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成人高考专升本 英语 主讲老师:汪薇.

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1 成人高考专升本 英语 主讲老师:汪薇

2 2 pieces of bread, some pieces of advice, a piece of music等
盛装不可数名词的容器或不可数名词的计算单位 具体数量 公式:数词+量词+of+不可数名词 eg: a cup of tea a piece of paper /可数名词(复数) 当数词≥2时,量词要变为复数 cups of tea pieces of paper 常用好伙伴: piece 块,条,片,张,件,篇 2 pieces of bread, some pieces of advice, a piece of music等 思考题:请问可数名词可否用以上公式? 5 boxes of apples,a bag of books

3 四、名词的所有格 有生命的有 ①在拥有者后-’s:Mike’s pen , the boy’s mother
②以“s”结尾的词后-’:the teachers’ Day ③两者共有,在后者上-’s: Tom and Jack’s room 对比 Tom’s and Jack’s rooms 无生命的有 被拥有者 of 拥有者 eg:the door of the room, the boss of the shop 各自拥有

4 考试中关于名词的考点 基础要点多用于语句理解 应试中以考察词汇为主 温馨提示:尽可能多认识一些常用的单词,这才是省力省时的好办法哦!

5 单选题 单选题 √ √ √ √ 1. Mother does in my family.
A. much housework B. much homework C. many houseworks D. many homeworks 2. She often goes to the factory , not by bus. A. by foot B. on foot C. by her foot D. on feet 3. The doctor gave the young girl on how to keep her health. A. a piece of advice B. some advices C. an advice D. few pieces of advices 4. It’s about an walk from here to my home. A. hours B. hours’ C. hour’s

6 Homework Homework Page9:Exercise 1 每日背记至少3个以上的名词

7 Daily conversation 问候 Good morning/afternoon/evening. Hello/Hi.
初次见面: - How do you do? - How do you do! 再次见面: -How are you! -Fine,thank you.and you? -Very well./I’m fine ,too. Good night.晚安 nice to meet you! nice to meet you,too! what’s up?/How are you doing? not bad./just so so.

8 Daily conversation -How are you! eg:你父亲进来可好? How be(am/is /are) +人
How is your father? -How are you!


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