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1.Founder: Elvis Presley(The Hillbilly Cat)

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1 1.Founder: Elvis Presley(The Hillbilly Cat)
Rock and roll 1.Founder: Elvis Presley(The Hillbilly Cat) 2.Pioneer: Elton John

2 Do you know me?

3 Elvis Presley 1. born on Jan 8,1935, poor, never had music lessons
2. died on Aug 16,1977, heart attack had to join the army, the rock’ n’ roll was dead 4.ate and drank too much after divorce

4 Elvis Presley 1.Love me tender 《真诚的爱》
它是美国影片《情暖童心》的插曲,描写了残疾姑娘凯伦常为自己的重病痛哭不已,她在热情善良的列那老师的悉心看护鼓励下,给她最崇拜的歌王——摇滚乐创始人Elvis Presley写信表达自己的心情。当Elvis Presley回信向凯伦问候并表示要和她通信后,小凯伦感到自己置身于友爱之中,精神大振,生活内容注入了新的力量,并最终延长了她的生命历程。

5 Love me tender Love me tender, love me sweet 温柔地爱我,体贴地爱我
Never let me go You have made my life complete And I love you so Love me tender, love me true All my dreams fulfilled For my darling, I love you And I always will 温柔地爱我,体贴地爱我 永远不要让我离开 你使我生命变得完整 我如此爱你 温柔地爱我,真实地爱我 我所有的梦都已实现 因为,亲爱的,我爱你 我永远爱你

6 Love me tender, love me long
Take me to your heart For it’s there that I belong And we’ll never part Love me tender, love me true All my dreams fulfilled For my darling, I love you And I always will 温柔地爱我,久久地爱我 让我靠近你的心 因为我属于那里 我们永远都不会离开 温柔地爱我,真实地爱我 我所有的梦都已实现 因为,亲爱的,我爱你 我永远爱你

7 Love me tender, love me dear温柔地爱我,怜惜地爱我
Tell me your are mine告诉我,你是我的 I’ll be yours through all the year我四季都属于你 Till the end of time直至生命的心头 Love me tender, love me true温柔地爱我,真实地爱我 All my dreams fulfilled我所有的梦都已实现 For my darling, I love you因为,亲爱的,我爱你 And I always will我永远爱你

8 Are you lonesome tonight 今晚你寂寞吗?

9 Are you lonesome tonight?
Do you miss me tonight? Are you sorry we drifted apart Does your memory stray to a bright summer day When I kissed you and called you sweetheart 今晚你寂寞吗? 今晚你是否想我 我们分手你是否难过? 是否还偶尔记得那个灿烂夏日我吻着你,叫你甜心?

10 Are you lonesome tonight?
是否没有我屋中便显得空荡? 是否注视门阶想象着我在那里? 你的内心是否充满痛苦? 我应该再回来吗? 告诉我,亲爱的? 今晚你寂寞吗? Do the chairs in your parlor seem empty and bare Do you gaze at me there And picture me there Is your heart filled with pain Shall I come back again Tell me dear Are you lonesome tonight

11 I wonder if you're lonesome tonight我想知道今晚你是否寂寞。You know someone said that the world is a stage And we each must play a part你知道,有人说:这世界是个舞台。每人都在扮演一个角色。Faith had me playing in love With you as my sweetheart命运要我坠入情网,而你就是我的情爱。Act one was, when we met第一幕即是我们相遇的时刻。I love you at first glance我对你一见钟情You read your lines so cleverly And never missed a cue你的台词背的如此纯熟,没有丝毫差错。Then came back to You seemed to change, you acted strange第二幕你似乎变了,变得行为怪异。And why I've never know至今我仍无法弄清为什么。

12 Elton John

13 Can you feel the love tonight? 今夜爱无限
《狮子王》主题歌《今夜爱无限》曾获得第67届“奥斯卡金像奖最佳电影歌曲” 的奖项。它是Elton John90年以来神光乍现的佳作。它动人的曲调,优美的歌词,充满温馨、浪漫的旋律,使得整个世界都沉浸在她爱的光芒之中。而歌手粗犷的嗓音让人感觉仿佛身处非洲大草原,体验着爱与冒险的生命感动!

14 Can you feel the love tonight
there's a calm surrender to the rush of day when the heat of the rolling world can be turned away and enchanted moment and it sees me through it's enough for this restless warrior just to be with you 当匆忙的一天渐入平静 当旋转地球身上的燥热即将褪尽 那令人迷醉的时刻浸透我心 只要能和你在一起永不停歇的斗士就已知足

15 and can you feel the love tonight?
it is where we are it's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer that we got this far how it's laid to rest? it's enough to make kings and vagabonds believe the very best 今夜你可感受到爱的来临? 它正与你我同行 大眼睛游侠已知足 因为能和你携手天涯! 心潮澎湃又怎能入睡? 若王子与贫儿都坚信爱至高无上 知足了

16 Candle in the wind 1997 早年唱给玛丽莲梦露——“别了,像我一样,你的生活如同风中之烛。风雨飘零中不知谁可信任。我多么想认识你,可我只是个孩子。你的蜡烛会燃尽,但传奇却永不磨灭”后改唱给戴妃。1997年,英国戴安娜王妃车祸身亡,这首歌被选为代表性的纪念歌曲,修改后由Elton John重新演绎,其中不断强调戴安娜精神不死,永驻英国,并长存于爱戴她的人民心中,成为传奇。

17 Dictation Goodbye England’s _____ May you ever grow ___________
You were the grace that placed itself Where lives were torn apart You called out to our country And you whispered to those _______ Now you _________heaven And the stars spell out your name

18 And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a _______in the wind Never ________with the sunset When the rain set in And your footsteps will always fall here Along England’s _________ Your candle’s ___________long before Your _________ever will

19 谢谢欣赏

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