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Unit 1 Life at Harvard University 《新目标的大学英语 综合教程》 2016年3月第一版

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1 Unit 1 Life at Harvard University 《新目标的大学英语 综合教程》 2016年3月第一版
A lecture Demo By 靳奇 我的微信: felixjin1212

2 Lecture Outline Lead-in Critical Thinking Say “No” to Harvard
Harvard Cruelty and Suicide Cases Text Comprehension Structure Overview + Amusing Languge Drills Reading Skill Focus (Skimming for Gist) Write an effective paragraph (Topic Sentence + Adverbial Clauses ) Lecture on US vs. UK Study (Personal Statement Introduction) Harvard vs. Oxford (Lecture & Skimming )

3 Why do we offer the course?
For CET-4 CET-6? For Ielts, Toefl ? For Job Promotion?

4 Window to Another World
English Thinking

5 Critical Thinking Candles to light Bottles to fill

6 Censorship Censorship

7 To get inside stories, you may
Obtain information Through English

8 Harvard Pride “As soon as I set foot in Harvard, everything felt right.” (Para 3) “Every morning I wake up at Harvard, I think to myself how blessed I am to be here.... but there is no other place I’d rather be” (Para 13)

9 Is Harvard perfect? Para 8
“There was even a Primal Scream to kick off finals week, with hundreds of stark-naked Harvard students running around the Yard at midnight in a time-old tradition.”

10 Harvard Pressure

11 Harvard Suicide Cases

12 Text Comprehension Version 1
A Structure Sketch --- follow the writer's train of thought Version 1

13 A Structure Sketch --- follow the writer's train of thought
Version 2

14 A Structure Sketch --- follow the writer's train of thought
Version 3

15 Language Drills Unit 1 pop up burst into be set on phase collaboration
overloaded kick off find an avenue to keen pass out frequented by overwhelm overlook has the drive to

16 “Super” Translation Workshop
武则天之子太子显突然现身长生殿。“我儿何事?”圣驾受惊,却以温言婉语掩饰她的戒备之心——尤其当她看到太子显身后数以百计全副武装的军士时。 皇帝对亲生儿子的提防姿态其实再正常不过。剑指帝国权力之巅的她,为巩固地位不择手段,同时形成了不信任任何人的作风。她锐利的目光几乎令太子显因恐惧而昏厥。

17 武则天之子太子显突然现身长生殿。“我儿何事?”圣驾受惊,却以温言婉语掩饰她的戒备之心——尤其当她看到太子显身后数以百计全副武装的军士时。
Crown Prince Xian, son of Empress Wu, popped up at the Palace of Eternal Life, which shocked Her Majesty to a certain degree. “What’s up, my son?” said Wu, apparently on high alert, her gentle tones betraying her anxiety, though. This was even so when she saw hundreds of heavily armed guard of soldiers lining behind Xian.

18 皇帝对亲生儿子的提防姿态其实再正常不过。剑 指帝国权力之巅的她,为巩固地位不择手段,同 时形成了不信任任何人的作风。她锐利的目光几 乎令太子显因恐惧而昏厥。
作为一个打定主意要开辟通往大唐帝国最高权力之路的人 Her reserved manner before her own son was just more than natural. Set on finding an avenue to seize the supremacy of Great Tang Empire, she consolidated her position by hook or by crook, and meanwhile she was given to placing her trust on virtually no one. Her ferocious stare almost made Xian pass out in extreme fear.

19 宰相张柬之上前参拜,然后起立,对皇帝慢 条斯理地说:“奉太子令,臣已查明,二张阴 结梁王,证据确凿,今已伏诛。臣等惊扰陛下, 实在罪该万死!” “言说张阁老蓄意兵变,朕不信。”武则天 注视着垂手侍立一侧的张柬之,语气镇静而带 着一点愤懑。接着,她换上一副和善的面孔, 对太子显言道:“两个面首既已伏法,你便回 东宫去。”若非兵士拦阻,太子就真要溜之大 吉了。兵士的怒吼声沸腾起来。

20 宰相张柬之上前参拜,然后起立,对皇帝慢条斯理地说:“奉太子令,臣已查明,二张阴结梁王,证据确凿,今已伏诛。臣等惊扰陛下,实在罪该万死!”
Premier Zhang Jianzhi prostrated himself before the Empress. Then he stood up and spoke to Her Majesty at a slack pace: “By the command of His Highness, we procured solid evidence over collaboration between the Zhang brothers and Prince Liang. The Zhang brothers have been executed. We were guilty of such a disturbance to you for which death cannot atone, Your Majesty!”

21 “言说张阁老蓄意兵变,朕不信。”武则天注视着垂手 侍立一侧的张柬之,语气镇静而带着一点愤懑。接着, 她换上一副和善的面孔,对太子显言道:“两个面首 既已伏法,你便回东宫去。”若非兵士拦阻,太子就 真要溜之大吉了。兵士的怒吼声沸腾起来。 “I hardly believe you have the drive to organize a military coup, Lord.”Empress spoke with a mixture of composure and anger, gazing at the Premier who stood respectfully in attendance. Then, assuming an air of kindness, she spoke to Xian: “Now that the gigolos have been killed, you may go back to your Eastern Palace.” The Crown Prince could have run away had it not been for the army’s presence. They burst into an angry roar.

22 张柬之进曰:“陛下御宇久矣!臣请陛 下退处宽闲,务使凤体得憩。拨乱世, 反诸正,时辰已到!” “朕,为此帝国,开创纪元,承太宗皇帝 未竟之业,贞观遗风,重现我手,世人 皆称之。今遇还政之议,朕是大大不解。 朕虽女流,宁不堪天下大任乎?”

23 张柬之进曰:“陛下御宇久矣!臣请陛下退处宽闲,务使凤体 得憩。拨乱世,反诸正,时辰已到!”“朕,为此帝国,开 创纪元,承太宗皇帝未竟之业,贞观遗风,重现我手,世人 皆称之。今遇还政之议,朕是大大不解。朕虽女流,宁不堪 天下大任乎?” Zhang said to the Empress:“Your Majesty, you ruled the whole empire for years. Your overloaded life needs a break. It’s time for everything to be back on its right track.” “I led the dynasty into a new phase. The unfulfilled ambition of Emperor Taizong came into being under my rule. It’s universally acknowledged that my rule recreated the prosperity of Zhenguan Period. I don’t understand why I should step down. It is not wrong to be a female ruler! ”

24 “世道有常,凡生天地 间者皆毋轻忽,陛下亦然,” 张柬之复以硬话,“陛下生 为女子,悖逆社会铁律,欲 为男权国家之君。女主殊勋, 恐遭湮没;妖后篡夺,贻议 千年!” 女皇心知多说无益,心 灰意冷,赋诗一章,了结了 峥嵘岁月:

25 “世道有常,凡生天地间者皆毋轻忽,陛下亦然,”张 柬之复以硬话,“陛下生为女子,悖逆社会铁律,欲为 男权国家之君。女主殊勋,恐遭湮没;妖后篡夺,贻议 千年!” 女皇心知多说无益,心灰意冷,赋诗一章, 了结了峥嵘岁月: “No one could afford to overlook a hard fact, Your Majesty,” Zhang replied with conviction.“A woman who craved absolute power in a society of male supremacy will not be credited with her historic feats by future generations. They will only associate your name with a Queen of Tang Dynasty who usurped the throne.” The Empress was lost for words. As an epilogue of her political life, a short poem was composed by the downhearted lady:

26 血绘宏图兮血尚热, 血冷势去兮帝覆车。 天既赐予兮以山河, 遁无所形兮奈若何!

27 血绘宏图兮血尚热, I kicked off my grand prospect with bloodshed, 血冷势去兮帝覆车。 bloodshed is traded off for nothing but a disgraceful downfall. 天既赐予兮以山河, Predestined for political supremacy, 遁无所形兮奈若何! How come I had nothing to lose at the end of my day!

28 “陛下昔年优游之仙居殿,当妥 加修缮,以为陛下寝宫。”张柬之 的声音颤抖着。
武则天的凤冠歪落一旁,双目 紧闭。她微弱的哀叹,被李唐皇室 支持者的欢呼淹没了过去。

29 “陛下昔年优游之仙居殿,当妥加修缮,以为陛下 寝宫。”张柬之的声音颤抖着。
武则天的凤冠歪落一旁,双目紧闭。她微弱的 哀叹,被李唐皇室支持者的欢呼淹没了过去。 “The Palace of Resident Immortals frequented by Your Majesty in the past will be completely renovated as your new imperial bedroom.”Zhang’s voice trembled. Phoenix coronet askew, Eyes tightly shut, Empress Wu let out a low moan of despair, overwhelmed by the hurrah of Tang imperial family supporters.

30 Skimming for gist

31 Writing Skill Focus





36 US VS. UK Study 2010年毕业于剑桥大学 2012年外教社资助前往哈佛大学

37 US V.S UK study A Taught Master MA / MSc / Mlitt
Lectures / Seminars / Tutorials /Continuous Assessment A Research-based Master Msc by Research / MRes / MPhil / PhD

38 Class K01 from Law School of Wuhan University

39 Class K01 from Law School of Wuhan University

40 “Law Studies” (LLM, MBA, PhD, JD, SJD) (LLB)
LLM International Law LLM Master of Law LLM Business Law LLM Commercial Law LLM European Law LLM Human Rights Law LLM Finance LLM US Law LLM International Trade Law LLM Intellectual Property Law LLM Criminal Justice LLM Public Interest Law LLM Environmental Law LLM Tax Law LLM Information Technology



43 Harvard’s LL.M. (Master of Laws) program is a one- year degree program that typically includes 180 students from more than 70 countries. The Graduate Program is interested in attracting intellectually curious and t____ candidates from a variety of legal systems and backgrounds and with various career plans. Harvard’s LL.M. students include lawyers working in firms, government o___, law professors, judges, diplomats, human rights a____, doctoral students, business men and women, and others. The diversity of the participants in the LL.M. program contributes s______ to the educational experience of all students at the School.

44 Specific Course Requirements
International LL.M. students are required to take at least one of the following courses in American Law: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Corporations, Criminal Law, Family Law, Legislation and Regulation, Property, Taxation, and Torts. International students also must write a paper of 50 or more pages that involves independent r____, formulation of a s____ argument and, in many cases, outside research. Papers may be written either independently or in c____ with a seminar. Finally, we strongly encourage students to take at least one course focusing on legal history, legal theory, policy analysis or legal process.

45 Admissions Criteria Admission to the LL.M. program is highly competitive. Last year approximately 1,600 applicants c____ for around 180 places in the LL.M. program. Most applicants are fully qualified for the program, and the Committee on Graduate Studies must s___from among a large number of candidates who have excellent c____. In evaluating applications, the Committee takes into c_____the applicant’s grades and rank in his or her law and other university studies, letters of recommendation, occupational interests, professional and personal accomplishments

The program is designed for intellectually curious and thoughtful candidates who come from a variety of legal systems and backgrounds and who have demonstrated an intent to return to their country to c___ to academia or the legal profession. We are e___ interested in applicants pursuing careers in law teaching and research, government service, the judiciary, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and private practice.

47 Application Materials
To apply to the LL.M. program, applicants must complete the relevant parts of the Graduate Program’s online application. These call for applicants to provide information about themselves and the studies they propose to pursue at Harvard, letters of recommendation from professors and others who know their work, and transcripts from each university they have attended.

48 In addition, all applicants from non-English speaking countries who did not receive their full-time legal education entirely in the English language must take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) examination within two years prior to submitting their applications. The Graduate Program requires a minimum score of 100 on the internet-based test (with a minimum score of 25 on each subsection), or a minimum score of 600 on the paper-based test (with a minimum score of 60 on each of the three subsections and a score of at least 5.0 on the TWE).

49 Application Material Checklist
Application fee of US$85 Online application form CV/Résumé Transcript(s) Recommendations (at least two) Official TOEFL report (if applicable) Personal statement

50 Personal Statement

51 The general, comprehensive personal statement
The response to very specific questions

52 a)    Career objectives b)    Skill sets c)    Suitability for the graduate program d)    Academic background e)    Research experience that might be relevant to the graduate program being applied to f)    Relevant internship positions

53 What's special, unique, distinctive, and/or impressive about you or your life story? What details of your life (personal or family problems, history, people or events that have shaped you or influenced your goals) might help the committee better understand you or help set you apart from other applicants? When did you become interested in this field and what have you learned about it (and about yourself) that has further stimulated your interest and reinforced your conviction that you are well suited to this field? What insights have you gained? How have you learned about this field—through classes, readings, seminars, work or other experiences, or conversations with people already in the field? If you have worked a lot during your college years, what have you learned (leadership or managerial skills, for example), and how has that work contributed to your growth?

54 What are your career goals
What are your career goals? Are there any gaps or discrepancies in your academic record that you should explain (great grades but mediocre LSAT or GRE scores, for example, or a distinct upward pattern to your GPA if it was only average in the beginning)? Have you had to overcome any unusual obstacles or hardships (for example, economic, familial, or physical) in your life? What personal characteristics (for example, integrity, compassion, and/or persistence) do you possess that would improve your prospects for success in the field or profession? Is there a way to demonstrate or document that you have these characteristics? What skills (for example, leadership, communicative, analytical) do you possess? Why might you be a stronger candidate for graduate school—and more successful and effective in the profession or field than other applicants? What are the most compelling reasons you can give for the admissions committee to be interested in you?

55 Important Advice Answer the questions that are asked Don't include some subjects Do some research, if needed Write well and correctly


57 Introduction of the law courses offered by Oxford
Oxford's reputation for masters-level legal education is second to none. All of the courses on offer involve intensive work to a very high academic standard, and the BCL and MJur are the only graduate law degrees in the world that are taught through tutorials, as well as seminars and lectures. Both of these courses offer an extensive variety of options and the opportunity to specialise in certain fields or to select a diverse combination of courses.

58 For its research students, the faculty offers a wider range of legal and interdisciplinary specialisms corresponding to the diverse interests of faculty members. For many research students the ultimate goal will be a DPhil, the Oxford term for a doctoral qualification, but the faculty also offers one- year research courses which can either be taken in their own right or as a first stage of the DPhil. As a research student, you can expect to work closely with a specialist supervisor who will help you develop your ideas and pursue your thesis to a successful conclusion.


60 About this course The Magister Juris (MJur) is a world- renowned taught graduate course in law, designed to serve outstanding law students from civil law backgrounds. The academic standard is significantly higher than that required in a first law degree, and only those with outstanding first law degrees are admitted.

61 Course setting Information
You will choose four courses from a list of around 40 different options, including a dissertation option. All options are taught by a combination of seminars and tutorials apart from the dissertation option, which involves one-to-one sessions with an assigned supervisor.

62 Seminars are normally led by a senior member of academic staff but are typically interactive in nature, and you will be expected to participate in the discussions arising from the material covered. Tutorials involve an intensive discussion between a tutor and two or three students, providing an opportunity for you to present your ideas and discuss your work with leading academics.

63 For most tutorials you will be expected to write an essay, which typically will be marked and returned to you at the next tutorial. All course options are examined by timed examinations at the end of the course - with the exception of the Jurisprudence and Political Theory option, which is examined by assessed essay, and the dissertation option. Timed examinations comprise a three-hour examination for each option, in which students typically answer three questions from a list of eight.

64 Graduate destinations
MJur graduates pursue a range of careers after completion of the degree. Many enter legal practice, either as solicitors or barristers and legal advocates. Others enter government service of various sorts as legal advisors or in related roles. A significant number will proceed to the MPhil and DPhil, and thenceforth into an academic career. The Law Faculty has an extensive network of relationships within the legal profession and each year offers a number of talks and events run by law firms and barristers’ chambers.

65 Entry requirements for entry in 2016-17
Number of Places Available 50 ( ) Number of Applicants 526 English Language Requirement IELTS Academic: Overall 7.5 Minimum 7.0 per component TOEFL iBT: Overall: 110 Minimum component scores: Listening: Reading: Speaking: 25 Writing: 24

66 1. academic excellence Entrance is very competitive and applicants are normally expected to be predicted or have achieved a first-class undergraduate degree with honours in law. In the absence of an undergraduate degree in law, candidates may be admitted with a postgraduate diploma or master's qualification in law at Distinction level. For applicants with a degree from the USA, the minimum GPA usually sought is 3.7 out of 4.0.

67 References/letters of recommendation
Your references will support intellectual ability, academic achievement and motivation. Academic references are strongly preferred, but a professional reference will be accepted as long as you also provide two academic references.

68 Written work One piece of written work of 2,000 words in length is required. This may be an extract from a longer piece - in such cases, the piece should be prefaced by a note which puts the work in context. The work must be in English. This will be assessed for a comprehensive understanding of the subject area, an understanding of problems in the area, an ability to construct and defend an argument, your powers of analysis and your powers of expression. The work must be on a legal topic; academic work, from your most recent qualification, is preferred,

69 Statement of purpose/personal statement
The personal statement should be approximately 300 words in length and should be written in English. This will be assessed for your reasons for applying, evidence of motivation for and understanding of the proposed area of study and your ability to present a reasoned case in English.

70 Publications Publications are not expected. They may, in certain circumstances, advantage an application but it is appreciated that the opportunity to publish may vary considerably depending on factors such as the stage the student has reached in their graduate career and the structure of the course(s) they have studied. Consequently, a lack of publications will not be assessed negatively. 

71 Application Materials Checklist
Online application form Personal statement Written Work Transcript(s) Recommendations (3) Official IELTS / TOEFL report Publications (Optional)

72 Thank you!

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