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精品学习网 --- 初中频道 海量同步课件、同步备考、同步试题等资 源免费下载!

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1 精品学习网 --- 初中频道 海量同步课件、同步备考、同步试题等资 源免费下载!

2 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are ? Section B

3 With your group, and show With your group, and show how to get to the right place.

4 drugstore bank Café house library post office Daily’s department store Main center

5 interesting inexpensive uncrowded beautiful safe 有趣的 不贵的 不太拥挤的 漂亮的 安全的

6 fascinating delicious big convenient clean 精彩的 美味的, 可口的 大的 方便的 干净的

7 restroom

8 restroom

9 restroom clean uncrowded inexpensive

10 museum



13 museum interesting inexpensive fascinating

14 restaurant



17 restaurant clean inexpensive delicious

18 mall

19 中国首家新课标免费资源网(不必注册,免费下载) 请记住我们的网址:

20 mall


22 mall safe clean beautiful convenient inexpensive

23 park



26 park beautiful big inexpensive clean interestingfascinating

27 subway safe convenient uncrowded inexpensive

28 The Fine Arts Museum is really interesting. really interesting. Yes, and it’s beautiful, too.

29 Listen and write what the tourists ask about in each conversation. Conversation 1 Conversation 2 Conversation 3 restaurants restrooms museums

30 Listen again and write where the man says the tourists should go. Conversation 1 Conversation 2 Conversation 3 Green Land at the corner of Market and Middle Streets computer museums

31 Can you tell me where there’s a good place to eat? Of course. What kind of food do you like?

32 watertown


34 clowns

35 dress up dress up as clowns

36 Eat, have fun and learn in Watertown! Watertown is a place for the family to take a vacation. Teenagers will want to visit the world’s largest water slides and eat at Uncle Bob’s. A different rock band plays at Uncle Bob’s every night. Kids will enjoy the Clown City Cafe. They have organized games and the staff dress up as clowns. There’s also a lot for parents in Watertown. If they love good food, they can find it at the Farmer’s Market where the food is both delicious and cheap. While the children have fun, parents can take dance lessons on the beach. And everyone can learn something in Watertown. There are three museums! Teenagers love the Sports Museum and kids enjoy the Science Museum. Parents will spend many happy hours walking through the History Museum.

37 kidsteenagersparentseat Clown City Café Uncle Bob’s Farmer’sMarket have fun organizegames water slides take dance lessons learnScienceMuseum Sports Museum HistoryMuseum

38 Role play. One student is an information booth worker, and the other students are tourists. The tourists ask questions about your city.

39 beautiful safe delicious convenient fascinating 1. I live right next to a supermarket. It’s very. 2. I find stamps. I’ve been collecting them for many years. 3. Mr. Tan makes the best noodles in town. They’re ! 4. The Fine Arts Museum is both and interesting. 5. Put your wallet in a place. convenient delicious fascinating safe are beautiful


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