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Area of interaction focus

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1 Area of interaction focus
Unit title: 你家在哪儿 – Where do you live? Area of interaction focus Which area of interaction will be our focus? Why have we chosen this? Significant concepts What are the big ideas? What do we want our students to retain for years into the future? Environment This AoI was chosen so that we can consider how the Chinese environment influences the types of homes and towns that people in China live in. Our environment and culture has a strong influence on where and how we choose to live. MYP unit question What are the similarities and differences between Chinese and English homes and towns?

2 Revision LO: Review Chapter 3

3 你将来想做什么? a)工程师. b)坐公共汽车. 二. 他有几个孩子? c)一个儿子,两个女儿. 三. 你周末要去那儿?
Match the question with the appropriate response. Write out the numbers 1-6 and the letter of the matching sentence. 你将来想做什么? a)工程师. b)坐公共汽车. 二. 他有几个孩子? c)一个儿子,两个女儿. 三. 你周末要去那儿? d)图书馆和运动中心. 四. 你怎么去邮局? 五. 火车站在哪儿? e)我家住在日本. f)在公园左边. 六. 我住在英国, 你呢? EXT: What other questions can you think of using the vocabulary from Chapter 3?

4 阅读 – P.53, ex. 5 EXT: Answer Joel’s questions at the end of his .

5 我喜欢图书馆,因为我喜欢在图书馆看书。 公园在左边,公园在电影院左边。 下个周末我要去看一个很有意思的电影。 他家的花园比我家的花园大。
Shuffle sentences 1.I like the library because I like reading books at the library. 我喜欢图书馆,因为我喜欢在图书馆看书。 2. The park is located on the left, the park is located on the left of the cinema. 公园在左边,公园在电影院左边。 3. Next weekend I am going to go and watch a very interesting film. 下个周末我要去看一个很有意思的电影。 4. His family’s garden is bigger than my family’s garden. 他家的花园比我家的花园大。 5. In the future what would you like to do?I would like to become a scientist. 你将来想做什么? 我想做科学家。 6. Are you a teacher or not? 你是不是老师? 7. ????????? 7. I am not a teacher, I am an engineer. 我不是老师, 我是工程师。

6 Describe what you want to do in the future based on the picture
A ruler / I have / I don’t have 6

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