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綠色創意伙伴Green Creative Partner

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1 綠色創意伙伴Green Creative Partner
Go Green教材套 綠色創意伙伴Green Creative Partner

2 Introduction to Global Warming and Climate Change
TOPIC 1 TOPIC 1 Introduction to Global Warming and Climate Change 全球暖化和氣候變化的簡介

3 Why are we doing these? 為甚麼我們要這樣做?
Everyday we perform many tasks to protect our environment by recycling, saving water, saving electricity and so on. We do these tasks because we are aware of problems such as climate change or global warming. Address question: What is the difference between climate change and global warming?

4 What is the problem we are facing?
我們面臨甚麼問題? Global Warming 全球暖化 Climate Change 氣候變化 Flooding 洪水 Extreme Weather 極端天氣 Drought 乾旱 Heavy Rain 暴雨

5 Severe Drought in California 美國加洲嚴重乾旱
Severe Drought in California 美國加洲嚴重乾旱 2014 Jan -30 degrees Celsius at Lake Michigan, Chicago 零下30度芝加哥密歇根湖 2013 Mar Tropical Storm Trami in Philippines 菲律賓熱帶風暴潭美 2014 Mar Heavy Rain and Hail in Hong Kong 香港暴雨冰雹侵襲 2014 Feb Haze in Beijing 北京霚霾

6 Global Warming 全球暖化 Definition: increase in temperature around the world mainly due to increase concentration of greenhouse gases 定義: 溫室氣體增加,導致全球溫度上升

7 April, May, June, August & September 2014 are the
hottest months on record ever! 2014年4月、5月、8月和9月是史上最熱!

8 What causes global warming?
甚麼導致全球暖化? CH4 Methane CO2 Carbon Dioxide N2O Nitrous Oxide O3 Ozone 甲烷 GLOBAL WARMING 二氧化碳 氧化亞氮 全球暖化 臭氧 溫室氣體

9 Did you know? 你知道嗎? BUT…但是…
Appropriate amount of greenhouse gases is necessary 適量的溫室氣體是必需的 If greenhouse gases were not present, our earth would be 33 degrees lower and become too cold to live. Greenhouse gases help to trap heat in our atmosphere. 如果溫室氣體不存在的話,地球會比現在低33度,變得不適合生存。溫室氣體有助於將熱能保持在大氣層裡面。 BUT…但是… We have too much greenhouse gases now!!! 我們有過多溫室氣體!!

10 These places could be flooded…
What could happen if global warming continues? 如果全球暖化持續下去會有甚麼發生? These places could be flooded… 以下地方將被淹沒… Possible places that will be flooded if problem continues… Venice 威尼斯 Shanghai 上海 London 倫敦 Venice威尼斯 Los Angeles 洛杉磯 New York 紐約 Taiwan 台灣

11 Contributors to Global Warming?

12 Major Contributors to Global Warming 全球暖化主要元兇
畜牧業是全球暖化的主要元兇,所排放的溫室氣體甚至多於汽車、火車、和飛機的總和。 The livestock industry is the greatest contributor to global warming, emitting more greenhouse gas than all our cars, trucks, trains and planes combined.

13 Carbon Emission from Animals
動物的碳排放 Methane, which is emitted from cows through belching and flatulence has a global warming effect that is 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Animal feces generate nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas with 296 times the warming effect of carbon dioxide.

14 Carbon Emission from Different Foods
不同食物的碳排放 Carbon dioxide equivalent (kg) produced per 1 kg of food Process of food production involves CO2 emission. The carbon footprint of beef or lamb production is 20 times more than production of fruits and vegetables.

15 Turn off Air-Con for 2 Hours
What is the impact of your action? 你的行動有甚麼影響力? Go Green 1 Day 素食1天 Turn off Air-Con for 2 Hours 關掉冷氣2小時 Recycle a Paper 回收一張紙 減少碳排放 4.1公斤 Reduce CO2 by 4.1 kg 減少碳排放 1.4公斤 Reduce CO2 by 1.4 kg 減少碳排放 0.02公斤 Reduce CO2 by 0.02 kg

16 Please finish the worksheet and take me home!

17 End of Topic 1 17

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