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Area of interaction focus

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1 Area of interaction focus
Unit title: 广州的春节– Spring Festival in Guangzhou Area of interaction focus Which area of interaction will be our focus? Why have we chosen this? Significant concepts What are the big ideas? What do we want our students to retain for years into the future? Environment This AoI was chosen so that we can consider how the Chinese celebrate their new year. Our environment and culture has a strong influence on knowing about things to do during Spring Festival. MYP unit question What are the similarities and differences between Chinese and English new year?

2 Can you match the characters together to form a word you have already learnt?
EXT – What does that word mean? A. 放 一. 年 B. 新 二. 楼 C. 热 三. 鞭炮 D. 高 四. 闹

3 a. 哥哥 b. 新年好 c. 红包上的 三个汉字 d. 一个红包 1. 孩子们见了奶奶以后说 2. 张老师给了Robert
What will we do during the Spring Festival at a friend or relative’s home? 1. 孩子们见了奶奶以后说 a. 哥哥 2. 张老师给了Robert b. 新年好 3. Robert 认识 c. 红包上的 三个汉字 4. 张老师 的孙子孙女叫Robert d. 一个红包

4 Pairwork Person A pretends to be Robert or Teacher Zhang to talk about their Chinese New Year. Person B takes notes and asks questions. Then swap.

5 Example: R: 张老师,您好!春节的时候我们说什么来表达美好的祝愿(to express best wishes)呢? Z: 春节的时候我们说:新年好!

6 R:还会做什么呢? Z:还会给孩子们红包。也会放鞭炮。 R:春节很热闹吗?大家高兴吗? Z:春节很热闹。大家一起玩,都很高兴!

7 Translate the sentences in Chinese
1. Happy New Year! 新年好! 2. The Spring Festival is a big festival in China. 春节在中国是一个盛大的节日。

8 3. I am going to make a phone call tomorrow.
我打算明天打个电话。 4. Children like the Spring Festival because they like the red envelopes. 孩子们喜欢春节,因为喜欢红包。

9 5. I am very pleased to meet you.

10 Review words and play the Character
Randometer Game

11 to set off (firecrackers)





16 granddaughter



19 grandson



22 to know a person; to recognise



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