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2012高考英语书面表达精品课件:话题作文6 计划与愿望.

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1 2012高考英语书面表达精品课件:话题作文6 计划与愿望

2 课标解读 计划与愿望包括的内容非常广泛,如:对学习、工作、班级活动、校级活动、团队活动、假期、节日、生日晚会、旅游、做义工等社会活动的具体计划,还包括人生计划、奋斗目标或理想等长远打算。以及表达某种愿望或期待,如理想的大学、理想的专业、理想的大学生活、理想的工作,等等。

3 命题预测 命题者可能围绕以下主题来命题:策划一次班会;打算为爸爸买生日礼物;为假期旅游观光作计划;为庆祝妈妈或老师的生日作准备;我准备将来当老师/医生/商人;今年夏天去看海/山/草地/沙漠;申请组织足球队/篮球赛/舞蹈队/乐队及其理由;向老师/校长/家长寻求建议;和老师或家长谈谈你计划的事情等。以下命题值得关注: (1)口头通知“Going for an Outing”。 (2)某教授来你校作专题报告,请你以学生会主席的身份写一份书面通知,告知报告的时间、地点、内容和具体要求。 (3)请你写一份广播通知,安排暑假的学习任务。 (4)就“理想”这一话题写一篇英语短文。 (5)就“你理想的大学/大学生活/专业/职业”发表看法。

4 必备词句 (1)feel like doing想要做 (2)be prepared to do准备做
(3)decide/ be determined to决定 (4)mean /plan/intend to do计划做 (5)look forward to doing盼望做 (6)have a desire to do希望做 (7)long/hope/wish/want to do渴望/希望/想做 (8)He planned to go abroad for further studies.他计划出国学习深造。

5 (9)So I am determined to meet the challenge. 因此,我准备迎接挑战。
(10)There’ll be a football game in our school this week.本周我们学校有一场足球比赛。 (11)Think twice before you do. 三思而后行。 (12)Great hopes make great man.伟大的抱负造就伟大的人。 (13)Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. 抱最好的愿望,做最坏的打算。

6 专题练析 基础写作:申请参加夏令营课程学习(2009年上海卷改编)
某海外学校举办英语夏令营,开设了如下课程:园艺(gardening)烹饪(cooking) 防身术(self-defence)护理(nursing)。 [写作内容] 假如你是王跃华,写一封申请信,报名参加其中一门课程的学习。主要内容包括: (1)你感兴趣的课程; (2)你期望从这门课程中学到什么; (3)为什么想学这些内容。

7 Dear leader, I am very glad that your school will hold the English Summer Camp that contains many courses, such as gardening, cooking, self-defence, nursing and so on. I want to register to attend a course about gardening because I have liked flowers and grasses since I was a little child. I especially like playing in the garden where I can enjoy the beauty of nature. For one thing, I hope to gain a bit more knowledge of gardening so that it can help me to major in the gardening after attending college.

8 Besides, I can realize the bitterness of the gardeners to treasure the plants much more, and at the same time, I wish to get much more information about gardening so as to study it more easily when I enter university. For another, after graduation from college I will devote my life to cultivating the flowers and grasses to turn our country into a more beautiful state and attract many more foreigners to visit our country. Yours, Wang Yuehua

9 写作任务:做教师 以约120个词就“做教师”这个话题进行议论,内容包括: (1)可以不与社会上各种各样的人交往; (2)在教学中可以不断充实、提高自己; (3)在学生眼中,老师是值得尊敬和信赖的人; (3)不同学生的不同思想可以丰富生活内容; (4)教师的地位会越来越高。

10 读写任务:做教师 I Want to Be a Teacher I dream of being a teacher. I love the job and believe it is the best one in the world. Firstly, I don’t like associating with all kinds of people, which is not safe. Being a teacher, I don’t have to get in touch with the people I dislike. Secondly, I have more chances and time to enrich myself in dealing with my students’ questions. People sometimes need to be pushed to learn new ideas. Thirdly, in students’ eyes, most of their teachers are trusty and respectable and this is what I am after and value a great deal. Lastly, different students have different characters and ideas, from which I can gain benefit for my life. Above all, education would be more and more important, together with the teachers’ position. That’s why I love to be a teacher. (138 words)

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