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Zephyr - 全球并购交易分析库 BvD系列数据库

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1 Zephyr - 全球并购交易分析库 BvD系列数据库
Comprehensive M&A data with integrated detailed company information BvD系列数据库

2 Zephyr - 全球并购交易库 超过120万笔全球交易信息 每年新增约12万笔交易信息
主要交易类型:收购、首发(IPO)、机构投资者收购(IBO)、杠杆收购(LBO)、合资、合并、计划首发或股票回购(Share Buyback)、私有化······ 目标公司的财务概况等:营业额、折旧及摊销收益(EBITDA)、未扣利息及税金收益(EBIT)、税前利润、净收益(与P/E有关的其他数据)、股东资金、总资产、资本总额······

3 引用过Zephyr数据的出版物 The Daily Post Alternative Assets
Mergers & Acqusitions Magazine Biotechnology Investment Today Sole24ore L’Echo Handelsblatt Going Public – Germany Venture Capital Financial Times Deutschland Finanz Betrib Newsletter Wirtschaft Welt am Sonntag Wall Street Online 人民网(英文版) The Financial Times Newspaper Financial News The Independent Newspaper The Daily Telegraph CFO Europe Magazine The Economist Real Deals – European Private Equity Magazine The Observer Newspaper The Sunday Times Private Equity News Venturedome The Liverpool Post 新华社

4 Zephyr的并购数据来源 Annual Reports Online Electronic News Services –
Incorporated company filings BvDEP company products (20+ million companies globally) BvDEP Ownership database BvDEP Clients 50 + Information Partners of BvD Online Electronic News Services – Factiva & 35,000+sources in 25 languages News Wires SEC filings World Stock Exchanges Corporate web sites VC & Private Equity web sites and submissions Advisors submissions & returns

5 Zephyr 案例操作

6 Zephyr 案例操作

7 Zephyr 案例操作

8 Zephyr案例操作

9 Zephyr案例操作

10 Zephyr 案例操作

11 Zephyr 案例操作

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