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Unit 1 Self-introduction Pages 2~3 對話&課文 版本:教育部編印 中文編譯: Tsai, Pei-hua

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1 Unit 1 Self-introduction Pages 2~3 對話&課文 版本:教育部編印 中文編譯: Tsai, Pei-hua

2 Conversation p.2 2011/9/6

3 Conversation In the Classroom-1 (Page 2)
Teacher Good morning, class. 早安,同學。 I am your English teacher, Miss Wang. 我是你們的英文老師,王老師。 It is our first day of school. 這是我們第一天上課。 I would like you to briefly introduce yourself. 我想要你們簡短地自我介紹。 2011/9/6

4 Conversation In the Classroom-2(Page 2)
Li-Ling Hi! My name is Li-Ling Wu. 嗨!我是吳莉玲。 I like hiking and biking. 我喜歡健行和騎單車。 I’m good at playing basketball. 我擅長打籃球。 I’m an easy-going person. 我是個隨和的人。 2011/9/6

5 Conversation In the Classroom-3(Page 2)
Teacher Thank you. 謝謝你。 Welcome to the class. 歡迎你到班上。 Now, let’s invite Peter. 現在,讓我們來邀請彼得。 2011/9/6

6 Conversation In the Classroom-4(Page 2)
Peter My name is Peter Norman. 我的名字是彼得.諾曼。 I’m from New York. 我來自紐約。 I like to make friends. 我喜歡交朋友。 I hope to become friends with you all. 我希望和你們所有人做朋友。 2011/9/6

7 Conversation In the Classroom-5(Page 2)
Teacher Good job. 表現得很好。 I hope all of you will be good friends and enjoy your study here. 我希望你們所有人會是好朋友和 在這裡學習愉快。 2011/9/6

8 Reading p.3 2011/9/6

9 Reading-1 (Page 3) My name is Jun-Hong Guo. 我的名字是郭宗宏。
I am fifteen years old. 我15歲。 I am one meter sixty-five tall and weigh eighty kilograms. 我165公分高,80公斤重。 I am a freshman at ABC Vocational High School. 我是ABC高職的高一新生。 2011/9/6

10 Reading-2 (Page 3) My major is Food and Beverage Management, because cooking is my favorite hobby. 我主修餐飲管理,因為烹飪是我的最愛。 I like cooking, eating and sleeping, so I am overweight. 我喜歡烹飪、吃東西和睡覺, 所以我體重過重。 Though I am overweight, I am active and diligent.雖然我體重過重,但我個性積 極勤勉。 2011/9/6

11 Reading-2 (Page 3) I enjoy learning various cooking skills and practice them a lot. 我喜歡學習不同的烹飪技術,還有多 練習這些技術。 2011/9/6

12 Reading-3 (Page 3) My dream is to be a cook in the future. 我的夢想是未來當廚師。
I believe I will be a happy and creative cook. 我相信,我會是個快樂又有創意的廚師。 My future life will be not only interesting but also wonderful. 我未來的生活,將不僅有趣也會是美好的。 2011/9/6

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