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音标教学 第二讲 嘉兴市智慧教育在线课堂 上海外国语大学附属浙江宏达学校 马一希. 一、辅音音标复习 /p/ /b/ /t/ /d/ /k/ / ɡ / /f/ /v/ /θ/ /ð/ /s/ /z/ / ʃ / / ʒ / /h/ /r/ /t ʃ / /d ʒ / /tr/ /dr/ /ts/

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Presentation on theme: "音标教学 第二讲 嘉兴市智慧教育在线课堂 上海外国语大学附属浙江宏达学校 马一希. 一、辅音音标复习 /p/ /b/ /t/ /d/ /k/ / ɡ / /f/ /v/ /θ/ /ð/ /s/ /z/ / ʃ / / ʒ / /h/ /r/ /t ʃ / /d ʒ / /tr/ /dr/ /ts/"— Presentation transcript:

1 音标教学 第二讲 嘉兴市智慧教育在线课堂 上海外国语大学附属浙江宏达学校 马一希

2 一、辅音音标复习 /p/ /b/ /t/ /d/ /k/ / ɡ / /f/ /v/ /θ/ /ð/ /s/ /z/ / ʃ / / ʒ / /h/ /r/ /t ʃ / /d ʒ / /tr/ /dr/ /ts/ /dz/ /j/ /w/ /m/ /n/ /ŋ/ /l/ p b t d c, q, k, ck, ch g f, ph, gh v th th c, s z s, sh s h, wh r, wr ch g, j tr dr ts ds y w, wh m n n(k), ng l

3 Listen and circle 1 pear bear2 tall doll3 cook good 4 blue glue5 clock frog6 fan van 7 both with8 nice nose9 bats beds 10 cheap jeep11 shop television 12 share chair 13 try dry14 moon noon15 win wing 16 yet hat17 wait hate18 glue grow

4 Practice sound chsh Charlie has a chick. I can see a shop. Charlie has a chick.I can see the ships. Charlie and his chick.How many ships Are sitting on the chair.In the shop? Six ships in the shop.

5 Practice sound wh ck What can you see Jack is sitting on a rock In the photograph? He has a clock. I can see Mr White. It goes tick-tock, tick-tock. I can see his toy whale Six o’clock! Six o’clock! And its white tail. Says the chick in the clock.

6 Practice sound cl pl glbl fl sl One, two, three, Birds fly in the blue sky What can you see?Blue flowers grow in July I can see Clare and Gladys.A bird is flying slowly. They are in warm clothes.By the black clouds Clare has a plant and a plate. In the sky. Gladys has gloves on her hands.

7 dr pr The princess has a dream. In her dream she buys a pretty dress. She likes the dress And doesn’t care about the price. cr br Bryan likes ice cream. He likes bread too. He puts some ice cream on the bread, And eats the ice cream with the bread.

8 fr gr tr Grandpa grows the fruit, The fruit on the trees. Grandpa gives me some fruit, The fruit from his trees. sl sn sw Count the snakesThere are eight. Two on the swingsTwo on the slide. And four are swimming in the lake.

9 sm sp st Spider, spider, what can you see? I can see a small star on the tree. Spider, spider, what can you see? I can see some sticks and some smoke in front of me. sc sk Scarlet is in the park. She’s wearing a red scarf. She’s skating on a skateboard. And she’s skating fast.

10 二、元音音标 单元音 长元音: /i:/ /u: / / ɜ :/ / ɔ :/ / ɑ :/ 短元音 : / ɪ / / ʊ / /ə/ / ɒ / / ʌ / /e/ /æ/ 双元音 : /e ɪ / /a ɪ / / ɔɪ / / ɪ ə/ /eə/ / ʊ ə/ /ə ʊ / /a ʊ /

11 单元音 — 前元音 /i:/: 舌前部抬高,牙齿近乎全合,舌尖抵牙齿,嘴唇向两边 伸开,成扁平形,做微笑状。 e me even i policeee cheese meetey key ea leaf teaie achieveei receive / ɪ /: 舌前部比 /i:/ 稍低,舌尖抵牙齿,嘴唇扁平分开,牙床比 /i:/ 开的要大,比 /e/ 要窄。 i sit bit picky city happy busy funny lucky 注意: /i:/ 是长音,比 / ɪ / 长两倍以上,同时这两个音不要发成中 文的 “ 一 ” 。

12 Practice sound There is a little bee.Silly Billy! Silly Billy. Coming from the apple tree. Silly Billy loves Lily. Flying in the flowers.Why does Silly Billy love Lily? And can’t see me. Silly Billy isn’t silly. What do you see? I see a busy bee. What do you see? I see a happy pig. What do you see? I see a big pea. What do you see? I see a busy bee and a happy pig on a big pea.

13 单元音 — 前元音 /æ/ : 舌前部最低,嘴唇向两边伸开,成扁平形,牙床开的 最大。 a carrot dad map /e/: 舌尖抵牙齿,舌前部稍微抬起,牙床比 /i:/ 开的要宽, 做微笑状。 e egg well elephantea bread ready sweater a any many 注意: /æ/ 和 /e/ 发音时最大的区别在于嘴张开的大小 。 bag / beg mat / metbad / bed /e/:

14 Practice sound The fat man likes jam. He has a jar in his hand. He is not sad. The jam is not bad. Fred fed Ted bread and Ted fed Fred bread. Ann sent Andy ten hens and Andy sent Ann ten pens.

15 单元音 — 中元音 / ɜ :/ : 舌身放平,成自然状态,口半开,发长音。 or work worker world ir bird first thirty ur nurse turn furniture er term ear learn early search /ə/ : 舌身放平,成自然状态,口半开,发短音。 a afraid alone Americaer brother driver lantern or doctor actor colo(u)rou famous dangerous o carrot lion connectar dollar sugar e secret cinema moment

16 Practice sound Skirt, skirt, girls like skirts. Shirt, shirt, boys like T-shirts. Money is dollar, apple has color, banana can be dinner.

17 单元音 — 中元音 / ɑ :/ : 嘴张大,舌身放平,舌尖后缩,发长音。 a photograph tomato giraffe ar farm art start large al half a(n) dance a(s) past class lasta(th) father au auntear heart / ʌ / : 双唇向两边平伸,开口程度与 /æ/ 相似,发短音。 u but customer husbando(n) front money London ou country cousin

18 Practice sound Mark has a little car. The car is yellow. He often rides it in his yard. He also rides it around the park. Russ has some ducks. The ducks like to run. Run down and run up. In the summer sun.

19 单元音 — 后元音 / ɔ :/ : 双唇向外突出成圆形,舌尖抬起并略微上卷,发长音。 al call talk ballar war warm au(gh) taught daughter aw draw saw or born for forty oor door ore more beforeour four course fourteen ough brought thought / ɒ / : 双唇稍微收圆,发短音。 o on not chocolate a wash want Australia

20 Practice sound Daughter, daughter, she is four. She lives on the fourth floor. What’s more, Mother for her opens a store. Lots of clocks on the wall. Watch, watch, don’t let it fall.

21 单元音 — 后元音 /u:/ : 双唇收圆收小,向外突出,发长音。 u blue fruit juice o move movie do oo cool room food ou group soup ew flew / ʊ /: 双唇稍微收圆,向外突出,发短音。 u full sure usually oo foot cook book ou could would

22 Practice sound Two birds live in the zoo, They look very cool. They’re blue and they want to go to school. Do you know they need what tool? How many cookies could a good cook cook? A good cook could cook as much cookies as a good cook.

23 双元音 /e ɪ / : 牙床半开,嘴唇向两边拉伸,口形由 /e/ 向 / ɪ / 滑动 。 a grade make faceai rain afraid again ay day anyway holidayeigh eight weight ea great /a ɪ / : 口形由 / ɑ :/ 向 / ɪ / 滑动 ,嘴张开向两边拉伸。 i bike fine kind y my dry cry ie die tie lie igh right light tight uy buy guy

24 双元音 / ɔɪ / : 口形由 / ɒ / 向 / ɪ / 滑动,口形由圆变扁。 oi coin join voice oy toy enjoy boy / ɪ ə/ : 口形由 / ɪ / 很快滑向 /e/ ,嘴型扁平。 ea really idea ear near year dear eer deer beer ere here

25 双元音 /eə/ : 口形由 /e/ 向 /ə/ 滑动 , 嘴型扁平,舌尖慢慢后卷。 air chair air hair are dare care ear wear bear eir their ere there where / ʊ ə/ : 口形由 / ʊ / 很快滑向 /ə/ ,嘴唇收圆。 our tour ure sure oor poor

26 双元音 /ə ʊ / : 口形由 /ə/ 向 / ʊ / 滑动 , 嘴型由扁平变成圆形。 o nose coke photo o(ld) old o(st) most oa boat coat ow know grow /a ʊ / : 口形由 / ɑ :/ 很快滑向 / ʊ / ,嘴型由张开变成圆形。 ou house about mouth ow brown now down

27 元音音标 单元音 /i:/ / ɪ / /u: / / ʊ / / ɜ :/ /ə/ / ɔ :/ / ɒ / / ɑ :/ / ʌ / /e/ /æ/ 双元音 /e ɪ / /a ɪ / / ɔɪ / / ɪ ə/ /eə/ / ʊ ə/ /ə ʊ / /a ʊ /

28 Thank You !

Download ppt "音标教学 第二讲 嘉兴市智慧教育在线课堂 上海外国语大学附属浙江宏达学校 马一希. 一、辅音音标复习 /p/ /b/ /t/ /d/ /k/ / ɡ / /f/ /v/ /θ/ /ð/ /s/ /z/ / ʃ / / ʒ / /h/ /r/ /t ʃ / /d ʒ / /tr/ /dr/ /ts/"

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