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Oral Health Education 老年人口腔保健

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1 Oral Health Education 老年人口腔保健
For Seniors

2 What is Periodontal Disease? 什麼是牙周病?
Healthy Gums 健康的牙肉 Unhealthy Gums 不健康的牙肉

3 Oral Hygiene Instructions 口腔卫生指导方法
Brushing 刷牙 Brush for 2 minutes twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush 使用软毛牙刷每天两次刷牙两分钟 Flossing 牙线 Floss by using about 18 inches of floss, leaving an inch or two to work between teeth 在牙齿间隙处使用大约18英寸的牙线进行清理

4 Rinse 漱口 Rinse twice a day with an antibacterial mouthwash that kills germs in hard to reach spots. 每天使用抗菌漱口水漱口两次 Visit your Dentist and Hygienist regularly, at least every 6 months. 至少每六个月定期看牙医和洗牙师。

5 Gingival Recession 牙龈萎缩
What is gum recession?什麽是牙龈萎缩? It is a common dental problem in which the lower parts/roots of the teeth become exposed. This can lead to tooth sensitivity and the roots of the teeth are also at a higher risk of decay. 这是一个常见的口腔问题,也就是牙根暴露,这可导致牙齿敏感以及会大 大增加蛀牙的风险。

6 Causes of gum recession 牙龈萎缩的原因
Periodontal (gum) Disease. 牙周病 Brushing too hard or using a hard- bristled toothbrush. 用力刷牙或使用硬毛牙刷 Partial dentures that do not fit right. 不合适的部分假牙 Prominent tooth roots. 突出的牙根部位 Smoking tobacco. 吸烟 Poor oral hygiene. 口腔卫生不良

7 Dry Mouth (Xerostomia) 口腔乾燥症
Effects 影響

8 What can help? 如何改善呢?

9 How to clean your denture? 如何保持假牙清潔?
Do NOT wear denture overnight! 不要帶著假牙睡覺! Use special cleaner to clean your denture 用假牙清潔劑來清潔假牙

10 If you wear denture 24/7… 如果你一天24小時都帶著假牙的話…
Denture stomatitis 假牙性口炎

11 Eating Healthy 健康饮食 Eat fruits and vegetables. 多吃水果和蔬菜
Avoid sticky candy and sugary foods. 避免糖果和含糖的食物

12 Don’t Forget to Smile! 保持微笑!

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