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New Concept English 新概念英语

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1 New Concept English 新概念英语

2 Lesson22 B答案: Give me a+第一个单词please. Which one? This +( )内的单词?
No, not this +( )内的单词. That +最后的 单词。 Here you are. Thank you.

3 Lesson24 A答案: her them him me me us B答案: Give me some +第一个单词 please.
Which ones ? These ? No, not those. The ones on the 最后一个单词。

4 Lesson24 语法重点: 1.There be 句式,表示某处有某物。 There is 表示单数,there are 表示复数。
例如:桌子上有一本书。 eg: There is a book on the desk. 例如:公园里有许多的花。 eg: There are many flowers in the park.

5 Lesson25 2. on the left 在左边 on the right 在右边 right 的其他含义:对的。
3. cook 和 cooker 的含义 cook 表示 厨师,炊事员。 cooker 表示炉子

6 Lesson25 in the middle of 在…..中间(特指在两者之间) 玛丽坐在李明和汤姆之间。
Mary sits in the middle of Liming and Tom. a 与 the 的区别。 a 是不定冠词 是泛指的含义,the是定冠词是特指某物。

7 Lesson26 Where is it? 它在哪? where 是疑问词表示询问地点 Where are you from? 你来自哪里?
I am from China . 表示地点的介词 介词 in 表示在…..里面 介词 on 表示在…..上面

8 Lesson26 A答案: 1.a The 2. The 3. a the the 4. a the B答案:
There is a + /前面的短语。 The +第一个单词+is+最后一个单词 1.There is a cup on the tale . The cup is clean.

9 Lesson28 Where are they? 它们在哪? A答案:
1.There are some pencils on the desk. 2.There are some knives near that tin. 3.There are some policemen in the kitchen. 4.There are some newspapers in the living room. 5.There are some keyboard operators in the office.

10 Lesson28 B答案: Are there any 第一个单词+第一个词组?
No,there aren’t any第一个单词+第一个词组 There are some +第二个的单词 Where are they? They are +第二个词组

11 Lesson28 1.Are there any books in the room?
No ,there aren’t any books in the room. There are some magazines in the room. Where are they? They are on the television.

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