 我们很高兴能与您共度这一段时间,欢迎再次乘坐我们的班机。look forward to期待,盼望;to为介词,后接动名词。
答案: B

57 I live in Shijiazhuang,a city not far from Beijing.
我住在石家庄,一个距离北京不太远的城市。 a city not far from Beijing是Shijiazhuang的同位语,其中not far from Beijing作定语,相当于定语从句which is not far from Beijing.

58 ①Mr Smith,our new teacher,is very kind to us.
我们的新老师史密斯先生对我们很好。 ②We each drank a glass of beer at the party. 在聚会上,我们每人喝了一杯啤酒。 ③He is a strict but kind teacher,one who is popular with the students. 他是一个严厉的但好心的老师,一个受学生欢迎的老师。

59 15.Meeting my uncle after all these years was an unforgettable moment,________I’ll always treasure.
A.that D.what 解析: 此处one为同位语,相当于a moment。 答案: B

60 We’re using a new textbook and Ms Shen’s method of teaching is nothing like that of the teachers at my Junior High school.我们使用新课本,并且沈老师的教学方法一点也不像我的初中老师的教学方法。 that代替前面提到过的可数名词method。

61 ①My brother is so naughty that my mother’s attitude towards me is much better than that towards him.
我弟弟如此淘气,以至于妈妈待我要比对他好多了。 ②The climate of Beijing is quite different from that of Shanghai. 北京的气候与上海的气候大不相同。

62 特指,可以指代可数名词,也可以指代不可数名词。与前面提到的名词为同一类,必须有后置定语,其复数形式为those
辨析:that,one与it that 特指,可以指代可数名词,也可以指代不可数名词。与前面提到的名词为同一类,必须有后置定语,其复数形式为those one 泛指,指代前面提到过的那类人或事物,用于指代可数名词,其复数形式是ones it 特指,指代前面提到过的那个事物,用于指代可数名词单数或不可数名词

63 16.用that,one和it填空 ①The book on the desk is better than________under the desk. ②Mr Zhang gave me a very valuable present,________that I had never seen. ③I bought a book yesterday,but I can’t find________now. 答案: ①that ②one ③it

64 17.Little joy can equal________of a surprising ending when you read stories.
A.that B.those C.any D.some 解析: joy为不可数名词,用一个代词代替时,须用that,that代替不可数名词,且要有后置定语。 答案: A

65 I don’t think I will be bored in Ms Shen’s class!我认为我是不会对沈老师的课厌烦的!
本句为否定转移句,don’t think中的not实际上否定宾语从句中的谓语。 ①I don’t think that you two have met before. 我想你们两人以前没见过面。 ②I don’t think he will come to meeting. 我认为他不会来参加会议。

66 (1)当主句的谓语动词是think (认为),expect(期待),guess(猜想),imagine(想象),believe(相信)和suppose(假如)等,主句的主语是第一人称且为一般现在时时,其宾语从句的否定一般要转移到主句上来。其反意疑问句一般与宾语从句一致。

67 (2)若以上动词的主语是第二、三人称,或主语是第一人称但谓语不是一般现在时时,变反意疑问句时附加问句部分应与主句一致。
③I don’t believe she knows it,does she? 我相信她不知道此事,对吗? ④You think he can’t solve the problem,don’t you? 你认为他不能解决这个问题,对不对?

68 18.写出下列句子的反意疑问句 ①I don’t think anyone will be ready to do it,________? ②She didn’t believe you were from Liaoning,________? 答案: ①will they ②did she

69 19.完成句子 我认为这不是个好主意。 ________ ________ ________ ________a good idea. 答案: I don’t think it’s

70 In other words,there are three times as many girls as boys
倍数表达法的三种常用形式: (1)倍数+as+形容词原级+as+被比较对象 (2)倍数+形容词比较级+than+被比较对象

71 (3)倍数+the size/length/height/width/depth+of+被比较对象
①This room is about three times as large as that one. 这个房间大约是那个房间的三倍大。 ②Our school is four times bigger than yours. 我们学校比你们学校大四倍。

72 ③The new factory is five times the size of the old one.
这个新工厂是原来那个旧工厂的五倍大。 ④There are six times as many students as we expected this year. 今年学生数量是我们预期的六倍。

73 20.Ten years ago the population of our village was________that of theirs. twice large as B.twice as large as C.twice as much as twice much as

74 解析: 句意为:十年前我们村的人口是他们村的10倍。形容词比较级的结构之一为:倍数+as+形容词原级+as...
答案: B

75 21.It is reported that the United States uses________energy as the whole of Europe. twice B.twice much C.twice much as D.twice as much 解析: 考查表示倍数的表达方式:主语+谓语+倍数+as+形容词+(名词)+as。 答案: D

76 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.I might not the best teacher,but I’m an________(热情的) teacher. 答案: enthusiastic 2.I don’t understand the i________on the bottle.Could you translate them for me? 答案: instructions

77 3.Now that we can’t solve the problem,I think we should try again using a different m________.
答案: method 4.If we have a good a________towards our study,we will do it well. 答案:  attitude 5.A p________appointment prevents me from accepting your kind invitation. 答案:  previous

78 6.New________(技术) is being used to solve energy problems.
答案:  technology 7.A lot of useful________(信息) can be found on the website. 答案:  information

79 Ⅱ.短语翻译 similar___  与……相似,类似于…… 2.___the screen 在屏幕上 _______ like 一点也不像 4.have ____ 玩得高兴 5.introduce sb.___ sb.else 向某人介绍某人 _____ 感到厌倦 a ____ way 用有趣的方式 to on nothing fun bored

80 8.in_____ words 换句话说 9.look ________ to 期待,期盼 ___________ with 对……印象深刻 other forward impressed

81 Ⅲ.完成句子 1.孩子们都盼望着圣诞节,因为他们可以得到很多礼物。 Children________ ________ ________Christmas,________they can get________ ________. 答案: look forward to;because;many gifts 2.我认为爷爷对足球不感兴趣。 I________ ________my grandpa________ interested in________. 答案: don’t think;is;football

82 3.新图书馆的书是旧的三倍多。 The new library has________ ________ ________many books as the old one. 答案: three times as 4.据说美国的教育不同于中国的。 ________say that the________in the United States is________ ________ ________in China. 答案: They;education;different from that

83 5.我要搬到乡下,因为那里的空气要比城里的空气清新。
I’m moving to the countryside because the air there is much fresher________ ________in the city. 答案: than that 6.我认为他不诚实。换句话说,我根本不信任他。 I don’t think he is honest.________ ________ ________,I don’t trust him at all. 答案: In other words

84 7.这座建筑物的风格与其他建筑物的风格迥异。
The style of the building is________ ________that of others. 答案: nothing like 8.收到这令人吃惊的礼物,我颇为吃惊。 I was________to receive the________gift. 答案: amazed;amazing

85 练规范、练技能、练速度

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