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crossing n. 十字路口 go along 沿着 turn right 向右转 turn left 向左转.

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5 crossing n. 十字路口 go along 沿着 turn right 向右转 turn left 向左转

6 Match the words in the box with the signs. a 1. _____ 2. ______ 3. ____ a. go along b. turn right c. turn left cb 1a

7 A ______________ B ______________ Listen and write the correct place for each letter in the picture. restaurant hotel 1b

8 A: Excuse me. Is there a ______ around here? B: Yes, there is. Just go ______ Bridge Street and turn ____ when you see the library. Go along Long Street and it’s on the _____. It’s ____ __ the supermarket and across from the _____. A: Thanks! And is there a restaurant near the ___? B: Yes. ___ along New Street. _____ right at the first crossing and the restaurant is on your left, ______ _____ the pay phone. A: Thank you very much. B: You’re welcome. hotel left along rightnext to Listen again. Fill in the blanks. bank hotel Go Turn across from 1c

9 1. Turn right at the first crossing and the restaurant is on your left,… turn right/left 意为 “ 向右 / 左拐 ” ;在这 里 right 和 left 都是副词,意为 “ 向右; 向左 ” 。 e.g. 向左拐, 你会找到那家宾馆。 ________ and you can find that hotel. Turn left

10 on the right/left 意为 “ 在右面 / 在左面 ”, on one’s right/left 意为 “ 在某人的右面 / 左面 ” 。 e.g. 沿着这条路走, 图书馆就在你的左 面。 Walk down this road and the library is ___________. on your left

11 右面有一家银行。 There is a bank ____________. at the first crossing 在第一个十字路口 e.g. 在第二个十字路口向右拐。 Turn right ___________________. on the right at the second crossing

12 2. Go along Long Street and …. go along/down … “ 沿着 …… 走 ”, down 和 along 都是介词用法。 e.g. 沿着新街走, 公园就在右边。 ________________ New Street and the park is on the right. Go along/down

13 Imagine you and your partner are the two people in the picture in 1b. Ask and answer questions about the places. 1d

14 Where is the park? You can walk along New Street, then turn left, and you’ll see the park on your right. Is there a bank? Yes, there is. Go along …

15 clothes store post office bookstore school supermarket bank Check (√) the places near your home. Tell your partner where they are. √ √√ 2a

16 There is a clothes store near my home. Where is it? It’s next to the bank on Bridge Road.

17 There is a supermarket near my home. Where is it? It’s behind the school on Long Street.

18 Read the passages. Match each passage with a map. Anna Lisa John

19 Read each passage carefully and answer the questions. 1. What does Anna like doing in the zoo? _______________________________ 2. Does Anna think monkeys are like people? Why? _____________________________________ 3. How does Anna get to the zoo? _____________________________________ She likes watching the monkeys climbing around. Turn right on Bridge Road. Then walk along Bridge Road. The zoo is on the right. Yes. Anna thinks that when the monkeys are fighting, they look like her friends fighting.

20 John 1. Where does John live? _______________________________ 2. Where is the big park? ______________________________ 3. What does John like to do at the park? _______________________________ He lives near a supermarket. It’s across from the supermarket. He likes to exercises at the park.

21 Lisa 1. Where is the post office? _______________________________ 2. What’s Lisa’s favorite place? ______________________________ 3. How does Lisa get to the library from her home? __________________________________ It is between Lisa’s house and a clothes store. The library. Go down North Road and then turn left. The library is across from the park.

22 1. It is very quiet and I enjoy reading there. enjoy 喜欢 ; 享受 e.g. They enjoy Chinese food very much. The concert is wonderful. They all enjoy it. Lily enjoys herself on the beach. My father enjoys listening to music.

23 1) 通过观察句 1 句 2, 我们可知 enjoy 后常接 ____ 词或代词作宾语,意为 “ 喜欢或享 受 ……” 。 2) 由句 3 我们发现 enjoy 后还可接反身代词 作宾语,意为 “ 玩得高兴 ” ,相当于 have a good time 。注意 enjoy 后的反身代词应 在人称和数上与 enjoy 前的主语保持一致。 3) 由句 4 我们知道 enjoy 后接动词时,应使用 动词的 ______ 形式,即 enjoy doing sth. ,意为 “ 喜欢 / 享受做某事 ” 。 名 -ing

24 运用 1. 看!孩子们在操场上玩得非常开心。 Look! The children ___ _______ __________ on the playground. 2. 女孩子们都喜欢穿裙子。 The girls all _________ _______ skirts. 3. 他们正躺在沙滩上享受阳光。 They are lying on the beach and _______ ___ ____. are enjoying themselves enjoy / like wearing enjoying the sun

25 2. The best things in life are free! free adj. 免费的 e.g. 这些书都是免费的。 These books are ______. 【拓展】 free 空闲的 ; (反义词) busy e.g. 格林先生本周不忙。 Mr. Green isn’t busy this week. /(__________________________) Mr. Green is free this week. free

26 3. To get there, I usually walk out and turn right on Bridge Road. 这是英语行文的一种方式,在句子开 头用 to do… 短语,并用逗号将其与句 子的主体部分隔开,相当于汉语 “ (若) 要做 …… 的话 ” 。 e.g. __________ world news, please key in “1”. 若要收听国际新闻, 请键入 “1” 。 To listen to

27 1. I want to buy a pen. Give me some _____, mom? 2. Alice always ______ an hour playing the guitar. 3. It’s sunny today. The _______ is really nice. 4. They found the post office ______. 5. Grace ______ playing computer games very much. 6. Please have some fruit. It’s _____. sunshine money easily spends enjoy free spend easily money sunshine enjoys free

28 I. Read the passages in 2b fluently. II. Using the following phrases to make sentences. 1. in the neighborhood 2. spend …on… 3. walk along/down 4. on the right 5. be free 6. enjoy doing sth. 7. turn left 8. climb


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