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Language Points.

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1 Language Points

2 冠词的用法: a, an 叫不定冠词,用在单数可数 名词前. 2. a 用于辅音开头的单词.an用于 元音开头的单词.注意:useful,university, European, hour, honest, 等词. 4. the用于任何名词前,表示 “这个” “那个” “这些” “那些”. 5. a,an 表示 “ 一个”

3 a a a an 填上适当的冠词: We live in ____ small house.
____ house is near Guangzhou Zoo. 2. I have ____ cat. ____ cat is white. 3. We are staying in ____ hotel. ____ hotel is on Zhongshan Road. 4. Shanghai has ___ airport. _____ airport is in Pudong. a The a The a The an The 用法(一): 第一次谈到的人或物前用a/an. 再次谈到该人或物时用the.

4 A: Where is ____ book? B: It’s on ____ shelf near ___ door. 2.A: What’s wrong with ___ chair? B: ____ legs are broken. 3.A: What time is it now? B: I don’e know. ____ clock doesn’t work. the the the the The The 用法(二): 在说话人和听话人都知道的 人或物前用the.

5 I’d like to visit ____ moon.
___ earth goes round ___ sun. ____ Yangtz River is the longest river in China. 4. Everyone knows ____ Great Wall . the The the The the 用法(三): 在独一无二的事物 前用the.

6 A: Are you keen on sports?
B: Yes, I enjoy playing ___ football. 2. A: Can you sing any English songs? B: No, my voice is terrible. But I play _____ guitar. \ the 用法(四): 在体育运动前不用冠词. 在乐器前用the.

7 A: Would you like to have ___ lunch
with me? B: I’d love to. 2. ____ spring usually comes in ____ March in____ China. ____ Mother’s Day is always on ___ Sunday. \ \ \ \ \ \ 用法(五): 在一日三餐,季节,月份,节日, 星期,人名,地名前不用冠词.注意: the USA , the UK, the Great Wall

8 a a I usually go to ___ school on ___ foot.
We do morning exercise in __morning and eye exercise in ___ afternoon. 3. Ben wanted to have ___ rest because he did ___ lot of homework. \ \ the the a a 用法(六): 有的固定搭配前不用冠词. 有的固定搭配前用冠词.

9 an an a an a a a the \ the the The the \ The the 小测: 填上适当的冠词
A: Do you play ____ piano? B: No, I enjoy playing ______ table tennis. 2. By ____ way, where is _____ toilet? 3. My son wants to be ____ engineer. 4. After ____ hour’s walk, they took ____ rest. 5. They saw ___ interesting film yesterday. ____ film was about ___ kind doctor. 6. There is ____ one-eyed sheep by ___ river. 7. On _____ Children’s Day, my father usually gives me ____ book. 8. ____ Great Wall is famous in ____world. the \ the the an an a an a The a the \ a The the

10 Book A, P8: the, the, a the, a, an,a a, the, the a, the, a, a

11 Book B, P3-4

12 4. an 1. a/the 2. the 5. a 3. the the 6. What 4. a 7. a 5. a the
3. a, 4.The book 6. What 4. a 5. a 7. a 5. a the 6. a the 1. How far 8. a 7. a 2. the 9. how long 8. the the 3. a 10. the 11. The 12. a

13 Language points: I want to be your pen-friend.
1. I would like to be your pen-friend. 我想和你做笔友。 would like to = want to 想要、愿意 Would you like to go to the cinema tonight? = Do you want to go to the cinema tonight? be 在这里是“成为”的意思。 我想成为一名医生。 I want to be a doctor .

14 2. My hobby is playing chess .
我的爱好是下国际象棋。 = Playing chess is my hobby . Eg: 他的爱好是集邮和弹钢琴。 His hobbies are collecting stamps and playing the piano . =Collecting stamps and playing the piano are his hobbies. 3. He works as an architect in London. 他在伦敦当建筑设计师。 work as : 以……为职业

15 Jason works as an actor, and his wife works as a teacher.
Eg: Jason 是个演员,他的妻子是个老师。 Jason works as an actor, and his wife works as a teacher. be friendly to sb/ sth :对……友善 Eg: 郭老师总是和气地对待她的学生。 Miss Guo is always friendly to her students. 你可以对你的小狗好一点吗? Can you be friendly to your little dog ? 4. I am keen on sports. 我喜欢运动。 be keen on= like… very much = be interested in 意为“喜欢、热衷于、对…感兴趣。

16 Simon is keen on rugby.= Simon is keen on playing rugby.
Eg: 西蒙喜欢打橄榄球。 Simon is keen on rugby.= Simon is keen on playing rugby. = Simon likes (playing) rugby very much. = Simon is interested in (playing) rugby. enjoy doing sth 喜欢做某事 Eg: 朱迪喜欢唱歌、跳舞。 Judy enjoys singing and dancing. 我喜欢这部电影。 enjoy sth I enjoy this film.

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