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Area of interaction focus What’s your weekend plan?

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1 Area of interaction focus What’s your weekend plan?
Unit title: 居住条件 How people live? Area of interaction focus Which area of interaction will be our focus? Why have we chosen this? Significant concepts What are the big ideas? What do we want our students to retain for years into the future? Where do you live? Describe one’s living condition, jobs, infrastructure. Exploring grammatical patterns as a way of building and creating language. Language is a foundation for everyday life, human interaction and general learning. Communication with others always depends on some form of language. MYP unit question Where shall we meet? What’s your weekend plan? What is your job?

2 Chapter3 Revision LO: Review learning from Chapter 3

3 Shuffle sentences 一、我喜欢公园,因为公园很漂亮。 二、我在运动中心踢足球。 三、银行在我的左边。 四、我们在哪儿见面?
一、I like the park, because the park is beautiful. 一、我喜欢公园,因为公园很漂亮。 二、I play football at the sports centre. 二、我在运动中心踢足球。 三、The bank is on my left side. 三、银行在我的左边。 四、Where shall we meet? 四、我们在哪儿见面? 五、See you at 11 on Saturday. 五、星期六十一点见。 六、I’m going to the library tomorrow. 六、我明天要去图书馆。

4 Shuffle sentences 七、因为我想学打篮球。 八、这个电影很有意思。 九、那只猫很好玩儿。 十、厨房比客厅大。
七、Because I want to learn to play basketball. 七、因为我想学打篮球。 八、This film is very interesting. 八、这个电影很有意思。 九、That cat is fun (to play with). 九、那只猫很好玩儿。 十、The kitchen is bigger than the living room. 十、厨房比客厅大。 十一、There are many flowers in the garden. 十一、花园里有很多花。 十二、I want to be a doctor in the future. 十二、我将来想做医生。

5 居住条件 How people live LO:
Learn more information about how people live in China

6 城市 City


8 农村 countryside


10 少数民族 minority


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