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Module 5.

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1 Module 5

2 Module 5 Museums

3 make sure you visit the Science Museum.
Unit 2 If you ever go to london, make sure you visit the Science Museum.

4 Work in pairs. Look at the pictures and talk about the differences between the two museums.

5 the type of the museums the kind of people who go to each museum

6 Reading and vocabulary
The Science Museum in London 英国科学博物馆创始于1857年, 现已成为世界闻名的博物馆之一,既展示天文学、物理学等各个领域的历史收藏品,也展示现代科技产品。该博物馆的一个重要特色是允许参观者触摸或操作一些展品,在亲身体验过程中学习知识。




10 Read the passage and answer the
question. How is the Science Museum different from other museums? It is noisy, and you can touch things and do experiments there.

11 Presentation communications n. (复数)通讯

12 physics n. 物理学

13 chemistry n. 化学

14 dig v. 挖掘; 掘(洞)

15 coal n. 煤

16 X-ray n. X射线; X光

17 experiment n. 实验

18 sand n. 沙; 沙子

19 truck n.卡车; 货车 wheel n. 轮子; 车轮

20 Tony’s favourite museum Your favourite museum
Complete the Tony’s favourite museum column in the table. Tony’s favourite museum Your favourite museum Name Place the Science Museum London

21 Tony’s favourite museum
Your favourite museum Favourite room Opening hours Price the Launchpad 10am - 6pm free Listen to the passage and check your answers.

22 chemistry communications control environment experiment physics X-ray
Answer the questions. Use the words in the box to help you. chemistry communications control environment experiment physics X-ray What can you learn about in the rooms on the second and third floors? We can learn about communications and the environment as well as maths, physics and chemistry.

23 2. What allows you to see inside your body?
X-rays allow us to see inside our body. 3. What can you do in the Launchpad? We can do physics experiments and find out how people travel into space and back again. 4. What can you learn about on the fourth and fifth floors? We can learn about medicine in the past.

24 Language points 1. … if you want to fill a bag with sand,
you have to control a kind of truck on wheels and move it into the correct place. … 如果你想将袋子装满沙子, 你得操控一 种带轮子的运输车, 并把车移动到正确的 位置。

25 fill … with…表示“用……装满……”。
e.g. The teacher filled a bottle with water. 老师在瓶子里注满了水。 control v. 操作; 操纵 e.g. You can control the machine. 你可以操纵那台机器。

26 2. If you compare the medicine of the past
with the medicine of today… 如果你比较一下过去的药物与现在的 药物…… compare… with…表示“拿……和…… 作比较”。 e.g. Mr. Wu likes to compare Class Three with Class Five. 吴老师喜欢拿三班和五班作比较。

27 3. The Science Museum is interesting for
people of all ages. 科学博物馆非常有趣, 可以说老少皆 宜。 of all ages 所有年龄段的 e.g. People of all ages visit the museum. 男女老少都来参观这个博物馆。

28 4. It is my favourite museum in the whole
world! 它是全世界我最喜欢的博物馆! all和whole都可用作形容词, 意为“整个的; 全部的”,但在句中的位置不同。all通常位于定冠词、指示代词及物主代词之前; whole通常位于定冠词、指示代词及物主代词之后 。

29 e.g. All the family / The whole family
enjoy taking vacations. 所有家庭都喜欢度假。 I’m very busy all this week / this whole week. 我整周都很忙。


31 But the Science Museum is different … It is noisy!
Decide what the underlined words in the sentences refer to. But the Science Museum is different … It is noisy! ____________________ the Science Museum

32 2. People talk about what they can see
and do here. _______ _____________________ 3. You can always find something new and have a wonderful time there. people in the Science Museum in the Science Museum

33 Learning to learn When you write, you can use pronouns such as it, he, her, this, there… to avoid repetition. But remember to check whether the reference is clear or not.

34 Complete the passage with it, they
and there. There are a lot of museums in London, and one of the most popular is the British Museum. Thousands of people visit (1)____ every year. (2)_______ they can see lots of interesting things from different times and places. The it There

35 British Museum is very traditional
British Museum is very traditional. Visitors must not make a noise, and (3)_____ must not touch anything or take photos. Entry to the museum is free, so people can visit (4)____ as often as they like. they it

36 Tell us what “it”, “they” and “there” refer to.
it = the British Museum they = people there = in the British Museum

37 根据所给提示将下列汉语句子翻译成英 语。 1. 放风筝在所有年龄段的人中都受欢 迎。(of all ages) Flying kites is popular among people of all ages.

38 2. 我想用书装满箱子。(fill ... with ...) I want to fill the box with books. 3. 他们仔细地比较了第一张地图和第二张地图。(compare ... with ...) They compared the first map with the second one carefully.

39 4. 你能查清楚会议什么时候开始吗?(find out)
Can you find out when the meeting will start? 5. 她会唱歌,也会跳舞。(as well as) She can dance as well as sing.

40 Write a passage about your
favourite museum. Pay attention to the words it, they and there. Complete the Your favourite museum column in the table in Activity 3. Write a passage. Use the table and Activities 2 and 6 to help you. Say:

41 1. Are there many museums in your
city? 2. Which one is your favourite? 3. What is special about the museum? 4. What can you see or do there?


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