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Jacob’s Twilights 雅各的大結局 創 47:28-49:28.

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1 Jacob’s Twilights 雅各的大結局 創 47:28-49:28

2 盡頭他仍堅持在那應許上。 Genesis 創47:28-31 God promised Jacob the Promised Land
and so at the end of his life he held on to that promise.     神應許雅各的應許之地、在他人生的 盡頭他仍堅持在那應許上。

3 He showed respect to this old man because
Gen 創48:8-12 This means Jacob the self sufficient man is gone and Israel is completely surrendered to God.     這意味著:雅各已脫離傲慢的自我; 以色列已經降服於神。 He showed respect to this old man because God blesses younger men through older men.       他尊重長輩因為神透過長輩祝福年青的 一輩。

4 Gen 創48:13-22 Happy is the life that begins and ends with God.   喜樂的人生是始於神也終於神。 Israel wisely left the God of his fathers to his grandchildren.   以色列智慧之處是將他父親的神介紹給他 的子女。

5 但如果你為自己而活、你的子女自責 其責。 Gen 創49:1-4
If you live your life for God your children will benefit. But if you live your life for yourself, you and your children will pay the consequences.   如果你為神而活、你的子女也蒙福。 但如果你為自己而活、你的子女自責 其責。

6 和施洗約翰成為神的使者和祭司。 Gen 創49:5-7
The curse is these two tribes would not have their own land.  這兩支派受咒詛是不能擁有自己的土地。 But the blessing is Moses, Aaron, Phinehas, Ezra and John the Baptist would become messengers and priests of God.   但神祝福摩西、亞倫、非尼哈、以斯拉 和施洗約翰成為神的使者和祭司。

7 Gen 創49:8-12 Jacob prophesied that Judah would produce kings.   雅各預言猶大族出許多國王。 Gen 創49:13-15 Jacob prophesied that Zebulun would produce traders. Issachar would produce strong people.   雅和預言西布倫族出許多商人. 以薩迦 族出許多壯士。

8 如祂祝福其他的兒子。 雅和預言但族會出一個公正的士師、亞 設族出許多農夫、亞弗他利出許多詩人. Gen 創49:16-21
God blessed Dan, Gad, Asher and Naphtali like the rest of the sons.   神祝福但、迦得、亞設和亞弗他利正 如祂祝福其他的兒子。  Jacob prophesied that Dan would provide justice. Asher would produce farmers. Naphtali would produce poets and speakers.   雅和預言但族會出一個公正的士師、亞 設族出許多農夫、亞弗他利出許多詩人.

9 個祝福他人的人嗎? Gen 創49:22-26 Jacob prophesied that Joseph would be a
fruitful vine blessing others.   雅各預言約瑟成為祝福他人的葡萄樹。 Are you a fruitful Christian? Are you giving blessings to people?   你是一個多結果子的基督徒嗎? 你是一 個祝福他人的人嗎?

10 Gen 創49:27-28 Lastly Jacob prophesied that Benjamin would produce fierce strong workers.   最後雅各預言便雅憫族產生威猛的壯丁.

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