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English Riddles and Brainteaser. What do you call a deer 鹿 with no eyes? No-eyed deer (No idea.)

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1 English Riddles and Brainteaser

2 What do you call a deer 鹿 with no eyes? No-eyed deer (No idea.)

3 Which day of the week are vampires 吸血鬼 most afraid 害怕 of? Sunday

4 What are the first 4 letters of alphabet 英文字母 ? A-L-P-H

5 What table doesn't have legs? Timetable 時間表 Vegetable 蔬果 Comfortable 舒適 Countable 可數的

6 If a rooster 公雞 sits on top of a farmhouse 農舍 and lays an egg 下蛋, what side 邊 will it fall off 落 下 ? Roosters don ’ t lay eggs.

7 Q6 What kind of bank 銀行 does Dracula 吸血鬼德古 拉 go to? Blood bank. 血庫

8 Why did the boy throw 丟 the butter 奶 油 out the window? He wants to see the butterfly.( butter fly )

9 Johnny ‘ s mom has 3 children 小孩. Two were named April 四月 and May 五月. What is the last 最後 child ’ s 小孩 name? Johnny

10 How did a telephone propose to 求婚 her girlfriend? Give her a ring. (call)

11 What day of the week is the best for having fried 炸 的 food? Friday

12 What kind of dog has no tail 尾巴 ? Hotdog

13 When can you run as fast as a horse? Sit on the horse.

14 When is a blue book not a blue book? When it is read(red). (read 的被動是念成 red).

15 In “ CHOCOLATE ”, there are three things to drink. What are they? Cocoa, cola and tea.

16 What goes up 往上 but never comes down 往下 ? age

17 What is always coming but it never arrives 到達 ? tomorrow

18 I jump into the water. What ’ s my job? waiter

19 What has three hands but only one face? clock

20 Why is the heat faster than the cold? You can catch a cold.

21 How to make seven even 平分 ? Delete 刪掉 S.

22 What always comes down but never goes up? River

23 If you throw 丟 water out of the window what can you see? waterfall 瀑布

24 How can you tell there's an afterlife for lawyers? They lie still. 他們繼續行騙 ( 躺著 ) 。 >>> 解析 : lie 有二義:騙人;躺著。

25 What has nothing but a head and a tail? 什麼東西只有 頭與尾? a coin 銅板 >>> 解析 : 銅板正面稱 head ,反面稱 tail ,其他什麼都沒有。

26 Why is an empty purse always the same? 為什麼 空包包總是一樣的? There is no change in it. 因為裡面 沒有零錢 ( 變化 ) 。 >>> 解析 : change 有「零錢」及「變化」 之意。

27 Where does Thursday come before Wednesday ? 在什麼地方星期四會來在 Wednesday 之前? In a dictionary ! 在字典裡! >>> 解析 : 字典裡的生字是依字母排列的。

28 You are in a room with no window and door, and you have one baseball bat and a baseball. How can you get out off the room? You throw 3 times of ball, and you miss them. Then you are ” OUT ”.

29 What letter in the alphabet can travel the greatest distance? The letter "d". >>> 解析 : 因為它在世界 (world) 的最終 處。

30 A goat calls an eagle, What will eagle say? 答案 : 陽奉陰違 { 羊 phone 鷹 " 喂 "}

31 which room is the smallest? mushroom

32 What is the difference between here and there? T

33 If you hit your head with a pineapple or a watermelon, which will hurt more? Your head

34 What doesn't ask question, but needs to be answered? telephone

35 What keys won't open doors? monkey donkey turkey

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