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Do you have …? potato pear orange apple strawberry banana carrot tomato broccoli.

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3 Do you have …?

4 potato pear orange apple strawberry banana carrot tomato broccoli

5 hamburger French fries salad ice cream Western-style food

6 a pear strawberries pears a strawberry a banana bananas an orange oranges fruit: Do you like…?

7 vegetables tomatoes broccoli Do you like…? broccoli tomato

8 可数名词 : 1. 是可以计数的名词; 2. 可数名词前可以用 a, an, the, one 或 物主代词限定; 3. 可数名词有复数形式; 4. 可数名词复数前可用 the, two,three,some 或物主代词限定。 apples, hamburgers, bananas, oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, French fries 不可数名词 : 1. 是不能计数的名词; 2. 不可数名词前不可以用 a, an, 限定,但可用 the, some 限定; 3. 不可数名词前不可以用 one,two, three 等限定, 4. 不可数名词没有复数形式。 broccoli, ice cream, salad , chicken It is an ice cream / a salad. It is ice cream / salad. T T It is banana. It is a banana. F T It is broccoli. It is a broccoli. T F

9 一般名词变复数形式的规律: 1. 一般在名词的词尾加 -s. 如: banana --- banana s 2. 以 -s, -sh, -ch, -x 结尾的名词, 在词尾加 -es 构成复数形 式. 如: watch --- watch es , box --- box es 3. 有些以 -o 结尾 的名词,则加 -es. 如: tomato--- tomatoes, potato—potatoes, hero—heroes , Negro --Negroes 英雄和黑人喜欢吃西红 柿和马铃薯 4. 以辅音字母加 -y 结尾的名词,则把 -y 改为 i ,加 - es. 如: family --- famil ies

10 5. 以 -f 或 -fe 结尾的名词,则把 -f, -fe 改为 v ,再加 -es. 如 chief --chieves (小偷), wife--wives (妻子), knife --- knives (小刀), leaf--leaves (叶子), wolf--wolves (狼), life --- lives (生命) 6. 有些名词以不规则来构成复数形式. 如: man --- men (男人), woman --- women (女人) child—children (孩子) 7. 有些名词单复数相同. 如: sheep --- sheep (羊) deer—deer (鹿)

11 Rewrite the words. 1. tomato (复数) 2.fry (复数) 3. strawberry (复数) 4. too ( 同音词) 5.have (单三) 6. she (复数) 7.boring (反义词) 8. no (同音词 ) ( 形容词性物主代词) 10. this (复数) tomatoes fries strawberries two/to has they interesting /fun know your these

12 复数 ) 12.banana( 复数 ) 13. photo( 复数 ) 14. family( 复数 ) 15. bus( 复数 ) 16. watch( 复数 ) 17.woman( 复数 ) 18. child( 复数 ) oranges bananas photos families buses watches women children

13 Translate the phrases. 1. 一个鸡蛋 2. 一些水果 3. 三个胡萝卜 4. an apple 5. some vegetables 6. ice cream an egg some fruits three carrots 一个苹果 一些蔬菜 冰激凌

14 Match 1.hamburgers 2.tomatoes 3.broccoli 4.French fries cream 7.salad 8.bananas 9.strawberries 10.pears a b c d e f g h i j

15 Do you /they/like …? Yes, I/we/they do. No, I /we/they don’t. Does he/she/Lily like…? Yes, he/she does. No, he/she doesn’t.

16 Do you like bananas ? Yes,I do./No, I don’t. bananashamburgers salad broccoli French fries ice creamstrawberries tomatoesoranges

17 1b listen and number the conversations 1-3 A: Do you like salad? B: No, I don’t. A: Do you like bananas? B: Yes, I do. A: Do you like oranges? B: Yes, I do. 2 3 1

18 hamburgers pearsbroccoli French fries orangesice cream saladbananas

19 2b Listen again and fill in the blanks broccoli ice cream broccoli ice cream

20 Pictures of food and fruits LikeDislike

21 Bob Bill Draw or  in the chart     Look at page 33 and 83.

22 Exercises 1.---Does Tom like broccoli? ---_____, ____ _______. But Rose does. 2.My mother ______salad. But I don’t like.(like) 3.Do you like ___________? (strawberry) 4.She _______ like ice cream. 5.They like hamburgers. (一般疑问句) Nohedoesn’t likes strawberries doesn’t Do they like hamburgers?

23 Rewrite the sentences: 1. His brother has lunch at home. 否定句 His brother lunch at home. 2.He likes ice cream very much. 一般疑问 he ice cream very much? 3. She has lunch at school. 划线提问 she lunch? 4. I have a pen and a pencil. 划线提问 you have ? doesn’t have Does like Where does have What do

24 5. Kay likes her new hat. 一般疑问 Kay her new hat? 6. Do they like salad for dinner? 肯否定回答 Yes, No, 7 他喜欢蔬菜吗?是的,他喜欢。 he vegetables ? Yes, Does like they do. they don’t. Does like he does.

25 8. She has two eggs for breakfast.( 一般疑问 ) she two eggs for breakfast? 9. This is a hamburger.( 复数 ) These. 10.We have chicken and eggs for dinner. ( 划线提问 ) you have for dinner? 11. I like salad.( 否定 ) I salad. Does have are hamburgers What do don’t like

26 An apple a day keeps the doctors away.

27 Homework 1. Review the new words. 2. Finish off the exercises books. 3. Prepare for the new lesson.

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