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Lesson 25 :Christmas Is Coming 华发网络教育资源云平台

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1 Lesson 25 :Christmas Is Coming 华发网络教育资源云平台

2 Oct.1st special holidays National Day Teachers’ Day Children’s Day Sep.10th Jun.1st 华发网络教育资源云平台

3 is a special holiday Christmas is a Western holiday 华发网络教育资源云平台

4 Why is Christmas special? Because it is a Western holiday.On a holiday, people don’t work. Children don’t go to school.we have Christmas trees,lights and Santa. 华发网络教育资源云平台

5 What can you see on Christmas? I can see Christmas lights. a Christmas tree. Santa. gifts. our family and friends. 华发网络教育资源云平台

6 This is a Christmas tree. There are many Christmas lights on it. How beautiful they are! 华发网络教育资源云平台

7 This is Santa. We can call him Father Christmas too. He is a merry man in red clothes. He brings gifts on Christmas. 华发网络教育资源云平台

8 We invite our family and friends. They bring gifts for us. We give our family and friends gifts,too. 华发网络教育资源云平台

9 What do people do on Christmas? What do people say on Christmas? On a holiday, people don’t work. Children don’t go to school. Merry Christmas ! 华发网络教育资源云平台

10 What is Christmas? It’s a _________ holiday. On this holiday, people_______ go to work. Children don’t _______________. _____________ is special. Because we have ____________________, ___________________and _______. He _______________ on Christmas. western don’t go to school Christmas many Christmas trees many Christmas lights Santa brings gift 华发网络教育资源云平台

11 Merry Christmas !. Best wishes for a merry Christmas ! May Christmas and the coming year bring happiness to you ! 华发网络教育资源云平台

12 Thank you! Bye-bye! 华发网络教育资源云平台

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