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Present continuous tense 现在进行时 Objective  To learn to use the present continuous tense  To know how to make the –ing form of a verb.

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2 Present continuous tense 现在进行时

3 Objective  To learn to use the present continuous tense  To know how to make the –ing form of a verb

4 语法讲解建议采用归纳法,如尽 可能多的呈现一些相关例句,或 可让学生从已学课文中找相应例 句,引导学生试着从所观察到的 语言现象中总结出语言规则和语 法规律。

5 Look at the following sentences. Pay attention to the red parts. 1. I am wearing sports clothes and a pair of trainers. 2. Now Amy and Daniel are coming. 3. Amy is wearing a yellow cotton blouse and a blue scarf. 上面三句话中所出现的动作有什么 特别之处?请继续学习下列例子。

6 Tom play football. is ing Lucyisread a book. ing

7 Theywatch TV are ing Look! The kids talk are ing. now.

8 现在进行时态 表示此时此刻正在进行的动作或者现 阶段正在进行着的动作。  表示此时此刻正在进行的动作。 --What are you doing now? --We are having our English class.  表示现阶段正在进行着的动作。 I am writing an English story. They are studying in Beijing Sunshine Middle School.

9 基本结构 : be (am, is, are) + 动词现在 分词 (-ing form) 常见的表示时间的词语 : I am doing homework now. He's dealing with his post at the moment. We are swimming at the moment. Look! They are sitting on the chairs. Listen! Amy is singing in the next room.

10 动词现在分词 ※ 动词原型 +ing reading, drinking, eating, meeting, thinking ※ 以不发音的 e 结尾,去 e 加 ing ※ 重读闭音节, 双写结尾的辅音字母加 ing sitting, swimming, putting, running writing, making ※ 以 ie 结尾的动词,去 ie 加 y 加 ing lie---lying, die---dying

11 go --- going do --- doing watch --- watching wait --- waiting eat --- eating clean --- cleaning read --- reading talk --- talking

12 write --- writing take --- taking have --- having make --- making come --- coming skate --- skating dance --- dancing leave --- leaving practise --- practising

13 shop --- shopping cut --- cutting stop --- stopping put --- putting get --- getting begin --- beginning swim --- swimming chat--- chatting plan--- planning run--- running sit --- sitting

14 What is he doing? He is drinking milk (now). Is he drinking milk (now)? Yes, he is.

15 What is she doing? She is cleaning the house. Is she doing her homework? No, she isn’t.

16 What is he doing? What are they doing? He’s riding a bike. They’re walking.

17 riding drawingjumping swimming dancing climbing playing What is he / she doing? He’s / She’s … working

18 What are they doing? They are running. Are they writing? No, they aren’t.

19 talk/chat have a class read look for things on the Internet What are they doing? They are … Are they …? Yes, … No, …

20 Complete the conversation: Sandy: Hello, Amy. Are you doing your homework now? Amy: No, I’m not. My cousin Shirley _________ (visit) me. Sandy: Oh, really? What _____ she _______ (do) now? Amy: Well, she _________ (play) a computer game. is visiting doing is playing is

21 Sandy: ______ you ________ (play) with her now? Amy: No, I’m not. I ________ on the bed and _________ (watch) TV. Sandy: What ____ your parents _____ (do)? Amy: They ____________ in the kitchen. Are playing am lying watching are doing are cooking


23 What are they doing? Simon _________ at some football cards. Kitty and Sandy __________ ice creams. is looking are eating

24 What are they doing? Millie ________ for her new shoes. is paying Daniel __________ computer games. is playing

25 What are they doing? I ____________ lots of shopping bags. am carrying We ___________ some cold drinks. are having

26 It is 5 p.m. Rewrite the sentences to say what is going on now. Every day at 5 p.m. Now Mother ____ dinner. Mother ________ dinner. cooks is cooking The boys ____ football. play The boys ____ _______ football. are playing

27 Every day at 5 p.m. Now Mr Li _______ TV. Mr Li _________ TV. watches is watching My aunt ______ coffee. drinks My aunt ______ ________ coffee. is drinking

28 Writing (In the playground)

29 In the playground There are many students in the playground now. Look! Some boys are playing football and the girls are running. Some of the students are playing basketball, others are doing morning exercises. Who is standing over there? Oh, it’s Simon. He’s playing with a yo-yo. They’re all having a good time.

30 现在进行时表示: 1 )现在正在进行的动作和发生的事 ; 2 )现阶段正在发生的事,此刻动作不 一定正在进行。 结构 : be (am, is, are) + 动词现在分词 (- ing form) 进行时中常见表时间的词语 : now, look, listen, at the moment, right now, at present

31 动词现在分词形式变化规则: 1 )一般情况下,在动词后加 -ing 构成; 2 )不发音的 -e 结尾的动词去掉 e 后再加 - ing ; 3 )以重读闭音节结尾且末尾只有一个辅 音字母的动词,要双写末尾的辅音字母 再加 -ing ; 4 )以字母 ie 结尾的动词,通常将 ie 改为 y 再加 ing (eg. lie-lying)


33 1. jump ________ 2. ski ___________ 3. clean ________ 4. see ___________ 5. ride _________ 6. make _________ 7. take _________ 8. love __________ 9. stop _________ 10. swim _________ 11. run _________ 12. chat __________ 13. play ________ 14. stay __________ 15. lie __________ jumping skiing cleaning seeing riding making taking loving stopping swimming running chatting playing staying lying I. 写出下列动词的现在分词。

34 II. 根据句子中的时间情境完成动词填空。 1. It’s six o’clock in the morning. Simon _________ (get) up. 2. Look! Some boys ___________ (make) model planes. 3. The dog _______ (lie) on the ground now. 4. At the moment, we ___________ (listen) to our teacher. 5. Listen, Daniel ___________ (sing) an English song. is getting are making is lying are listening is singing

35 1. The boy is looking for his book. ( 改为一 般疑问句并作肯定回答 ) ———————————————— 2. Daniel and his friends are having some cold drinks. ( 改为否定句 ) ———————————————— Is the boy looking for his book? Yes, he is. Daniel and his friends aren’t having any cold drinks. III. 句型转换练习。

36 3. Her grandparents are listening to the radio. ( 对划线部分进行提问 ) ———————————————— 4. I am asking Mr Wu some questions. ( 改为一般疑问句并作肯定及否定回答 ) ———————————————— Are you asking Mr Wu any questions? Yes, I am. / No, I’m not. What are her grandparents doing?

37 1. The Class 1, Grade 7 students _________ (have) lesson at present. 2. The Class 1, Grade 7 students _______ (have) English lesson every day. 3. Amy and Sandy ___________ (watch) TV right now. 4. Sandy often _______ (watch) TV. 5. It’s 14:15 now and Daniel ___________ (have) English lesson. 6. Daniel ______ (have) English lesson every Tuesday afternoon. are having have are watching watches is having has IV. 用所给动词的适当形式填空。

38 1.To preview Integrated skills on Page 99 2.To review the different kinds of clothes 3.To learn to talk about different materials of the things

39 Do the exercises on Page 97 and 98.


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