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unit4 My Holiday (人教pep)英语课件六年级下册 unit4

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1 unit4 My Holiday (人教pep)英语课件六年级下册 unit4

2 教学目标:1.学生能掌握了解新单词。 2.了解国内外的节日及其起源. 3.了解e-mail.

3 My Holiday 1 New words 2 My holiday 3Exercises
4The holidays in the year 5An 免费课件下载绿色圃中小学教育网

4 The new words 1 interesting 2 delicious 3 dumplings 4 relations

5 The holidays : New year Spring Festival
Women’s Day Tree Planting Day Mothers’ Day Children’s Day Fathers’ Day Teachers’ Day Christmas Day Labor Day National Day Summer Holiday Winter Holiday 免费课件下载绿色圃中小学教育网

6 In Spring Festival we make dumplings, visit our friends,
What did you do on your holiday? In Spring Festival we make dumplings, visit our friends, dance and sing 免费课件下载绿色圃中小学教育网

7 the Mid-Autumn Festival
Mother's Day What did you do on your holiday? 免费课件下载绿色圃中小学教育网

8 My Holiday To: Pigpig @pen pal. com From: Monkey @pen pal. com
Dear Pigpig Long time no see. How are you? I am happy to see your . I also like sports very much. But I like football best. So I usually play football on holidays. I have many holidays, but I like summer holiday best, because I can’t go to work for a long time. I can do many funny things. That’s so much this time. Bye-bye. Best wishes Yours Monkey 免费课件下载绿色圃中小学教育网

9 My holiday I like holidays very much, because I can do many interesting things. Now let me tell you something about my holidays. There are two long holidays: the summer holiday and the winter holiday. On summer holiday I can play football, go hiking and do other things. Swimming is my favourite sport. It is good for your health. On winter holiday is also very funny. There are lots of delicious things to eat, like dumplings and other good food . I can meet my old friends, visit my relations and get much lucky money .But that is not all. There are also two short holidays: one week for National Day, another one week for Labor Day. Do you know other holidays? Tell me about your holidays, please. 免费课件下载绿色圃中小学教育网

10 Exercises 1 Does the writer visit the grandparents on summer holiday?( ) 2 The writer’s hobby is playing football. ( ) 3 The writer often visits relations on winter holiday. ( ) 4 The Nation Day is longer than the Labor Day. ( ) 5 There are five holidays in the text. ( ) × × × × 免费课件下载绿色圃中小学教育网

11 Thank you for reading 免费课件下载绿色圃中小学教育网

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