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計算機概論 蘇木春 中央大學資工系.

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1 計算機概論 蘇木春 中央大學資工系

2 課程大綱 計算機概論 C programming C++ programming

3 計算機概論 電腦 電腦組裝 資料處理 人機介面 儲存裝置 作業系統 網路與通訊 無線通訊 電腦病毒 密碼學 智慧型系統

4 資料來源 Peter Norton, Introduction to Computers, 歷年來中央資工系之學生報告
J. –S. R. Jang, C. –T. Sun, and E. Mizutani, Neuro-Fuzzy and Soft Computing: A Computational Approach to Learning and machine Intelligence, Prentice-Hall Pub., 1997. 蘇木春 張孝德,機器學習: 類神經網路模糊系統與基因演算法 全華出版社

5 C Programming Introduction to Computers and C++ Programming
Introduction to C Programming Structured Program Development Program Control Functions Arrays Pointers Characters and Strings Formatted Input/Output Structures, Unions, Bit Manipulations, and Enumerations File Processing Data Structures The Preprocessor Advanced C Topics

6 C++ Programming C++ As A "Better C“ Classes and Data Abstraction
C++ Classes: Part II Operator Overloading Inheritance Virtual Functions and Polymorphism C++ Stream Input/Output C++ Templates

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