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广德二中2006届高考 英语专题复习 单项填空 答题指导.

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1 广德二中2006届高考 英语专题复习 单项填空 答题指导

2 近几年高考 单选命题趋势

3 近几年的NMET单项选择填空题的命题原则是:“突出语境,强化语意,强调运用”。它属于英语基础知识的考查范畴,但随着近年来试题的改进和发展,此项目中明显地增加了学科能力的测试内容,也即是说,试题不仅要求考生具有一定的英语语法知识和词汇知识的记忆、理解、掌握和运用的能力,而且要求考生能根据题干所给的语境条件,进行分析、对比并能灵活地运用各项英语基础知识。由于高考是选拔性的测试,所以单项填空题有一定的难度,这使得考生在此类题目上费时较多又得分率不高。

4 因为它是整个试卷中的“门面”,虽然 所占分值不高,但对教学具有明显的 导向作用。它侧重对基础知识进行考 查,但不是对基础知识简单记忆能力 的考查,也不是孤立的考查。强调了 语境和语用。全国高考试题的单项选 择题多年来一直遵循着这一原则,高 考英语语言知识试题的考查突出了语 法必须有语言丰厚的文化背景作为基 础进行考查的特点。

5 2006年高考 单选命题趋势

6 单项填空试题应该是对基础知识进行检测的试题,基础知识题在试题中应该占一定的比例,特别是根据形势需要,试题降低了一定难度的情况下,但是几乎所有的基础知识题的设置都有一定的语境,或需要参照一定的语境,而不是对基础知识孤立的考查。试题设计坚持语境化命题原则,纯语法规则的试题减少,考查英语能力、理解能力及逻辑推理能力的试题增加;知识覆盖面广,同时突出语境,注重对学生综合知识的考查。 高考英语语言知识试题的考查突出了语法必须有语言丰厚的文化背景作为基础进行考查的特点。

7 做单选题应 具备的能力

8 一、记忆、理解和灵活运用英语 中习惯用语的能力
二、基础词汇的辨析能力 三、语法词汇知识在具体语境中 的辨析和灵活运用能力 四、正确分析句子结构的能力 五、排除思维定势干扰的能力 六、捕捉句中隐含信息的能力

9 命题常用手段 1 创设语境 2 设置干扰 3 思维定势 4 汉英差异 5 曲折表达 Ex. 1)打乱句型 2)插入语干扰
3)标点干扰 )省略句干扰 命题常用手段 Ex.

10 1 创设语境法 ---What are you doing?
---I'm _______ the children. They should be back for lunch now. A. looking after B. looking at C. looking for D. looking up

11 1 创设语境法 --Do you have anything ____ .?
--Oh, thank you, I can manage it myself. to do B. to be done C. doing D. do

12 2 设置干扰 打乱句式 The officer gave orders that anyone __a gun should be reported to the police station. A saw take B. seen taking C. seeing take D. seen taken

13 2 设置干扰 ------加入插入语 —We haven’t heard from Jane for a long time.
—What do you suppose ______ to her ? A was happening B. to happen C. has happened D. having happened

14 2 设置干扰 ----标点符号 Everyone was on time for the meeting---_____ Chris, who’s usually ten minutes late for everything. A. but B. only C. even D. yet

15 2 设置干扰 ----省略 --- How long have you been here?
--- _____ the end of last month. A. In B. By C. At D. Since

16 3 思维定势 Not far from the club there was a garden,
___ owner seated in it playing bridge with his children every afternoon. whose B. its C. which D. that

17 3 思维定势 Wang ling was elected ____ all he is the tallest.
A. because B. because of C. for D. as

18 4 汉英差异 When we got to the top of the mountain the sun was rising
____ the east. to B. from C. in D. at

19 5 曲折表达 ----She really sings perfectly.
----Yes, I have never heard ______ voice. A. a good B. a better C. a best D. the best

20 More practice

21 --- You haven’t been to Beijing, have you?
--- _____. And how I wish to go there again! Yes, I have B. Yes, I haven’t C. No, I have D. No, I haven’t 2. Mr. Smith has bought a little house in the country, around ____ some green trees. which is B. it is C. which are D. them are 3. I can hardly imagine so pretty a girl like you ______ boxing. like B. to like C. liking D. to have liked 4. If a book is in English, _____ means slow progress for you. A. as B. which C. what D. that

22 5. She left and on the table is her message: _____ I’ve gone shopping now and will be back at 10:30.
that B. where C. which D. \ 6. If the weather is fine, we’ll go. If ____, _____. not; not B. no; no C. not; no D. no; not 7. You should treat him (in) the way ____ suits him most. that B. in which C. / D. why 8. ---I can’t find Mr. Morris. Where did you meet him yesterday ? ---It was in the hotel _______ he stayed. A. where B. which C. that D. the one

23 Good Luck

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