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A Career Planning Project

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1 A Career Planning Project
—— Writing

2 Engineer Architect Astronaut Chemist Doctor Photographer Stockbroker(证券、股票经纪人) Financier(金融家,理财家) Computer programmer(电脑程序员) Translator   Baker (西点师) Zoologist(动物学家) NBA Player

3 1. Future Job Survey the top 4 jobs : Engineer (8人) Doctor (5人) Financier 金融家,理财家(4人) Businessman/woman (4人)

4 2. About “My future job” What would Jennifer like to do in the future?
Why does Molly want to be a baker?

5 Vocabulary Building [about Job Requirements]
1. Revision (useful words &phrases in Unit 14) Adj. Nouns: Verbs:

6 Vocabulary Building Adj.—confident, organized, adaptable, independent, dynamic, flexible, creative, logical, motivated, patient, reliable Nouns –communication skills, foreign language skills, computer skills, bachelor’s degree, teamwork spirit Verbs – to work with, improve, require, build and design, assist , lead, manage, cure

7 Sentence pattern ____ and _____ are important and welcome.
Companies are always looking for/selecting people who are___ and ____.

8 Language in Use - Career Planning Project (Oral Part)
1. What qualities do you already have for your future job ? Pattern2: I would like to be/work as a ____, because___________. I am ____ and____ , which are quite necessary for being a ____. 2. In order to take your future job, what qualities do you have to emphasize(强调) more? Pattern 3: In order to become ___ and ___ , I have to ____.

9 Language in Use - Career Planning Project (Writing Part)
要求:以“Plan for your future career”,为话题,运用本课、本单元所学的词汇和表达写一篇文章(第1段已经写出)。内容包括: 在求职中哪些能力和技能受到重视?(50-60字) 你大学毕业后将从事什么职业?你有何优点和不足?针对不足,你会作何努力?(60-70字) Nowadays, it is not easy for us to find a good job, even for university graduates. The survey carried out last week shows that only 68% of us have a thought of what they would like to do in the future. As we know,… Though I am still a senior high school student, I have considered my future job. I…

10 Writing 1. 抽签 2. Writing together with your partner
1人写paragraph 2 — 在求职中哪些能力和技能受到重视? 另外1人写 paragraph 3 — 你大学毕业后将从事什么职业?你有何优点和不足?针对不足,你会作何努力? Time : 5-6分钟

11 Assessment 1. 大组之间交换 2. Discuss to correct some errors [ According to our CRITERIA ] 3. Presentations

12 小组互评标准 写作人_____ 、___ 评价人——、—— 5.词性错误 小组互评 评价内容 优秀 (内容完整,有思想) 满意/合格
(内容较完整,有一定意义,观点不够明确) 需要努力 (内容不完整,观点不明确) 一、 内容方面 二、 语言运用方面 请分别统计错误 1. 语言 1. 单词拼写与标点符号错误 _____ 处 2. 主谓搭配错误 3. 动词时态错误 4. 主从句使用错误(句子与句子间缺乏合适的连接词) 5.词性错误 2. 是否连贯 共_____处, 语言运用综合评价_____。

13 Analysis and Presentation

14 “语言运用”评价标准: — 优秀:总共错误1-2处。 — 满意/合格:总共错误3-6处。 — 需要努力:总共错误7处以上。

15 Homework Rewrite your essay independently

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