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Unit7 How much are these pants?

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2 Unit7 How much are these pants?
SectionB (1a-2c) 南漳县长坪中学 朱 显 兰

3 $10 $11 $13 $14 $12

4 $15 $19 $17 $18 $16

5 $29 $21 $20 $ 31 $30

6 1b Write a number next to the correct word below.Which two
rows of numbers are in the wrong place? 在单词的旁边写出相 应的数字,哪两行的数字位置不对? ten___ eleven_____ twelve_____ thirteen_____ fourteen______ twenty-five___ twenty-six___ twenty-seven___ twenty-eight___twenty-nine___ twenty___ twenty-one____ twenty-two___ twenty-three___ twenty-four___ fifteen_____ sixteen_____ seventeen_____ eighteen_______ nineteen_____ thirty____ thirty-one_______ 12 14 10 11 13 Row1 25 26 27 28 29 Row2 20 21 Row3 22 23 24 15 16 17 18 19 Row4 30 Row5 31

7 1a Listen and repeat. 听一听,读一读

8 Number exercises: Practice1: seventeen+three= twenty-two +five=
five +seven = seventeen+three= twenty-two +five= fourteen+sixteen= ten+twenty-one = twelve twenty twenty-seven thirty thirty--one

9 Practice2: Memory game 学生 “one by one”读拼数字 10——39,
读拼正确得一分,看哪一组得分多,该组就是获 胜组. Team 1: Team 2:

10 2a Listen and circle the numbers in 1a that you hear.


12 Task1: Make up conversations
Make your own conversations with your own clothes and school things (10-39) S1: How much is your pen? S2: It’s ten dollars. S3: How much are your shoes? S4: They are thirty-five dollars.

13 Task2: Make a survey Work in groups of four students,fill in the cards and make a survey to find out what their things and prices are, then choose a leader to give a report.

14 Finish English exercises
根据汉意,首字母及所给词的适当形式填空。 1、I have ________( 十五 )books. 2、Her pants_______(be) thirty yuan. 3、Look! The sweater is__________( 39) dollars. 4、Ten and ten is t_________. 5、My bag is twenty- one dollars.(对划线部分提问) ———— ——— is your bag? fifteen are thirty-nine wenty How much

15 ● Summary: In this class,we’ve learned the
numbers and review how much Questions.

16 Homework: 1.Remember the numbers 0-39 after class.
2.Make up conversations about shopping .

17 Thank you for listening!
Welcome to Nanzhang! Bye-bye!

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