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Unit 5 On the beach.

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1 Unit 5 On the beach

2 教学目标 1.能听懂、理解fly a kite, ride a horse, listen to music, collect shells, ride a jet-ski; 2.能认读以上短语并描述图片,能够按照课本要求正确连线。

3 Let’s watch and discuss
Beach Fun What do you like to do on the beach?

4 Revision play football 踢足球 play basketball 打篮球 listen to music 听音乐
watch TV 看电视 go fishing 钓鱼 go swimming 游泳

5 Look and describe

6 Listen and learn fly a kite 放风筝 ride horse 骑马 listen to music 听音乐
play football 踢足球 collect shells 拾贝壳 swim in the sea 在海里游泳 ride a jet-ski 骑水上摩托车

7 Check the answers Lucy, Kate and Betty are flying a kite.
Lily is riding a horse. Bill is listening to music. Three boys and girls are playing football. Three pupils are collecting shells. Jack is swimming in the sea. Mary and Rose are fishing. Carl is riding a jet-ski.

8 Look and act out For Example: A: What are Lucy, Kate and Betty doing?
B: They are listening to music.



11 Summary fly a kite ride a horse listen to music play football
collect shells swim in the sea fish ride a jet-ski 现在进行时:Be+动词ing Someone is flying a kite/ riding on horses/ listening to music/ colleting shells/ riding a jet-ski.

12 Homework: Make dialogues

13 Thank You!

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