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翰林第二冊 Unit 4.5 過去式.

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1 翰林第二冊 Unit 4.5 過去式

2 目錄 I. 過去簡單式 II. 過去進行式 III. 比較

3 I. 過去簡單式(1)-表達涵義&搭配詞 功能: 描述過去發生過的事情 e.g. It was a tadpole before. Now
Past----| | >Future 搭配詞: last week, yesterday, the other day, just now e.g. They went to the Louvre last week.

4 I. 過去簡單式(2)-動詞變化 1.字尾加-d或-ed: The rich man counted the eggs.
2.字尾去Y,加 ied: The bird flied over the bridge. 3.不規則動詞變化: He was (be) happy. Claire wrote (write) a letter to her.

5 I. 過去簡單式(3)-句型變化 1. 肯定句: S + was/ were + …; S + V-ed + …
I was a student before. He walked to St. Dominic High School yesterday. 2. 否定句: S + was/were + not + …; S + did+ not +V 原形+ … You were not a teacher before. We did not get to the museum. 3. Yes/No Q & A e.g. Were you there last night?  Yes, I was./No, I wasn’t (was not). e.g. Did you go up the Eiffel Tower?  Yes, I did./No, I didn’t. 4. Wh- Q e.g. Why was she angry yesterday? e.g. Who did Becky meet with a couple of days ago?

6 II. 過去進行式(1)-表達涵義&搭配詞 1. 功能: 描述一件事情/行動在過去確切的某一時候發生
What was Sophia doing at 10:00? She was eating. 10: Now Past / / > Future (確定she was eating) (不確定是否繼續dancing) 2. 搭配詞: at ten o’clock

7 II. 過去進行式(2)-句型變化 1. 肯定句: S + was/ were + Ving …
He was walking to St. Dominic High School yesterday. 2. 否定句: S + was/were + not + Ving … You were not eating chicken. 3. Yes/No Q & A Was May writing a letter? Yes, she was./ No, she wasn’t. 4. Wh- Q. Who was playing the piano?

8 III. 過去進行式-比較(1) 1.用過去式強調已完成的事 ;用過去進行式強調”時間持續”
e.g. I did my homework last night. (功課已做完了) e.g. I was doing my homework last night. (不知功課是否做完了)

9 III. 過去進行式-比較(2) 2. 過去式與過去進行是同時出現在一個句子裡:
e.g. I was watching TV when someone opened the door. 或 When someone opened the door, I was watching TV. Someone opened Now Past | |------>Future I was watching TV (某人敲門這一個動作發生在看電視這連續進行的事情當中)

10 III. 過去簡單式-比較(3) 3. 兩個過去簡單式同時出現,發生次序是前句的過去式先於後句
兩個過去進行式同時出現,表示兩個行動同時進行,或兩件事在過去同時發生 e.g. When I opened the door, the phone rang. Now Past----| | | >Future I opened the door the phone rang e.g. I was talking with my mom while she was singing a song. I was talking with my mom Now Past while | > Future She was singing a song

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