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Present perfect tense --- What are you doing now? --- I __________(play) computer games. --- What a bad boy! Do your homework. --- I have ______finished.

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2 Present perfect tense

3 --- What are you doing now? --- I __________(play) computer games. --- What a bad boy! Do your homework. --- I have ______finished it. I need to have a rest now. --- Why not drink something to have a rest? ---- No, thanks. I have _____drunk some. am playing 已经 刚刚 already just

4 The boy is very unhappy because he ____ just _______ (drop) his wallet. has dropped

5 The bear is walking so happily now because his mother and father ____ already _____ (find) delicious food for him. have found

6 The pig is crying sadly now because his brothers ______ just ______ (break) one of his teeth. have broken

7 ---Would you like some bread? --- No, we _____just _____(eat)a lot of bread. I don’t want any now. have eaten

8 1. I have already finished it. I need to have a rest now. 2. The boy is very worried because he has already dropped his wallet. 3. He is walking happily now because his mother and father have already found delicious food for him. 4. He is crying sadly because his brothers have just broken one of his teeth. Things that started in the past and still have connection with the present. 与 …… 联系 现在完成时表示过去发生的动作或事情对现在的影响 或产生的结果.结果

9 一. 现在完成时的含义 (What) 表示过去已完成的动作对现在产生的影响, 常与 “already” 、 “yet” 、 “just” 等连用; e.g. We have just finished the report. 也可表示过去发生动作持续到现在,常与 “since” 、 “for” 等连用。 e.g. I have lived here since I was born.

10 二、现在完成时的构成 We have lived in Beijing since we were born. He has already had his lunch. I have just finished my homework. 2 现在完成时的否定句 1 现在完成时的肯定句 句型 主语(第一、二人称单、复数) +have 主语(第三人称复数) +have + 过去分词 主语(第三人称单数) +has 句型 主语 +have/has+not+ 过去分词 +…… I have not seen the movie yet. He hasn’t been to Beijing since then. She hasn’t eaten it. They haven’t finished the work.

11 3 现在完成时的一般疑问句 句型 Have/Has+ 主语 + 过去分词 +…. Have you finished the work? Has she arrived here? Have they eaten supper? 4 现在完成时的特殊疑问句 句型 特殊疑问词 +have/has+ 主语 + 过去分词 +……. How many times have you been to the Great Wall? How long have you known each other? What have you finished recently? Yes, … have/has. No, … haven’t/hasn’t. Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t. Yes, she has. / No, she hasn’t. Yes, they have. / No, they haven’t. Useful expressions: already, yet, ever, never, just,recently, for, since

12 三、过去分词的构成 原形过去分词原形过去分词 travelvisit movestop stayfinish ownshop learnrepair travelled moved stayed owned learned visited stopped finished shopped repaired A 规则动词的过去分词

13 B 不规则动词的过去分词 原形过去分词原形过去分词 thinkput catchcost givegrow makehurt writerun thought caught given made written put cost grown hurt run

14 原形过去分词原形过去分词 feelbring fallwear flysing haveforget drinkkeep felt fallen flown had drunk brought worn sung forgotten kept

15 Complete the sentences using the present perfect tense. 1. They ____________(finish) their homework. 2. Mr and Mrs Li ____________(not come) back yet. 3. John __________(play) this computer game a few times. 4. We ____________(not see) that film yet. 5. Mr Dong ____________(repair) over ten bicycles since last Monday. 6. You _____________(not visit) me for a long time. haven’t come have finished has played haven’t seen has repaired haven’t visited

16 用正确时态填空 1.Hurry up! Lunch ________already _________(begin). 2.________ he ever _________(ride) a bike? 3.Liming ________(hurt) his arm last week. He ________ already ________(stay) in bed for five days. 4.Yesterday, she ________(buy) one book in the bookshop. She ___________ (not read) it since then. 5.I ________already _________(lose) my pen. _________(buy) it two days ago. 6. He ___________ (wait) for an hour. 7. I ________________ (not finish) the work yet. 8. ___________ you ________ (know) him since then? has waited haven’t finished Haveknown hurt hasbegun Hasridden has stayed bought hasn’t read have lost bought

17 9. We ___________ (be) there many times in the past 3 years. 10. How long ________ you__________ (stay) at home already? 11. He ___________ (not read) the book before. 12. I ___________ (hear) from my brother recently. 13. Her sister _________ (go) to Changchun. She______ (leave) this morning. 14. He ___________ (live) in his hometown since he left here. 15. The writer ______________ (finish) several story- books since 1990. have heard have been have stayed hasn’t read has gone left has lived has finished

18 一般过去时与现在完成时有一些明 显的时间状语。 遇到 yesterday, Last year, in May, in+ 过 去某一年, two days ago, the other day, just now 等就用一般过去时 当有 over these years, in the past/ last few days( 在过去 / 最近的几年里 ) , since 接过去时间状语或过去时的句子等常用 现在完成时

19 现在完成时和一般过去时 He ____________(work) in our school for one year. He ______(come) to our school last year/in 2002. They _______________(cook) the supper already. They ___________ (cook) the supper half an hour ago. has worked came have cooked cooked

20 现在完成时的时间副词和时间短语 : 1. 副词 already 和 yet 。 already 一般用于肯定 句中, yet 一般用于否定句和 疑问句中。 如 : We have already finished our homework. 我们已完成作业了。 They haven't finished their homework yet. 他们还没有完成作业。

21 当在肯定陈述句中含有 already 或 just 时,在 转换成否定句或疑问句时,要把句中的 already 或 just 去掉,在句末加上 yet. I haven’t seen the film yet. ● I have done my homework already. I haven’t done my homework yet. ● Mother has just cleaned the house. Mother hasn’t cleaned the house yet. ● I have seen the film already.

22 - I have never been to the Great Wall. 我从未去过长城。 2. 副词 ever 和 never 。多用于否定或疑问 句中,表示 “ 曾经 ” 或 “ 从未 “ 等。 如 : - Have you ever been to the Great Wall? 你曾经去过长城吗 ?

23 He has just eaten ten apples. 他刚吃完十个苹果。 3. 用 just 表示到说话时为止的时间状语, 如 : I have just seen her, but I don’t know where she is now. 我刚看见她,但我不知道她现在在哪。

24 5. 表示动作或状态从过去开始一 直延续到现在甚至将来 I have lived here for twenty years. She has moved to Beijing since she was born. They have changed a lot over these years.

25 标志词: for + 一段时间, since+ 过去的时间点, over these years, so far, in the past/last …years We __________ (learn) English for three years/ since two years ago/since 2000. Mr. Green _________ (be) in China these years. They ____________(write) 15 songs so far. The population ____________ (grow) more slowly in the past ten years. have learned has been have written has grown

26 ( )1. I have finished my homework ____. Have you finished your homework ____? A. yet, yet B. yet, already C. already, yet D. already, already 单项选择 :

27 ( )2. I haven’t seen Kate ____ 4 months. A. Already B. since C. for D. yet ( )3. He has ____ seen the film Harry Potter. So he knows nothing about it. A. already B. ever C. never D. yet

28 ( ) 4. She has been ill in bed ____ two days ago. A. since B. in C. during D. for ( )5. — Have you seen him ____? — No, I haven’t. A. already B. never C. ever D. recently

29 ( )6. I have ____ watched a wonderful film. It’s really interesting. A. yet B. just C. just now D. never

30 ( )7. Mike ____ the bookshop. I have to wait for him. A. went to B. was in C. has been to D. has gone to

31 ( )8. — Oh, Mrs King, your dress looks very nice. Is it new? — No, I ___ it since two years ago. A. had B. bought C. have had D. have bought

32 ( )9. — ___you __a ticket for the football match? — Not yet. A. Is, bought B. Are, bought C. Has, bought D. Have, bought

33 ( )10. — What a nice dog! How long have you had it? — __two years. A. For B. Since C. In D. Before ( )11. Great changes ____in China since 1978. A. was happened B. have happened C. have been happened D. happened

34 ( )12. Tom ______a lot of friends since he came to China last year. A. made B. makes C. is making D. has made ( )13. “The World Without Thieves” is a very moving film. I ___ it twice already. A. will see B. saw C. see D. have seen

35 ( )14. They ___ since the factory opened. A. have worked there B. have worked here C. worked there D. worked here ( )15. — Lucy, __ you ___ your ticket? — Not yet. A. did, find B. have, found C. has, found D. do, find

36 ( )16. — What are you going to do this Saturday? — I ____ yet. A. haven’t decided B. won’t decide C. am not decided D. didn’t decide

37 1. He ______________ (not finish) the homework yet. He will try to finish it quickly. 2. My family ________ (live) in Nanjing since 1996. 3. _____ you ______ (know) him since then? More practice hasn’t finished has lived Haveknown

38 4. They _____ already _______ (decide) to go to Kunming for the holiday. 5. We ___________ (move) to the new flat since last month. 6. The girl __________ (learn) English for about two years. havedecided have moved has learned

39 7. My father went to Beijing two weeks ago. I____________ (not see) him since then. 8. ____ Tom _______ (write) letters to you recently? 9. Jack’s mother isn’t at home. She ________ (go) to the supermarket. 10. The film ________ (be) on for about 20 minutes. We missed the beginning. haven’t seen Haswritten has gone has been

40 has been to 和 has gone to 的区别 has been to 表示 “ 曾经去过 ” 说明所提及的对象一 回到说话地点 has gone to 表示 “ 去 ……” 说明所提及的对象不在 说话地点。如: I’ve been to Beijing for many times. 我到过北 京很多次了。 Tom has gone to Beijing and will come back next week. 汤姆已到北京去了,下星期才回来。

41 have/has gone to… have/has been in … have/has been to… 1.A: Where’s Jim, Li Lei? B: He ______________his school library. 2.The Greens _____________China for three years. We _____________the Great Wall twice. It’s very beautiful. has gone to have been in have been to B A A B B stay A

42 她以前曾去过上海。 She has been to Shanghai before. 他在上海 10 年了。 She has been in Shanghai for ten years. 他去上海了。 He has gone to Shanghai.

43 1. Remember the use of present perfect tense. 2. Preview the next lesson. Homework

44 Bye-bye!

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