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Lesson 39: Guess My Hero, Danny!

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1 Lesson 39: Guess My Hero, Danny!

2 Warming up Who are your heroes?

3 Who are your heroes?

4 Who are your heroes? 贝多芬 霍金

5 Listening Task: True or False
Li Ming talked about his favorite hero that week. Li Ming did a lot of word puzzles in Canada. Danny liked the words puzzle from Li Ming.

6 Reading Task: Answer the flowing questions
Li Ming wrote to Danny to send him a ________ Whom was Li Ming’s word puzzle for? Danny how long did it take Jenny and Brain to finished the puzzle? Five minutes. word puzzle

7 Language notes This week in class we talked about success. 这周在课上,我们谈论到了成功。 in class在课上,在上课中 We often discuss some interesting problems in class.在课堂上我们经常讨论一些有趣的难题。 【友情提示】: in the class在班里 We usually play crossword puzzles in the class. 我们通常在班里做一些纵横字谜游戏。

8 Earlier this year, I had told Mrs
Earlier this year, I had told Mrs. Liu that I would like to help her teach our English class. 今年初,我告诉过刘老师我想帮助她教我们的英语课。 would like意为“想要”“愿意”,用于礼貌的提出要求或表示愿意提供帮助,后面接名词、代词、to+动词原形,不能加动名词。 We would like a cup of tea. 我们想喝茶。 I would like to go. 我愿意去。

9 like意为“喜欢”“喜爱”,后面接名词、代词、+动词原形或动名词。
We like playing basketball. 我们喜欢打篮球。 Do you like to fly a kite? 你喜欢放风筝吗? want v.要,想要;想得到 want to do sth. 想(要)去干某事 I want to go to Shijiazhuang for my holiday. 我要去石家庄度假。 want sb. to do sth. 要某人做某事 I want sb. to help me. 我需要有人帮助我。

10 I thought about it as I walked to school. 我考虑这个问题,当我步行上学的时候。
think about想,思考 Have you thought about what job you are going to do? 你考虑过准备做什么工作了吗?

11 【特别提示】: think构成的几个词组: think of考虑,关心,想象,记起 I think of it as possible. 我认为这是可能的。 I am thinking of going to university next year. 我在考虑明年上大学。 What do you think of it? 你认为这件事怎么样? think over 仔细考虑,重新考虑 You may think over your own plan. 你可以重新考虑你的计划。

12 I’m sending you the puzzle so you can try to guess who it is
尝试 I don’t know whether I can succeed, but I will try. 我不知道能否成功,但我要试试。 If you can’t do it the first time, please try again. 要是第一次做不成,就请再试一次。

13 vi. 试用;试验 He expressed his satisfaction after he tried the new product. 使用过新产品后,他表示满意。 try to do sth. 尽力做;试图做 The boy tried hard to catch hold of the branch, but failed. 男孩竭力想抓住树枝,但没有抓住。 I will try to get to the meeting on time. 我要尽力按时到会。 try doing sth. 试着做 Why not try doing the experiment in another way? 为什么不试着用另一种方法做这个实验呢?

14 I loved your puzzle. 我喜欢你的字谜。
puzzle n.谜;测试智力的玩具(或问题) It’s a crossword puzzle. 它是一个纵横填字游戏。 A jigsaw puzzle is a picture which has been cut up into bits, and you must make the picture again.拼板玩具是一个被分割的图,你必须再把这图拼起来。 It’s a puzzle where all my money goes each week. 我每星期的钱都到哪去了是一个难解的问题。

15 I hope he will be famous someday.
hope v.希望,盼望 We hope you have a very happy year in our class. 希望你这一年在我们班过得愉快。 【辨析】:hope与wish hope意为“希望”,用于表示实现可能性不大的希望,后面可接动词不定式或从句。

16 He hopes to be a doctor. 他希望成为医生。
I hope he will be well again. 我希望他痊愈。 wish意为“希望”“愿望”,后面接不定式或“代词(名词)+不定式”结构,所表示的希望大体是可能实现的。 The children wish to spend their holiday in the Peoples’ Park. 孩子们希望到人民公园过假日。 We wish you to be happy. 我们希望你幸福。

17 2) someday adv. 将来某时;总有一天
someday(副词)和sometime都表示将来某个不确定的时间。例如: We’ll succeed someday. 有朝一日我们会成功的。 Let’s meet sometime when your schedule permits. 让我们在您允许的某个时候见面吧。

18 【友情提示】: 当some作为形容词修饰或限制一个比较特殊的day或time时(试着两个词用作名词),二者可以分开来用。 Come some day soon. 请尽快在某个时候来吧。 Choose some day that is not so busy. 请选择某个不太忙的日子。

19 I said that this person was born in the same year as they were
person n.人,可以指man, woman和child,其复数形式是persons,用person强调个体数量概念,比较正式,“一个人”应该说:“a person”,不能说:“a people”,两个人则可以说“two persons”或“two people”。 Who is the person you were talking with just now? 刚才同你谈话的那个人是谁? He is a good person. 他是个好同志。 【衔接】: 注意person与people的区别。 people泛指人们,着重指“全体”;the people指人民或确定的“人们”,a people和peoples指民族,种族。 There are some people in the park. 在公园里有很多人。 The Chinese people is a great people. 中华民族是一个伟大的民族。

20 Let’s do it Write a paragraph introducing your mother or father. Tell why you are proud of her or him. Try using these phrases: I’m proud of my mother/father because__________. Once, my mother/father __________.

21 Exercises (改错) I. 单项选择 1. This is a textbook about
African history .____ 2. Some of her paintings are on shows in London this month. _____ 3. There’s going to have a sport meeting next week .___ on show be

22 1.We talked about favourite ________(hero).
II. 用所给词的适当形式填空 1.We talked about favourite ________(hero). 2.She asked me _______(turn) off the light. 3.The vegetables ________(eat) up by the sheep just now. II. 1.heroes turn 3.were eaten

23 Please ________ your watch ________ me. 2. 如果遇上野兽,例如狮子,你该怎么办?
III. 根据汉语提示完成句子 1.请把你的手表给我看看。 Please ________ your watch ________ me. 2. 如果遇上野兽,例如狮子,你该怎么办? What would you do if you met a wild animal—a lion, ________? III.; to 2.for example

24 Thank you Bye-bye

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