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Revision Unit One Module 4 Advertising Bao Li. Learning objectives: At the end of this lesson, the students will be able to: use the vocabulary learned.

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1 Revision Unit One Module 4 Advertising Bao Li

2 Learning objectives: At the end of this lesson, the students will be able to: use the vocabulary learned to describe different advertisements. describe the advantages and disadvantages of advertisements. understand what CAs and PSAs are for respectively. have a rough idea of the genre of advertisement.

3 image Step 1 Brainstorming Can you list some words related to advertising? compaign advertising slogan audience promote persuasive billboard customer/ consumer creative commercial product service

4 play tricks on Step 1 Brainstorming Please list phrases concerning advertising. be used to advertising be aware of fall for be satisfied with lead better lives be bored with trick sb into doing sth appeal to get across be concerned with be determined to

5 Step 2 Extension of words 1.convenient ______________ (n.) _____________ (ant.) 2. persuade ____________(n.) ___________(a.) 3. promote ____________ (n.) 4. intend _________(n.) _________ (a.) 5. recommend ________________(n.) 6. create __________ (n.) __________(a.) 7. determine ______________ (n.) ____________(a.) 8. imagine ____________ (n.) ____________ (a.) 9. various ________ (n.) ______ (v.) 10. produce ____________(a.) _____________________________________ (n.) convenience inconvenient persuasionpersuasive promotion intention intended recommendation creationcreative product/production/produce/producer imaginationimaginative variety vary determinationdetermined productive

6 Step 3 Extension of expressions 1. 作为学生,我习惯了早起。 2. 他那时没意识到学习的重要。 He wasn’t aware of the importance of studying. He _________________ the importance of studying. He _______________studying is important. He ___________the importance of studying. As a student, I am/get used to getting up early. am/get accustomed to wasn’t conscious of didn’t realize wasn’t aware that

7 Step 3 Extension of expressions 3. 这本书是专为青少年而写的。 The book is intended for teenagers. ______________ 4. 妈妈打算让他帮我补习英语。 Mum is going to let him help me study English. Mum ____________________________ ____________________________ is written for is meant for is designed for is intended to make him help me intends him to help me wants to have him help me plans to get him to help me

8 Step 3 Extension of expressions 5. 他开始厌倦愚弄别人的感觉。 He began to be bored with the feeling of playing tricks on others. ____________ 6. 三八妇女节就要到了。 Women’s Day is _______________. _______________. approaching coming drawing near around the corner on its way be tired of be fed up with be sick of

9 Step 4 Sentence patterns 1.All it says is that it fights it and that is not the same thing at all. 属于 __________ 句,并列连 词为 ______ ,前面的并列句中含有一个 _____ 从句 ( 关系代词 that 被省略 ) 和一个 _____ 从句。 = ______ it says is that it fights it and that is not the same thing at all. ( ) ________________ What Analysis: and 定语 表语 并列复合

10 2. Not all ads play tricks on us though. 然而并非所有广告都会欺骗我们。 Analysis : not 和 all, both, every, each, whole, always 或 entirely 等含有全体概念的代词、 形容词或副词连用,表示 _________ ,意为 “_____________________” 。 =____ ads ______ play tricks on us though. =__________, some ads _______ play tricks on us. Translation: 1. 我们俩并不都喜欢上网。 2. 我们俩都不喜欢上网。 Alldon’t However don’t Not both of us like going online. =Both of us don’t like going online. Neither of us likes going online. 并非都是,不是每个都是 部分否定

11 3. China has begun a nationwide public service advertising campaign in 1996, and since then numerous PSAs have appeared around the country. ______________ since _____ ______ there have been numerous PSAs ___________ around the country. launched when appearing Analysis: ______ 句, and 为 _________ 。 此句可以改为 ____________ 从句。 非限制性定语 并列 并列连词

12 Step 5 NMET links Multiple choice 1. Most air pollution is caused by the burning of _____ like coal, gas and oil. ( 08 天津卷) A. fuels B. articles C. goods D. products 2. Food safety is ____ important, so the government spares no efforts to prevent food pollution. ( 08 上海春卷) A. highly B. reasonably C. strongly D. naturally 3. —Which of the two computer games did you prefer? —Actually I didn’t like _____. (08 全国卷 I) A. both of them B. either of them C. none of them D. neither of them A A B

13 4.The loss has not yet been ______ accurately, but it is believed to be well beyond a hundred million dollars. A. calculated B. considered ( 09 湖北卷) C. completed D. controlled 5. Compared with his sister, Jerry is even more _____ to, and more easily troubled by, emotional and relationship problems. ( 09 江苏卷) A. sceptical B. addicted C. available D. sensitive 6. I‘m calling to enquire about the position _____ in yesterday’s China Daily. ( 2010 北京卷 ) A. advertised B. to be advertised C. advertising D. having advertised 7. Teachers recommend parents ___ their children under 12 to ride bicycles to school for safety.( 2010 福建卷 ) A. not allow B. do not allow C. mustn’t allow D. couldn’t allow A D A A

14 8. She has already tried her best. Please don’t be too _____ about her job. (2011 江西卷 ) A. special B. responsible C. unusual D. particular 9. It’s important for the figures _____ regularly. (2011 北京卷 ) A. to be updated B. to have been updated C. to update D. to have updated 10.The police officers in our city work hard ______ the rest of us can live a safe life. (2011 上海卷 ) A. in case B. as if C. in order that D. only if D A C

15 Step 6 Competition --- Group work Try to make up a story with these words or phrases. One score for a word or phrase. 1. various 2. recommend 3. convenient 4. promote 5. claim 6. unforgettable 7. appeal to 8. be used to 9. imagine doing 10. determine to 11. be intended to 12. persuade sb to do sth

16 Step7 Active writing Please write a short passage to introduce some information about ads. It should include: 1. 广告的作用 (informative, persuasive…) 2. 广告的主要形式 (CA & PSA) 3. 我们对待广告的态度 (smart…) 要求:不少于 10 个句子, 120 词左右。

17 Advertisements play an important part in our daily lives. They are usually informative, attractive and persuasive so as to encourage people to buy a product or service or believe an idea. There are two main types of ads--- commercial advertisements and public service advertisements. A commercial advertisement is one that someone has paid for to promote a product or service. Possible version:

18 Public service advertisements are intended to educate people about health, safety and any other issue which affects social welfare. They are meant to teach us and help us live better lives. Be smart about advertisements, and let them be at our service: think about why we should do the things the ads suggest, or buy the product or the service the advertisements promote.

19 Assignment 1. Memorize the words and phrases that have been reviewed today. 2. Preview words and expressions in the reading part of Unit 2, find 5 long sentences and try to analyse them. 3. Writing 随着人们生活水平的改善和消费能力的提 升,广告在日常生活中随处可见,且内容也 变得越来越丰富多彩。请根据下表谈一谈广 告的利弊以及对人们生活的影响以及你对广 告的看法。词数: 150 左右。

20 Assignment 利 * 商业广告为人们提供大量信息, 方便人们购物 * 公益广告教会人们很多知识,使 我们生活得更好 弊 * 小广告泛滥,弄得马路上、楼道 里脏乱不堪,影响市容和居住环境 * 电视节目插播广告太频繁,令人 厌烦;网络上非法广告影响使用 你的 观点 ……


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