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Unit 4 Reading (Ⅱ) the story of Xi Wang.

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1 Unit 4 Reading (Ⅱ) the story of Xi Wang



4 Review the structure of this passage
Part One (paragraph 1-3 ) Part Two (paragraph 4-6 ) Part Three (paragraph 7-8 ) The growth of Xi Wang The problems giant pandas meet Open your book, turn to page 60. Read the passage as quickly as you can. We can divide the passage into three parts. Try to find out the main idea of each part. The actions we can take

5 Part One: knowledge points
weigh (v.) – weighed She weighed just 100 grams weight (n.) The weight of … The weight of the panda is just 100 grams. 对重量提问:How much do/does … weigh? What’s the weight of …?

6 Part One: knowledge points
to do sth. start / begin 开始做某事 doing sth. 注意:在表示“ 发动,启动,特别是机器时”只能用start. 例如:start a computer / start a car

7 Part One: knowledge points
eight months later = after eight months 八个月后 两天后 2 days later = after 2 days grow into 长成为 She grows into a beauty. He wants to be a scientist when he grows up. grow up 长大

8 bamboo leaves bamboos bamboo forest bamboo shoots

9 Part Two: the problems giant pandas meet
survive (v.) (1)幸存,活下来,继续存在 . In the accident, only 700 people survived (2)从……中逃出 Mr. Sun survived the fire. 在这场大火中孙先生幸免于难。

10 If hunters catch a giant panda,
knowledge points 重难点 If hunters catch a giant panda, they will kill it for its fur. If farmers cut down trees and forests, giant pandas will have nowhere to live. If 表示“如果”,引导原因状语从句,从句用一般现在时,主语用一般将来时。 If people find baby pandas alone, they will often take them away.

11 1) If you ____ ( talk) in class,
Miss Hu _______ (get) angry. 2) If you _____ (listen) carefully in class, you _________ (learn) a lot about giant pandas. 3) People _________ (not kill) wild animals any more if no one _____ (buy) furs. talk will get listen will learn 在 ‘if’ 引导的条件状语从句中, 用一般现在时表示将来, 主句用一般将来时。 won’t kill buys

12 have nowhere to live 没有地方住 live (vi.) live in sp.
knowledge points 重难点 have nowhere to live 没有地方住 live (vi.) live in sp. (adv). live in a house have a house to live in leave sb. on one’s own 把某人单独留下 =leave sb. alone = leave sb. by oneself

13 encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事
Part Three (paragraph 7-9 ) The actions we can take * make giant panda reserves bigger * build more reserves(保护区) * encourage farmers to leave the giant panda reserves encourage encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事 爸爸经常鼓励我努力学习。 My father often encourages me to study hard.

14 knowledge points 重难点 (be) in danger 链接: 反义词组
(be) out of danger 链接: (be) in trouble 反义词组 (be) out of trouble take the following actions take actions ① protect sb./sth. protect (v.) 保护 翻译: 别担心,我将会保护你 . Don’t be afraid. I will protect you ② protect … from (doing)… 保护… 免受…灾害 例句:他们呆在一起,免受风吹 They stay together to protect themselves from the wind.

15 Additional exercises 1.look like a white mouse her XiWang
3.weigh 100 grams 4 months old 5.start to do 6.go outside her home for the first time 看起来像白老鼠 叫她希望 重 100克 在4个月大的时候 开始做… 第一次走出家门

16 3. drink her mother’s milk 4. for up to 14 hours a day
1. grow into 2. at the beginning 3. drink her mother’s milk 4. for up to 14 hours a day 5. eat bamboo shoots and leaves 6. look after herself 长成 在开始的时候 喝妈妈的奶 直到一天14小时 吃竹笋和叶子 照顾自己

17 Additional exercises 一、用所给词的适当形式填空。 1 When Tom was born, he ________
(weigh) 3 kilograms. 2 We should encourage him _______ (help) his good friend. 3 Now many pandas are in _______ (dangerous). weighed to help danger

18 4 All people should do something.
We should take _______ (act) before it’s too late. 5 It’s __________ (danger) for the children _______ (play) games in the street. 6 The baby panda _______ (look) like a white mouse when she was born. actions dangerous to play looked

19 7 If it rains tomorrow, we ______ (stay) at home.
8 The giant pandas like eating bamboo shoots and ______ (leaf) very much. will stay leaves

20 grew into to It’s encourage to study 二、根据所给中文,完成句子。
1 六年后,他长成一个健康聪明的男孩。 After six years, he _____ _____ a healthy and clever boy. 2 对于教师来说,鼓励学生努力学习是 很重要的。 ____ important for teachers ____ __________ students ____ ______ hard. grew into to It’s encourage to study

21 3 如果你发现落单的小熊猫,你不应该把她们带走。
If you _____ baby pandas ______, you should not _____ _____ _____. 4 许多动物都处于危险中,我们应该行动起来保护它们。 Many animals are ___ _______, we should _____ _______ ___ ______ them. find alone take them away in danger take actions to protect

22 5 八个月后,她不再是小宝宝了。 ____ ___ ____ , she ____ a baby ____ ____ . 6 令人伤心的是,老虎在野外生存很困难。 ____ , it’s ____ ____ tigers ____ ____ in the wild. After 8 months isn’t any more 8 months later sadly difficult for to survive

23 Homework 1 Review this passage 2 完成《学科王》上的相关练习

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