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543 哦!主,撒冷是袮所建設 Jerusalem is built by Thee, Lord

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1 543 哦!主,撒冷是袮所建設 Jerusalem is built by Thee, Lord
哦!主,撒冷是袮所建設, Jerusalem is built by Thee, Lord 來賜給世上所有蒙恩的罪人, For all the lost sinners who are saved by grace. 一切蒙血救贖,洗得潔淨者, Those who are cleansed and redeemed by Thy blood, 袮都賜給權柄可入她的門。 Can co-me boldly and enter her gate. Silicon Valley Christian Assembly

2 光是她榮耀已足使我羨慕, 何況我主袮是住在她中間, 怎不叫我被吸引注目遠處, 就是不見天時,也在想著天。
Her glory alone hast thrilled my heart, 何況我主袮是住在她中間, And Thou, my dear Lord is dwelling within her. 怎不叫我被吸引注目遠處, O, how my eyes are drawn to gaze upon her, 就是不見天時,也在想著天。 Longing for heaven while here on earth below. Silicon Valley Christian Assembly

3 哦!主,當我每想到撒冷, 我就切切想要看見袮的容顏, 我心盼望我能早日被提升, 好使我能早日依傍袮身邊。
(二) 哦!主,當我每想到撒冷, Whenever I think of you, O Salem, 我就切切想要看見袮的容顏, I long for Thy lovely face to see. 我心盼望我能早日被提升, When shall I be taken up to be with Thee? 好使我能早日依傍袮身邊。 Lord, I may ever on Thy bosom to lean. Silicon Valley Christian Assembly

4 我心真羨慕能早日到新地, 能同所有愛袮的人來愛袮 , 時常歌頌袮的愛無邊無極, 時常記念袮愛捨己的蹤跡。
O, how I desire to dwell in Beulah land, 能同所有愛袮的人來愛袮 , With all the saints adore and worship Thee. 時常歌頌袮的愛無邊無極, Forever sing of Thy unending love, 時常記念袮愛捨己的蹤跡。 Remember Thou came to love and die for me. Silicon Valley Christian Assembly

5 哦!主,我所歡喜和羨慕, 不是紅石綠寶,也非碧玉精金, 我所想念乃是袮 ,愛我的主! 袮是何等可愛,何等傾我心!
(三) 哦!主,我所歡喜和羨慕, O Lord, I desire not precious stones, 不是紅石綠寶,也非碧玉精金, Neither the walls of jasper nor the streets of gold. 我所想念乃是袮 ,愛我的主! But for you, Lord, my beloved Savior, 袮是何等可愛,何等傾我心! How precious and lovely Thou art to my heart. Silicon Valley Christian Assembly

6 我求袮早日成全我的心願, 提接我到袮前,不再有別離; 好叫我與袮同住直到永遠, 常能看見袮,也常能聽見袮。
Lord, take me soon to be with Thee on high, 提接我到袮前,不再有別離; Live in Thy presence and never to depart. 好叫我與袮同住直到永遠, Forever that I may dwell with Thee, dear Lord, 常能看見袮,也常能聽見袮。 Behold Thy beauty and Thy sweet voice to hear. Silicon Valley Christian Assembly

7 天堂是愛,是光,又是詩, 因為有袮在內作中心,並獎賞, 因為有袮自己和袮的豐姿, 才使天堂對我能成為天堂!
(四) 天堂是愛,是光,又是詩, Heaven is love and light and a song, 因為有袮在內作中心,並獎賞, For thou art her center and our reward. 因為有袮自己和袮的豐姿, Thy blest self and Thy glorious beauty, 才使天堂對我能成為天堂! That the heaven be a heaven to me. Silicon Valley Christian Assembly

8 因為有了袮 ,萬物才得更新, 嘆息才成過去,眼淚才會乾, 我心才會滿了安息與歡欣, 主阿,為何袮不早日降郇山?
All creations wilt be renewed, 嘆息才成過去,眼淚才會乾, No more sighing, and tears shall be dry 我心才會滿了安息與歡欣, My heart wilt be filled with thy comfort and joy, 主阿,為何袮不早日降郇山? Oh, how I long that thou come soon and not delay. Silicon Valley Christian Assembly

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