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Unit4 Where is my schoolbag?

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1 Unit4 Where is my schoolbag?
Section A 1a-1c 石羔中学 姚元娥

2 Is this/that your/his/her …?
Yes, it is./No, it isn’t.

3 New words schoolbag

4 chair

5 table

6 bed

7 sofa

8 bookcase

9 table chair bed sofa schoolbag bookcase

10 Memory challenge(记忆挑战)
What can you see? I can see…. Mike’s house

11 b e h g d a f c Match the words with the pictures. 1.table______
2.bed_________ 3.bookcase_____ 4.sofa_______ 5.chair___ 6.schoolbag____ 7.books________ 8.keys__________ b e h h g f g d a f c d e b 4 2 c a 3

12 Where’s Tom? I’m Tom. It’s in the case. where’s = where is

13 Where’s Tom? It’s on the case.

14 Where’s Tom? It’s under the case.

15 Where is Tom? in on under

16 Pairwork A: Where’s the… ? B: It’s in/ on/ under/…

17 B: They’re on/in/under the… ...
Pairwork A: Where’re the… … ? B: They’re on/in/under the… ... where’re = where are They’re = They are

18 Where are …?They are +介词短语.
表示方位的介词短语进行提问。对此类问句不能 用Yes或No来回答,而要根据实际情况作答。 句型结构: Where is …? It is + 介词短语. Where are …?They are +介词短语.

19 Practice Where’s the schoolbag? It’s on the table.

20 Where’s the pencil? It’s under the table.

21 Where’s the clock? It’s in the bookcase. Where are the books? They’re in the bookcase.

22 Where’re the books? They’re on the sofa.

23 The pencil is______ the chair.
under Is the pencil under the chair? Yes , it is.

24 The pencils are ____ the schoolbag.
in Are the pencils in the schoolbag? Yes , they are.

25 本课句型 我都 学会了! 课堂小结: Where’s my / the pencil? It’s in the schoolbag.
Where are my / the books? They’re on the sofa. Where’s my / the schoolbag? It’s under the table. 我都 学会了!

26 课堂测试 一、Try to translate (翻译)the phrases.
1. 在桌子底下 ________________ 2. 在沙发上面 _______________ 在书包面 _______________ in the bookcase ______________ on the floor ________________ under the desk ________________ on the bed ________________ under the table on the sofa in the schoolbag 在书橱里面 在地板上 在书桌底下 在床上

27 is is is It 二、 Fill in the blanks. are are are They Where
1.Where____ my key? It ____ in my schoolbag. 2.Where _____ my books? They ____ behind the bag. 3.Where _____the chair? ___ is under the table. 4.Where _____my pencils. ______ are in my pencil case. 5.__________ is my schoolbag? It’s on the desk. are are is It are They Where

28 on They’re the It’s the 三、完成句子 1.他的书包在桌子下面。
His __________ is ______ the table. 2.我的字典在沙发上。 _____ dictionary is ____ the sofa. 3.我的棒球在哪里? ________ my baseball? 4. Where are my books? __________under _______table. 5. Where is my schoolbag ? __________on__________sofa. schoolbag under My on Where’s They’re the It’s the

29 Thank you! Goodbye

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