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Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake? water What’s your favorite drink?

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2 Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake?

3 water What’s your favorite drink?

4 fruit juice

5 green tea

6 ColaSprite

7 wine

8 beer

9 coffee

10 milk shake

11 watermelon mangoes applescherries pears pineapple grapes tomatoes strawberries oranges bananas

12 shake What kind of the strawberry shake mango shake apple shake

13 How do you make a banana milk shake? shake 【美】【口】 奶昔 ( 由牛奶和冰淇淋 等搅制而成的混合饮料 )

14 What ingredients do we need? ingredients blender milk banana ice cream yogurt

15 peel peel a banana peel some oranges peel an apple peel a pear 剥,削

16 cut up cut up the bananas cut it up 切

17 put into put the bananas and ice-cream into the blender 放在 … 里面

18 pour…into… pour the water into the cup pour the milk into the blender 倒

19 turn on turn off turn on/off the blender turn it on/off turn on/off the popper 打开 关上

20 drink a cup glass bottle bowl of milk shake water milk tea 喝

21 peel cut up put…into… pour..into… turn on drink Read the new words

22 Step 1 Peel the bananas. How do you make a banana milk shake?

23 Step 2 Cut up the bananas.

24 Step 3 Put the bananas and yogurt into the blender.

25 Step 4 Pour the milk into the blender.

26 Step 5 Turn on the blender.

27 Step 6 Drink it.

28 1a. Write these words in the blanks. peel cut up put pour turn on drink

29 ___Turn on the blender. ___ Cut up the bananas. ___ Drink the milk shake. ___ Pour the milk into the blender. ___ Put the bananas and ice-cream into the blender. ___ Peel three bananas. 1 2 3 4 5 6 1b. Listen and put the instructions in order.

30 Tapescript A: I’m hungry! Let’s make a banana milk shake. B: How do you make a banana milk shake? A: Well, first peel three bananas. B: Three bananas? A: Yes. Then cut up the bananas. B: OK, I’ve finished. A: Now put the bananas and ice-cream in the blender. Then pour the milk in the blender. B: Is this enough milk? A: I guess so. Next, turn on the blender. Finally, pour the milk shake in a glass and drink it.

31 首先 … 并且 … 接下来 … 然后 … 最后 … Translation And… First,… Next,… Then,… Finally,…

32 A: How do you make a banana milk shake? B: First, peel the bananas. Next, cut up the bananas. Next, put the bananas and yogurt into the blender. Next, pour the milk into the blender. Then, turn on the blender. Finally, drink the milk shake. 1c. Pairwork

33 2a. Listen and complete the chart. How muchHow many yogurtbananas honey watermelon apples oranges That sounds about right!

34 onewatermelon two three one cup Two spoons 2b. Listen again and fill in the form. apples yogurt and orange honey bananas

35 2c. Pairwork A: Let’s make fruit salad. B: OK, good idea. How much yogurt do we need? A: One cup. B: And how many apples do we need? A: Let me think… We need two apples. B: OK, and how much…

36 Anna: Sam, I want to make Russian soup for a party on Saturday. Can you tell me how? Sam: Sure. First, buy some beef, one cabbage, four carrots, three potatoes, five tomatoes and one onion. Then, cut up the vegetables. Anna: What’s next? Sam: Next, put the beef, carrots and potatoes into a pot and add some water. After that, cook them for 30 minutes. Then, add the cabbage, tomatoes and onion and cook for another 10 minutes. Anna: Ok, that’s it? Sam: No, one more thing. Finally, don’t forget to add some salt. 2d role-play the conversation

37 1. How many bananas do we need ? How many 是疑问词, “ 多少 ”, 后面跟复数 名词。 询问多少人或物的句型是: How many + 复数名词 + 一般疑问句。 如: How many boats can you see ? How many apples would you like ? How many books are there on the desk ? Language points

38 2. Turn on the blender . 打开搅拌器。 (1) 这是一个祈使句, 又叫无主句, 表示命令、请求等 语气的句子叫做祈使句。其否定形式是在前面加 上 don’t 构成。 如: Sit down, please. 请坐。 Please don’t sit down . 请不要坐下。 Put it away, please . 请把它拿走。 Please don’t put it away . 请不要把它拿走。

39 (2) turn 作动词时, 表示 “ 转 ( 弯 ); 翻转 ”, 后加介词 短语 / 副词 ( 作状语 ) 。 常见短语: turn on /off 开 / 关 ( 收音机, 电灯等 ) turn in 交出, 上交 turn...into... ( 使 ) 变成, 翻译成 turn over 翻转 如 : Please turn on /off the blender. 请打开 / 关上搅拌器。 Turn in your papers, please. 请把试卷交上来。 Water can turn into ice. 水可变成冰。

40 3. First cut up three bananas, three apples and a watermelon. Finally mix it all up. 以上两句话中的短语 cut up 和 mix up 都是 由 “ 动词 + 副词 ” 构成的。 “ 动词 + 副词 ” 构成的短语, 若其后所接 宾语为名词, 名词可放在副词之后, 也可 放在动词和副词之间 ; 若其后所接宾语 为代词, 代词通常放在动词和副词之间。

41 如: Please mix up the fruits / mix the fruits up. 请将这些水果混合在一起。 We need two apples. Please cut them up. 我们需要两个苹果, 请把它们切碎。

42 4.put…into… e.g. He put some sugar into the coffee. 有用的词组: put away 把 … 放好 put down 放下 put up 举起 put on 穿上 ---- take off 脱掉 put off 拖延

43 练习: 1. Please ______( 剥 ) an orange for your grandma. 2. I want some ________( 蜂蜜 ) in my water 。 3. My mother puts ______ ___________ ( 两勺 ) of honey in it. 4. How do you ________ ( 做 ) the fruit salad? peel honey two teaspoons make I. Complete the sentences.

44 finally then next first A: How do you make fruit salad? B: _______ cut up three bananas, three apples and a watermelon. _______ put the fruit in a bowl. _________ put in two teaspoons of honey and a cup of yogurt. __________ mix it all up. First Next Then Finally II. Write these words in the blanks.

45 Write a passage about how to make banana milk. Useful words: First,… Next,… Then,… Finally,… Homework

46 Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake?

47 What salad do you like to make ? How do you make it?

48 How do you make a banana milk shake? Please recall… First, peel the banana. Next, put the bananas in the blender. Then, pour the milk into the blender. Finally, turn on the blender.

49 Pair works ----How many bananas do we need? ----We need three bananas. ----How much yogurt so we need? ----We need one cup of yogurt, 可数 不可数

50 1. How many bananas do we need ? 我们需要多少香蕉? How many 是疑问词, 表示 “ 多少 ”, 后面需跟复数名词。 询问多少人或物的句型是: How many + 复数名词 + 一般疑问句。 Grammar focus

51 如 : How many boats can you see? 你能看到多少只船 ? How many apples would you like? 你想要几个苹果 ? How many books are there on the desk? 桌上有多少本书 ?

52 2. How much 对不可数名词进行提问, 表示 “ 多少 ”, 后面跟不可数名词。如: — How much honey do we need? 我们需要多少蜂蜜 ? — We need one teaspoon of honey . 我们需要一茶匙蜂蜜。

53 How much rice do you want ? 你想要多少大米? How much money do you have ? 你有多少钱? 注意 : money 是不可数名词。

54 3. 英语中量的表达方法分为三种类型: ① 表示容器的名词 + of a cup of tea, three bottles of milk. ② 表示单位的名词 + of a piece of paper seven piles of rice ( 七堆米 ) ③ 其他词 + of some of the apples

55 4. 可数名词有单数和复数两种形式,如: bananas, tomatoes 不可数名词没有单、复数形式; 可数名词单数前面可用不定冠词 a (an) ; 不可数名词前不能有 a (an) ; 可数名词复数可用 a few, many 等修饰; 不可数名词则用 a little, much 等修饰。

56 询问可数名词的 “ 多少 ” 用 how many; 询问不可数名词的 “ 多少 ” 用 how much. 英语中个体名词是可数名词, 它们所表示的 人或物可以用数来计数。 如: banana, apple, blender, watermelon … 物质名词一般是不可数名词, 它们所表示的 事物不能用数来计数。 如: milk, yogurt, honey…

57 1. How ( much /many) bananas do we need? 2. How (much / many) sugar do we need? 3. How ( much / many) bread do we need? 4. How ( much / many) tomatoes do we need? 5. How ( much /many) cheese do we need? 3a Circle the correct word in each question.

58 First, put the popcorn into the popcorn popper. Next turn on the popper. 3b Complete the questions and answer. Then match them.

59 Next pour the popcorn into the bowl. Then put salt on the popcorn.

60 Finally eat the popcorn.

61 a.Half a cup. b.______, put the corn into the popcorn machine. c. Yes, we can! d. Next, _____on the machine. ______, add the salt. e. Just one spoon. 1.______do you make popcorn? 2.___________corn do you need? 3.______ do we do next? 4.___________salt do we need? 5.Now can we eat it? How How much What How much First turn Finally b a d e c

62 Can you make noodles with beef and tomatoes? First, Next, Then, Finally, cut up the tomatoes and beef boil the noodles add the ingredients to the noodles. add salt to the noodles

63 3c Write how to do one of the following things. Then tell your partner how to do it. plant a tree make beef noodles wash clothes get a book from the library

64 1 、用祈使句表达说话者的要求 : 2 、用 “first, next, then… 等来表达顺序 : Peel the bananas. Pour the milk in the blender. 总结 First, cut up the bananas; then…; next…; last…

65 Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake?

66 Review: Use many or much to fill in the blanks : 1 、 A: How _____ watermelon do we need ? B: We need four pieces of watermelon. 2 、 A: How _____ watermelons do we need ? B: We need four. 3 、 A: How _____ oranges do you need ? B: Two. 4 、 A: How _____ orange do you need ? (小心) B: Two cups. 5 、 A: How _____ are the shoes ? B: Ten yuan. much many

67 butter 黄油 a slice of butter

68 bread 面包 a piece of bread

69 two slices of bread bread

70 relish a teaspoon of relish

71 lettuce some lettuce

72 cheese

73 onion an onion

74 tomato a tomato

75 Sandwich [c] n : two pieces of bread with cheese, meat, vegetables, cooked egg, etc between them.

76 1a Make a list of the things you like in a sandwich. I like ____________________________________ _____________________________________ tomatoes and lettuce, but I don’t like butter or onion.


78 1b. Pairwork A: Do you like lettuce in sandwiches? B: Yes, I do. A: Do you like tomatoes? B: No, I don’t.

79 1c. Listening and circle the words that you hear.

80 1d Listen and write the ingredients in the order. FirstNextThenFinally butter a slice of bread tomato onion cheese lettuceanother slice of bread

81 1e. Pairwork A: First, put some relish on a slice of bread. B: How much relish? A: About one teaspoon.

82 2a What kind of traditional food do people eat on special holiday in China? dumplings moon cakes zong zi laba porridge yuan xiao

83 How do you make a turkey sandwich? Put some relish on a slice of bread. First

84 Cut up one tomato. Put the tomato on the bread. Next

85 Cut up an onion. Next

86 Add two slices of turkey. Next

87 Put two teaspoons of relish on the turkey. Then

88 Finally

89 2e What do you think is the most special day in China? Answer the following questions. 1.When is this special day? 2.What are the reasons for this special day? Do people give thanks for anything on this day? Do people remember anything or anybody on this day? 3.How do most people celebrate this day? 4.Is there any traditional food? What are the main dishes? 5.Can you make these dishes?

90 Thanksgiving in the United States In most countries, people usually eat traditional food on special holidays. A special day in the United States is Thanksgiving. There are many reasons for this special day. For some people, it is a time to give thanks for food in the autumn. So it is always on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States. At this time, people also remember the first travelers from England who came to live in America about 500 years ago. These travelers had a long, hard winter, and many of them died. In the next autumn, they gave thanks for life and food in their new home. These days, most 2b Read the article. Thanksgiving 感恩节 也作: Thanksgiving Day 美国的感恩节一般在 11 月的第四个礼拜。 traditional adj. 传统的;惯例的 tradition n. 惯例 ; 传统 remember v. 回忆起;回想起;记起 traveler n. 旅行者;旅客 travel v. 旅行

91 Americans still celebrate this idea of giving thanks by having a big meal at home with their family. The main dish of this meal is almost always turkey, a large bird. Making a turkey dinner Here is one way to make turkey for a Thanksgiving dinner. First, mix together some bread pieces, onions, salt and pepper. Next, fill the turkey with this bread mix. Then, put the turkey in a hot oven and cook it for a few hours. When it is ready, place the turkey on a large plate and cover it with gravy. Finally, cut the turkey into thin pieces and eat the meat with vegetables like carrots and potatoes. celebrate v. 庆祝;赞美 fill…with… 装满;充满 cover…with… 覆盖

92 Then number the pictures 3 2 415

93 2c Read the article again and answer the following questions. 1. Where do people celebrate Thanksgiving? 2. Why do people celebrate it? 3. When do people celebrate it? 4. How do people celebrate it now? 5. What is the main dish of the Thanksgiving meal? In the USA. On the fourth Thursday in November. They give thanks for life and food in their new home. By having a big meal with their family at home. Turkey.

94 2d Here are the instructions for making a turkey dinner written in a different way. Put them in order. Write First, Next, Then and Finally. _______, serve it to your friends with some other food. _______, put this into the bird. _______, cook it at a very high temperature for a long time. _______, put everything you need together in a large bowl. Finally Next Then First

95 3a Read the recipe below and fill in the blanks with the words in the box. cook next wash finally have enjoy first cut Yunnan Rice Noodles In Yunnan, many people eat rice noodles for breakfast, and even for lunch and dinner. To make this special food, you need to _________ rice noodles, chicken soup, chicken, lettuce and eggs. (Of course, you can also have other things like fish and different vegetables.)_________, _________ the lettuce and cut it up.________, ________the chicken into pieces. have First wash Next cut

96 Then, make the chicken soup very hot, over 100 ℃. Then,_______ the eggs, meat and lettuce in the pot of hot soup, one by one.________, put the rice noodles into the soup. Now, it’s time to ________ the rice noodles! Finally enjoy cook

97 1. Do you like lettuce in sandwiches? 你喜欢吃莴苣三明治吗 ? (1) like v. 喜欢 like sth. ( 接名词或代词 ) 喜欢某物 like to do sth. ( 接动词不定式 ) 喜欢做某事 Explanation

98 like doing sth. ( 接 V- ing 形式 ) 喜欢做某事 like sb. to do sth. ( 接复合宾语 ) 喜欢某人做某事 如 : How do you like the weather here? 你觉得这里的天气如何 ?

99 Do you like to play football? 你喜欢踢足球吗 ? I like reading very much. 我非常喜欢读书。 Teachers always like their students to ask questions. 老师们总是喜欢学生们问问题。

100 (2) like prep. 像, 与 …… 一样 词组 : look like ( 看起来像 ) ; be like ( 像 ) He looks like his father. 他长得像他爸爸。 What’s your new teacher like ? 你们的新老师怎么样?

101 2. Put some butter on a slice of bread. a slice of 量词, 一片 如 : How many slices of roast beef would you like? 请问你要几片烤牛肉 ? There are several slices of bread. 有几片面包。

102 slice 也可用作动词, 意为把 ( 面包等 ) 切成薄片, 常与 up 连用。 如 : She sliced up a loaf for us. 她把面包切成薄片给我们吃。 Please slice beef thin. 请将牛肉切成薄片。

103 3. Add these to the sandwich. add 做动词为 “ 加 ” 的意思。在本句中的 结构是 : add sth. to sth. 将 …… 加在 …… 里。 Will you add more sugar to your coffee? 你的咖啡要多加些糖吗?

104 Please add my name to the list. 请在名单上加上我的名字。 add 也可与 to 合用 : add to … 增加的意思。 如 : The news added to his anxiety. 这个消息增添了他的忧虑。

105 4. In most countries, people usually eat traditional food on special holidays. 在大多数国家,人们通常在特殊的节日里吃传统食物 此处的 holiday 表示 “ 节日 ” ,而非 “ 假期 ” 的意思,指国 家法定的公众性 “ 节日;假日 ” 如: Christmas is the most important holiday in Western countries. 圣诞节是西方最为重要的节日。 holiday 也有 “ 假期 ” 之意,在英国比较多用,美国则用 “vacation” 如: Will you take a holiday next week? =Will you take a vacation next week? 下周要休假吗? The school holidays( 美 vacation) start tomorrow. 学校明天开始放假。

106 3c Write a recipe for your favorite food I like ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ____________________________

107 4 Make up a crazy recipe with your partner. Then tell another pair of students how to make this crazy food. The other pair will draw it. First, put some yogurt on a piece of bread. Then, cut up one apple and an onion and put them on yogurt…

108 Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake?

109 How many apples/oranges/bananas… do you need? I need three apples/oranges/bananas... How much yogurt/water… do you need? I need one teaspoon/cup of it. How many /How much Have a review

110 1 、 How many + 可数名词复数形式 + ------- ? eg. How many students are there in our class? There are sixty one./ sixty one. 2 、 How much + 不可数名词 + ------- ? eg. How much water do you drink every day? I drink five glasses./Five glasses. ( 注:回答不可数名词量多少时,数词后一定要有容器量词 ) eg. a cup of tea two glasses of water three pieces of paper four teaspoons of cinnamon

111 A: How many bananas are there in the picture? B: There are three./Three. A: How much milk are there in the picture? B: There are two cups./Two cups. A: How many watermelons do you eat every day? B: I eat four./Four. A: How much honey do you drink every day? B: I drink four teaspoons./Four teaspoons. Practice:

112 Group work First …. Next… Then … Finally…

113 First ____ butter on two slices of bread. ______ cut up one ________. Put the tomato on the bread. Next, add two slices of ______. _______ put two teaspoons of ______ on the turkey. turkey finally relish tomato then put Here’s a recipe for a great turkey sandwich! put Then tomato turkey Finallyrelish

114 根据首字母填空 1.Please p____ me an orange. 2.P____the bananas and ice cream into the b_______. 3.C____ up the vegetables and then put them in the bowl. 4.Please t_____ on the blender. 5.How do you make a banana milk s_______? eel ut lender ut urn hake

115 1 Number these instructions for making tomato and eggs soup in the correct order. Then complete the instructions with the words in the box. First Next Then Finally, mix everything together and serve it., cook for five minutes and add two eggs., cut up three tomatoes and put them into a pot., add some water, sugar and salt. 2 4 1 3 Next Finally First Then

116 2 Write questions and answers using the words in brackets. Q: _______________________________________ (how many / eggs / we / need / make /cake) A: _______________________________________ (two) Q: _______________________________________ ( how much / milk / we / need) A: _______________________________________ (three cups) Q: _______________________________________ (have to / add / sugar or honey) A: _______________________________________ (can / add / two spoons) How many eggs do we need to make cake? We need two. How much mild do we need? We need three cups of milk. Do we have to add sugar or honey? Yes,we can add two spoons of honey.

117 finally then next first A: How do you make fruit salad? B: ________ cut up three bananas,three apples and a watermelon. _________put the fruit in a bowl. ________ put in two teaspoons of honey and a cup of yogurt. _______ mix it all up. First Next Then Finally

118 一、选词填空 put turn on cut up pour mix up 1.I need some help. Can you _______ the tomatoes, please? 2. Next you need to _______ the ingredients into a blender. 3. Then _______ hot water into the blender. cut up put pour

119 4. Add some honey and ________ the ingredients. 5. __________ the blender for about two minutes. mix up Turn on

120 1. ___________ hours are there in a day? 2. --____________ is the shirt? --$ 30. 3. ____________ pens do you have ? 4. ____________ butter do you need? How many How much How many How much 二、用 how much 或 how many 填空

121 三、将下列名词归类 yogurt, teaspoon, watermelon, popcorn, bread, banana, hamburger, strawberry, tomato, carrot, water 1. countable nouns _________________________________ _________________________________ 2. uncountable nouns _________________________________ yogurt watermelon popcornbread bananahamburger strawberrytomatocarrot water

122 1. How does he ______ milk shake? A. make B. made C. makes D. do 2. _______ milk do you need? A. How many B. How much C. How often D. How long 3. Turn on the blender _____ about two minutes. A. in B. at C. for D. to A B C 四、单项选择

123 4. Please ___the blender. Let’s taste it. A. turn on B. turn off C. turn up D. turn down 5. Then ____ peppers and ____on the cheese. A. cut up: put them B. cut up; put it C. cut in; put them D. cuts up; put it 6. Pour water ____ the blender. A. of B. into C. on D. up B A B

124 7. How ____ bread do we need? A. many B. long C. often D. much 8.There are ___ and a cup of yogurt. A. two teaspoons of honey B. a teaspoon of honey C. two teaspoon of honey D. a teaspoons of honey D A

125 1. I need some help. ( 否定句 ) I _____ ______ _____ help. 2.We need two teaspoons of honey. ( 划线提问 ) _____ ______ teaspoons of honey _____ we need? 3. Put the pizza on the table. ( 否定句 ) ______ ______ the pizza on the table. How many do Don’t put don’t need any 五、句型转换

126 4. There is only a little water in the bottle. ( 划线部分提问 ) _____ _____ water ___ _____ in the bottle? 5. There are some sandwiches on the plate. ( 改为一般疑问句 ) _____ _____ ____ sandwiches on the plate? Are there any How muchis there

127 Homework What is the correct way to eat Beijing Duck? Look at the pictures for ideas and then write down the instructions.

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