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“Unit 1 Encyclopaedias” Writing

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1 “Unit 1 Encyclopaedias” Writing

2 【学法指引】请根据以下的图片,预测故事的内容和发生的顺序。
(一)课堂导学 Step 1 Prediction 【学法指引】请根据以下的图片,预测故事的内容和发生的顺序。 Order:__________________________________.

3 Step 2 Picture Talk 【学法指引】根据图片,两人一小组核对故事的顺序并尝试用英语描述每个图片。 Step3 Writing 【学法指引】根据提示完成故事的内容。

4 Dudley goes to dinosaur Park
Picture 1: One day, Sammy (1) _______________ (go, walk) in the mountains. Picture2: He (2)_______________(find,stone). It(3)_______________________ (look like, big egg). Picture 3: He (4) ____________________ (take, home) and (5) ___________________ (put, by, window). One morning, Sammy (6) _______________ (hear, noise). The stone broke open. It was really an egg! A small animal (7) ________________________ (climb out, look at) Sammy. It (8) __________________ (dinosaur). Sammy (9) _________________ (call, "Dudley"). Picture 4:Dudley (10) ________________________. (always, hungry). He ate and ate and grew and grew. Soon he (11)________________ (bigger) than Sammy. went for a walk found a stone looked like a big egg took it home put it by the window heard some noise climbed out and looked at was a baby dinosaur called it “Dudley” was always hungry was bigger

5 Picture 5:A man (12) _____________________________________
(Dinosaur Park, read about) Sammy and Dudley in the newspaper. Picture 6: He phoned Sammy and said, “ Hello, Sammy. This is (13)________________________ (Mr Lee, Dinosaur Park). Come with Dudley and meet the children here. I'll (14) _______________________ (give, 10,000 dollars)." Sammy said, "OK.“ Picture 7:A week later, Sammy (15) ___________________. (get, money). from Dinosaur Park read about Mr Lee from Dinosaur Park give you 10,000 dollars got the money

6 Step 3 Discussion A What did Sammy do with the money? What happened to Dudley later? Write an ending for the story. B. 用80字左右讲述一次参观恐龙模型展的经历。要求意思连贯,语法正

7 时间 上星期六下午 地点 深圳博物馆 参与人员 你和你们班的同学 活动 参观恐龙模型展览 事件 你看到了很多大小不一的恐龙,还看了关于恐龙的电影。 感受 你和你的同学都很兴奋,学了很多关于恐龙的知识。

8 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Possible answer Sammy was happy because he was rich now. That night, he had a dream. He saw a famous thinker from ancient Greece. He said to Sammy, “The way to happiness is to own as few things as possible. Now you should know what to do with the money”. The next day, Sammy gave the money tothe poor. B. Last Saturday afternoon, I went to the Shenzhen Museum with my classmates. We visited the show of the dinosaurs. In the museum, we saw many different dinosaurs, some are big, others are small. We saw a film about dinosaurs too. We felt very excited because we have learnt a lot about the dinosaurs.


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