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Introduction to Taiwanese Toys

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1 Introduction to Taiwanese Toys
Trillium Learning Global 21st Century Schools Project Introduction to Taiwanese Toys 20702汪文荃Cherry 20藍敬Jenny Yong Chun Senior High School Taipei, Taiwan Teacher: Chen, Qiuhao

2 Outline 1.Sun Moon Ball ˙How it is made ˙How to play it 2.Dragonfly
˙How to make it fly How to play it Materials

3 Sun Moon Ball

4 Sun Moon Ball is a combination of two toys called the ‘cup ball’ and the ‘sword ball’.
The handle of the Sun Moon Ball is wooden and both sides of the end of the handle are the “Cups."

5 How to play Hold the handle and swing the ball to make it sit on the cup. It’s an interesting and challenging toy. It has also become a performance in many places.


7 Dragonfly

8 How to fly Everyone has heard the helicopter but do you know who is ‘ the ancestor’ of it? The answer is a Chinese toy called ‘dragonfly’ , which was brought to Europe in the Middle Age.竹蜻蜓是公元前500年前中國的一種飛翔玩具,中世紀傳到歐洲時,在中國已有兩千年的歷史。竹蜻蜓以一根小棍作軸,軸頂有螺旋槳翼片(有時候是羽毛),用手把小棍一搓,就會向上飛升,作用就像機翼加螺旋槳。旋轉運動產生氣流,旋轉的翼片切入氣流,產生升力,這就是直升機的原理。

9 How to play Dragonfly is easy to play. Just turn bamboo stick and let it go, it will fly. It’s easy to play dragonfly. Put the handle between your hands then spin the handle to make the bamboo turn.

10 materials ←bamboo ←bamboo stick

11 Slice the bamboo. Make the wing smooth. 3. Insert the wing into the stick.

12 DONE!!

13 Thank you for your attention.

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