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1 限定与限定词的搭配关系

2 限定词与限定词之间的不同搭配位置 按其不同的搭配位置,可以分为:
1。前位限定词(predeterminer) 2。中位限定词(central predeterminer) 3。后位限定词(postdeterminer)

3 (一)前位限定词(predeterminer) 包括以下单词:
All ,Both,Half,Double.Twice,Threetimes,One-third Two-fifths,What,How,such(a/an),this,that 从这些前位限定词,我发现它们包括了: 序数词 :One-third ,Two-fifths 倍数 :Half,Double.Twice,Threetimes 不定限定词: all ,both ,half :What , such (a/an)

4 Example: 1.Half the building was in flames. ( 2.All my other patient are fine. 3.Both the boys are at the cinema. 4.Half this lecture. 5.Such a beautiful girl. Such 当它与A /AN连用时,是前位限定词

5 (二)中位限定词 (central Determiner ) 包括以下单词:
An,the,zero,this,that,these,those,my,your,mary’s ,my friend’s,some,any,no,every,each,either,neighter,enough,what(ever),which(ever),whose.

6 从这些中位限定词,我发现它们包括了: 定冠词:an ,the ,zero 指示限定词:this,that,these,those
名词属格:my friend’s,mary’s 不定限定词:some,any,no,every,each,either,neither,enough 疑问限定词:what(ever),which(ever),whose 物主限定词:my ,your,his,our.

7 Example: 1.Those last few months. 2.All the four. 3.all these last few days 4.Some such alloy(合金) 5.such a misfortune

8 (三)后位限定词 (post Determiner ) 包括以下单词:
基数词:one,two,three 序数词:first,second,third 量词:many,much,(a)few,(a)little,fewer,(the)fewest,less,(the)least,more,most,plenty of,a lot of,lots of ,agreat number of,a great/good day,agreat quantity of ,ect 不定限定词:,other,another ????:next,last

9 example 1.All the four teachers. 2.All these last few books.
3.Some such alloy 4.a lot of these houses round here. 5.he has been staying at home all these last few days. Such是有一定特殊性。 与其他限定词搭配时(some, any,no,all,few`````)一律放 在其后。成为后限定词。 与a/an,搭配时,成为前位 限定词。

10 前位限定词之间,中位限定词之间是互相排斥的。不能在一个中心词前同时使用两个中、前位限定词。
比如: 我的那本书:my that book (*—*)NO That book of mine \(^o^)/YES!

11 后位限定词可以重叠使用。。。。 例如:last few months Several hundred guests
His last two book The first two chapters Two more sheets. The next few weeks. Many more copies. A few more samples. Another tewnty tons.

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