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Welcome to EFCOC 05 . 13 . 2012.

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1 Welcome to EFCOC

2 向我們的王,獻上感謝 祂慈愛直到永遠 因祂愛我,遠超越一切 Give thanks to the Lord our God and King
永遠 - Forever 向我們的王,獻上感謝 Give thanks to the Lord our God and King 祂慈愛直到永遠 His love endures forever 因祂愛我,遠超越一切 For He is good He is above all things V1

3 用祂大能手,伸手救我 祂慈愛直到永遠 使我生命,全煥然一新
With a mighty hand and an outstretched arm 祂慈愛直到永遠 His love endures forever 使我生命,全煥然一新 For the life that's been reborn V2

4 Sing praise Sing praise
歡唱 讚美 Sing praise Sing praise Pre-C

5 Forever God is faithful
神信實直到永遠 Forever God is faithful 神大能不改變 Forever God is strong 神永遠與我同在 Forever God is with us 從永遠 到永遠 Forever forever C

6 從日出之地,到日落處 祂慈愛直到永遠 靠著祂恩典,勇敢邁向前 From the rising to the setting sun
His love endures forever 靠著祂恩典,勇敢邁向前 And by the grace of God we will carry on V3

7 祢的信實廣大,我神我天父 全無轉動影兒,藏在祢心 祢不改變,祢慈愛永不轉移 無始無終的神,施恩不盡
祢的信實廣大 – Great Is Thy Faithfulness 祢的信實廣大,我神我天父 Great is Thy faithfulness o God my Father 全無轉動影兒,藏在祢心 There is no shadow of turning with Thee 祢不改變,祢慈愛永不轉移 Thou changest not Thy compassions they fail not 無始無終的神,施恩不盡 As Thou hast been Thou forever wilt be V1

8 祢的信實廣大,祢的信實廣大 每早晨賜下新豐富恩惠 我一切需要祢手豐富預備 祢的信實廣大,顯在我身
Great is Thy faithfulness Great is Thy faithfulness 每早晨賜下新豐富恩惠 Morning by morning new mercies I see 我一切需要祢手豐富預備 All I have needed Thy hand hath provided 祢的信實廣大,顯在我身 Great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto me C

9 春夏秋冬四季,有栽種收成 日月星辰時刻,循轉不止 宇宙萬物,都為造物主見證 述說天父莫大,信實仁慈
Summer and winter and springtime and harvest 日月星辰時刻,循轉不止 Sun moon and stars in their courses above 宇宙萬物,都為造物主見證 Join with all nature in manifold witness 述說天父莫大,信實仁慈 To Thy great faithfulness mercy and love V2

10 祢赦免我罪愆,賜我永平安 祢的榮光親自,安慰導引 日日加力,更賜我光明盼望 祢所賜的恩愛,永無止盡
Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth 祢的榮光親自,安慰導引 Thy own dear presence to cheer and to guide 日日加力,更賜我光明盼望 Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow 祢所賜的恩愛,永無止盡 Blessings all mine with ten thousand beside V3

11 主耶穌,我救主 你的恩深有誰比 一生一世,我要頌揚 你亙古不變的厚愛 My Jesus my Saviour
諸天頌讚 – Shout to the Lord 主耶穌,我救主 My Jesus my Saviour 你的恩深有誰比 Lord there is none like You 一生一世,我要頌揚 All of my days I want to praise 你亙古不變的厚愛 The wonders of Your mighty love V1

12 安慰者,我靠倚 作我力量,避難所 一息尚存,我要頌揚 永遠述說主恩深 My comfort my Shelter
Tower of refuge and strength 一息尚存,我要頌揚 Let every breath all that I am 永遠述說主恩深 Never cease to worship You V2

13 諸天頌讚,歌頌你的聖名 尊貴,權柄,榮耀歸於我主 高山下拜與大海呼嘯 萬物都要讚美你
Shout to the Lord all the earth let us sing 尊貴,權柄,榮耀歸於我主 Power and majesty, praise to the King 高山下拜與大海呼嘯 Mountains bow down and the seas will roar 萬物都要讚美你 At the sound of Your name C1

14 歡呼頌讚救贖主的作為 我愛慕你,我此生不變改 你所賜予的應許有何能代替
I sing for joy at the work of Your hands 我愛慕你,我此生不變改 Forever I'll love You forever I'll stand 你所賜予的應許有何能代替 Nothing compares to the promise I have in You C2

15 尊貴榮耀君王 在全地之上 願萬民都喜樂 全地都喜樂 主祢滿有榮光 黑暗都躲藏 萬民高聲唱 齊來高聲唱
我神真偉大 – How Great Is Our God 尊貴榮耀君王 在全地之上 The splendor of the King clothed in majesty 願萬民都喜樂 全地都喜樂 Let all the earth rejoice all the earth rejoice 主祢滿有榮光 黑暗都躲藏 He wraps Himself in light and darkness tries to hide 萬民高聲唱 齊來高聲唱 And trembles at His voice and trembles at His voice V1

16 我神 真偉大 歌頌祢聖名 真偉大 全地都看見 我神 真偉大 How great is our God
Sing with me How great is our God 全地都看見 我神 真偉大 And all will see how great How great is our God C

17 昔在永在君王 從今直到永遠 祢從不曾改變 永存在天地間 祢是三一真神 父子與聖靈 真神的羔羊 全能神羔羊
And age to age He stands and time is in His hands 祢從不曾改變 永存在天地間 Beginning and the End beginning and the End 祢是三一真神 父子與聖靈 The Godhead three in one Father Spirit Son 真神的羔羊 全能神羔羊 The Lion and the Lamb the Lion and the Lamb V2

18 祢至聖尊名 配受大讚美 全心歌頌 我神 真偉大 Name above all names Worthy of all praise
My heart will sing How great is our God B

19 Welcome to EFCOC

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