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Unit 4 Food Grammar 2.

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1 Unit 4 Food Grammar 2

2 Revision:Fill in the blanks with proper words.
never 1.I can’t ride a bike,so I______go to school by bike. 2._________my mother cooks supper,but today my father cooks. 3.How often do you go to KFC? ________.I go there only once a month. 4.I________do my homework by myself.I don’t like to ask others for help. 5.The principal___________talk at the school assembly on Monday morning. 6.The boys often watch football matches,______the girls seldom watch them. Usually Seldom always sometimes but

3 a knife a tomato knives a glass tomatoes glasses

4 It is in our kitchen.It is a white powder(粉末)and very salty.
a packet of salt

5 2.It is a very popular drink in China.People have it with hot water.
a cup of tea

6 a bowl of soup / su:p / 3.Mother is making a kind of dish.
She needs an egg,a tomato and some water.What dish is it? a bowl of soup / su:p /

7 Tip for countable nouns
1.以y结尾的名词 boy---boys, day--days, holiday---holidays; story---stories, family---families, baby---babies 2.以o结尾的名词 radios,pianos,kilos,zoos,videos,photos mangoes, tomatoes, potatoes

8 Tip for uncountable nouns
a.不和a(an)连用。 b.不用数词数。 c.计量时用a+名词+of+不可数名词的结构。 a glass of juice, two kilos of meat d.前面可以用some,any,a lot of,lots of, much, little,a little,不可以用many,few,a few。 e.作主语时,谓语用单数。

9 Tip a+名词+of+名词的结构也可用于可数名词! a box of apples a basket of flowers

10 Translate the following.
some milk an hour two packets of rice five kilos of meat a few packets of salt a cup of tea three bowls of soup a pot of sweets/sugar/candies two bottles of milk two baskets of fruits 一些牛奶 一个小时 两袋 大米 五公斤肉 几袋盐 一杯茶 三碗汤 一罐糖 两瓶牛奶 一篮水果

11 drinks two cups of green tea.
1、李小姐经常喝两杯绿茶。 2、我妈妈需要买三袋盐。 3、中秋节我们将吃5盒月饼。 4、厨房里有两篮 土豆。 5、他早餐吃几片面包。 drinks two cups of green tea. Miss Li often________________________________. needs to buy three packets of salt. My mother __________________________________. On Mid-Autumn Festival ______________________________________________. we will eat five boxes of mooncakes. baskets of potatoes There are two ____________________in the kitchen. has some slices of bread for breakfast He ______________________________________.

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