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I've been thinking for a long time about what we do in our life...

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1 I've been thinking for a long time about what we do in our life...
我從很久以前就想著… 在我這一生我要做些什麼

2 We start by being taught in school
how to become a good citizen. 我們在學校開始被教育成為一個好的公民 We spend a great part of our childhood studying, 我們花了很多童年的時光在學習上 and finally we get the diploma that will ensure us “the position we deserve”. 最後我們獲得了一張文憑來確保地位

3 We participate to the unemployment
我們參與了一場場不被錄用的面試 ...until we find a job. 直到找到了工作 through hard tests we are accepted in the world of work. 通過了艱難的測試才獲得了一份工作

4 We perform a good professional career
filled with activities and efforts 花了畢生的精力 讓我們在工作上有好的表現 …a lot, a lot of efforts... 很多很多的精力 till we fall down exhausted... 直到精疲力盡 BUT we are great professionals with our valuable market share.

5 ...we select new targets. Time keeps on passing, and... 我們改變新的目標 當時間慢慢過去 ...and promise a neverending love. We meet the sweetheart of our life... 我們遇見了生命中的另一半 而且承諾這段永恆的愛 and here comes a baby into our home. After Passionate hugs, 家中增加了新的成員 激情過後 Damned night, couldn’t close my eyes! 多少夜晚, 不能合上我的眼

6 trying to make the best of our time. We keep on advancing in the society 我們繼續提升社會地位 努力嘗試善用時間 and we are finally RICH! We are the stars wherever we go 最後變成有錢人 無論到那都是受矚目的 But we need some more times to triumph completely. 但是我們需要更多的時間 獲得完全的勝利

7 Gosh! One day they tell they can do without you. 在這時候你快瘋了 By this time, you are getting crazy, 天啊!有一天公司對你說不再需要你了 you lost means of communication. you feel collapse 失去和他人溝通的意義 你感到崩潰 Now time does not pass any longer, whereas you are loosing it. You realise you are cut off from everything. 時間不再延續 而你已失去了一切 你發現你被所有事擊倒

8 You realise you’ve been living in the fog in search of a silly target. 追求可笑的目標 你發現你生活在霧裡 trying to escape your enemies. You become a walking ghost 盡量消滅所有的敵人 像行屍走肉般 You are the only one longing for the hours to pass till your time comes. 直到你倒下 你渴望時間飛逝

9 Upon this evaluation, an idea came to my mind on how to improve my life.
根據上述評斷, 腦中出現新的點子來改善我的生活

10 I'll take things easy. I'll try to open my heart to my love. 讓事情簡單化 試著打開我的心去愛 I'll listen more to the ones surrounding me. I'll save more time to spend it with my friends. 聽更多關於我身邊的事 花更多時間和我的朋友同歡 No, karaoke I‘d never done, but I believe I'll sing more. 唱多些從來沒有試過的 KARAOKE I'll try to travel more. 有更多的旅行

11 I'll go more times to the seaside. I'll make my best to cook tasty food. 有更多的時間在海邊 硏制美好佳餚 I'll join my friends’ warmth. A bit love more. 付出多一點愛 溶入溫暖友情 I'll be happier to get news from my friends... 一起達到共同的目標 and achieve together common objectives 高興獲得朋友的消息

12 I can’t be sure, but I believe it worths trying. “Well, say what you want, but I am a nice guy!” 我不能確定但這值得一試 隨便你想說什麼 但我是個好人 I'll co-operate clean the world from nasty people 我會協助環境保護. No harm from a glass more. HIC! 少醉無妨 And I hope they won’t stop me 直到我倒下 我希望不會被制止 when my time comes.

13 我不知道是不是對每個人都是好的 , 但至少我將有美好的時光照我的方式來做 .
你認為呢? I do not know whether it is good for everybody, but I’m sure that at least I will have had a wonderful time… which by the way is what counts more. DON’T YOU THINK SO?

14 Please have Good care for your good friend. 請珍惜你身邊的好朋友!
Show your friends how much you care. 告訢你的朋友你有多在乎他們。 Send this to everyone you consider a FRIEND, including who sent it. 把這訊息轉寄給每一個你認為是「朋友」的人,包括把這訊息寄給你的人。 If it comes back to you , then you'll know you have a circle friends. 如果你收到回轉的訊息,那你就會知道,你擁有一整圈的朋友!

15 把這文章寄給一些你永遠不會忘懷的人, 及寄給關心你的人。讓他知道你永遠也不會忘記他 。。。。。。

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